Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The business of being thrifty

It is April 28Th and I woke up to this?? It is going to be 78 by the weekend,crazy crazy weather. I got to the thrift shop this morning and found just a couple of things. The rug is a hand braided rug in beautiful condition. And it is large as you can see by the magazines I have on it. I did pay 20.00 for it but so well worth it. Being a rug hooker I know just how much work and material went into this rug. I never care about colors when I buy these kind of rugs as I don't think it matters, it is the craftsmanship that I care about. But this rug will go well with my reds and deep greens.
The magazines are my favorites in the cooking world no ads and it is from a test kitchen. so plain and simple . About a week ago I got some old books at the dump. I usually like the old ones for their covers but This book is the coolest book I have ever seen. Safe Methods of Business 1886.

This is a page of swindling schemes to be on the look out for. Beware of the Swindler, He is everywhere and in all kinds of business. (tell that to wall street)

This is a page on how to practice your hand writing. Above all things acquire a good, correct epistolary style, for you are judged by the business world according to the character,expression, and style of your letters.
The book is full of really great pages like this one. But of course some little darling wrote on some of the pages.
I have tomorrow off yahooo! So I have all kinds of plans to thrift and rummage sale. I am off to dinner with a friend tonight. Life is good.


Rugs and Pugs said...

Cathy ~
I am not a winter person, but I love a spring snow because I know the snow won't last long ;-)
I do hope you have a wonderful day off and find lots of treasures.
Pug hugs :)

lace & arsenic said...

i would have nabbed that rug also! great find! what a steal, really! love the colors!