Sunday, October 30, 2022


The beautiful leaves slipped away.
While it is a beautiful day in the 60s, we are having pretty cold nights.
A nice long walk felt sooo good this morning.

When the leaves go it reveals the blue piping for the maple sap that will run in the early spring.

More rugs from my rug camp.

It is almost November time to say Rabbit Rabbit before getting out of bed Nov 1st for lots of good luck for the month of November.

Maybe sometime in my hooking life I will try a monochromatic rug.

The flowers are 3D on this rug. So sweet.

This rug was a pretty large rug. 

I love this rug getting ready for winter lol. 

I am reading an old M.C. Beaton book about A Scottish police officer. I picked it out of our reject pile at work. (Broken binding) I am enjoying it and it makes me smile a bit. Kind of perfect for me right now. 
Boo! Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Rug Camp

My 3days ended at 2pm today. It was a lovely time with great food and I had a very nice teacher. Since I was only 5 miles from home I came home and baked a chicken and organized my rug room a bit and did laundry. (work tomorrow) so sit back and enjoy the rugs and the amazing talent that was in that room.  
If you enlarge the picture on most of them you will see who hooked it and the name of the pattern. 

Just a quick post tonight I have more to show you. 
Have a great rest of your week.

Sunday, October 23, 2022

Brunch Anyone?

We had brunch this morning with my daughter, son in law, and Sweet B. What a nice way to spend a Sunday morning. For years we have trick or treated with Sweet B, costumes and all! This year she wants to go with friends' sniff sniff she is growing up!

I got up very early this morning, made coffee and headed for my rug hooking room. It was a nice way to start the day I should do that more often. 

When day finally broke a picture outside my window. Fall is fading away and winter is near although today was a very nice day and we spent some time this afternoon picking up the garden decorations from the summer to store away.

Did anyone try the soup recipe I shared? I think it is another week that deserves a pot of soup. Not to mention I am going to be busy for the next 3 days at rug school. I will let you know what kind I decide to make, beef stew is sounding pretty good right now. 
We had a date night last night and went to the movies. A very rare event. We saw "A Ticket To Paradise" with Julia Roberts and George Cloony. It was light and fun, it made us laugh out loud. Just what the spirit needed in this very bad news world. 
Have a wonderful week!!

Thursday, October 20, 2022

Are You Ready?

Fall is on the way out at Acorn Hollow and winter is knocking at the door. Our color is mostly gone, and the leaves are falling fast. 
As you can see some of my gardens need cleaning. I usually don't worry too much about that as I don't mind leaving them for the winter and do a cleanup in the spring.

I put new batteries in all of my flameless candles. Makes the house just a bit cozier. Remember I put power strips on all of our TVs so that they wouldn't draw power when we were not using them? The results are I saved about 9.00 a month. Our electricity has gone up by 75 percent, every bit helps. 

We had a wind storm a week or so ago and that meant a lot of smaller branches down so husband collected them and cut them to length to use in our woodstove or fireplace. I think it was a great idea! 

At the gift swap last weekend at the hook in, I got this mug among other wonderful things! It is a good reminder each morning to love the day I am in.
I have a 3-day rug camp next week and I will be working with a teacher. Very excited to learn something new in the world of rug hooking. 
The frost is surely on the pumpkin this morning we are 25 degrees, but the sun is shining and there is a promise of high 50's today another nice day ahead. 
have a great rest of your week! 


Monday, October 17, 2022

The Meeting Of The Wooly Witches Of Wells

This is a picture of our fearless leader in the middle with her head
 witches. She did have a headband on with bats flying all around but hard to see here. (I am on the left)
She organized and hosted the most wonderful hook in for 40 people. The food was amazing, A lot of the attendees were old friends. Donna thought of every detail. I had a few people say to me I hope she doesn't change a thing!   Wow she is amazing!!! 

The pillow and picture are our leaders Donna's. 

I am very sad to say I did not get names of rugs or their hookers. 
But just enjoy. Such a fun rug and pretty good sized too. 

And another by the same artist. Again wonderful!

Beautiful fall colors and just wonderful hooking. 

This rug says Joy To The World. And you you feel joy when you look at it. 

Such amazing detail and colors in both of these rugs. 

I think of ice cream cones looking at this rug and yes that is my rug hooking sneaker. 

Again the colors and the hooking amazing!
 There is one more I want to show you but it is going to be displayed in Vermont at the big hooking event hooked in the Mountains, so I will wait until it is unveiled there first. Trust me amazing. 


We descended on our fearless leader helping her set up and get ready
We laughed and ate lobster rolls. Had evening cocktails and chatted into the the evening. I love these ladies and enjoy every minute of my time with them. 
But the last sunset for us at the beach came...
We hung up our hats and...
flew away home. We are all looking forward to the next gathering. 
Have a wonderful week!

Wednesday, October 12, 2022

The End Of Fall Is Near

It is officially soup weather! Yeah! I could live on soup.
New Chicken soup with dumplings recipe I found in the food and wine magazine.
Usually that magazine has crazy ingredients I have never heard of, but this was perfect I had everything needed.
I am not a dumpling person, but we took it to a family gathering and it was a hit. Let me know if you want the recipe, I will post it here. 

A simply beautiful day almost 70 and sunny.
This will be the last of the fall pictures we have wind and rain coming in on Friday into Sat morning. All the leaves will be blown off the trees, a very sad sad time. 

The last fair of the season is done husband and I went on the last day in the last couple of hours. So, we didn't have to pay to get in and the crowds had thinned out. We ate our fill and walked through the craft barn.
There were only two hooked pieces. This pillow...

and This very large pooh rug. Both very nice 
This hand stitched piece was wonderful!! The colors are amazing.
I have a very fun few days planned with my very sweet friends.
It includes dressing as witches and getting out our hooks for a great rug hooking event. I promise to take lots of pictures of the fun!
Have a wonderful rest of your week! 

Monday, October 10, 2022

The View From Here

I have shown this scene many times on my blog, but it never ceases to amaze me. This is our view with our morning coffee this time of year. It is a dank, cold, drizzly, day. I still managed to get a walk in. 

Most of this busy holiday weekend here has been just lovely. 
The traffic crazy, the worst that I have ever heard of! One person said it took them 36 minutes to go 5 miles on our divided highway through the mountains! And the hiking sites were filled with complaints of congestion on the trails and people hiking not adequately prepared. On the top of our mountains there is snow and ice. Nothing to fool with this time of year. 
I just think maybe the world is closing in on so many people and they are looking to nature for some relief. I feel very blessed to live here and be in nature most days. 

The last rose of summer? I told you back when they started blooming, they will go until a hard freeze gets them. We have had frosts, but they are still going. 

On my walk today I found a wooly bear caterpillar now what is he predicting for the winter??
Looks like a mild start a harsh ending. Who knows if all these predictors are correct? We have so many acorns this year more than I have seen in many many years. And the old farmer's Almanac (which we read cover to cover. It's hanging in the bathroom lol) says a harsh winter. We shall see!
Have a great week!