Monday, June 28, 2021


Tonight as I write this post it is thundering and pouring much needed rain. As my mother use to say "It's hotter than the hinges to hell" 
We live in Northern New England, there is no central air in our house just one old wheezy air conditioner that we refuse to listen to so we haven't put it in the window yet. We did go for a quick swim before the storm to cool off at the local lake so that was something.
Some of you asked to see Sweet B's fairy houses,here are a couple.
Her grandfather also known as Pep helps her as you can see. This one had the cutest fence they made but something lugged it off! If I see a chipmunk with a fence around his hole I am going to lose it.

When she went for fairy nights each fairy she visited gave her things for her fairy houses so the mushrooms and little urns are some of the fairy gifts. 

Speaking of Fairies this is a fairy rose that is loaded with buds!
This rose bush will bloom now until a hard frost. 

My lavender is blooming time to make some lavender bottles/wands to put in my wool. Lavender is my favorite scent.

Since it has been so hot we have been camped out on the porch.
We have ceiling fans and usually some kind of breeze happens. this time of year instead of throwing out left over coffee I have a container in the frig for it. I make coffee ice cubes too so our coffee never waters down. A perfect afternoon pick me up.
We have been grilling and I wanted some bread for dinner, so I dug out my bread machine and put it on the porch to do its magic. No extra heat in the house. I made white bread but added a packet of garlic and herb dry soup mix . It came out perfect~

I have been feeling like we are in a rut for dinner so I dug out some of my cookbooks for some ideas. I have lots of bookmarks and some good ideas. I will let you know how they are. Grocery shopping tomorrow.

I was looking around and saw this on line. Should this be another craft for Sweet B and I???

I recently purchased a book of Poems by Athey 
She is from England, how I love this sweet little book. 
Her facebook page is Talesoftheoldforestfaeries

Sweet B is going to take riding lessons, no surprise there after last weeks ride. A girl and horses there is just something sometimes.
When she went home she told her parents we were rich! Lol
While we are far from money rich, we are rich in so many other ways. And having her in our lives makes us Billionaires!
Have a wonderful week!


Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Wow! So This Happened...

Last post you read about our 4 day vacation to my sweet rug hooking roomie AKA my husband's cousin and the beach.
I came home and our women's group met. There were 11 of us I think 5 were missing. We have not seen each other for 18 months! lots of hugs lots of catching up. These are some incredible women, I love them all. So blessed to be part of this group.

We gathered at our host's (she took the picture) home just a lovely view and sunset.

Then we were blessed with our grand Sweet B for a couple of days.
She has been wanting to ride so that is what we did!

She had no idea where we were going until we pulled into the ranch.
She has not stopped smiling and yes I think there is lots more riding in her future. That guy decided to stop and eat, got a little stubborn. 
Our guide verbally gave her some instructions, she fully handled it! The guide was really impressed. 

Well riding is hot work so off we went for a little hike to our favorite swimming spot.

Not a bad view there either. Squam Lake, it was chilly but of course it didn't stop her. 

(Not My Picture) It was summer solstice so we had to see if the faeries came to dance. (also known as fireflies) and yes they did! We had spent a little time fixing faerie houses from the winter damage Sunday night so they were all ready for them to move into. The best part of having a grand child is the magic, she has loved faerie houses for as long as I remember so our woods are scattered with them. And even though she is older in her heart she wants to believe, me too....

Today was over cast so we headed for the Science Center.
While we have been there thousands of times it is always a joy. Just as we were leaving it started raining. 
We met her Mom half way and sent her on her way. Can't wait for the next sleep over.

And in between all of this we went to a vintage market. 
We saw old friends and bought a white enamel tray and called it a day. I was very disappointed with this market while there were some really old merchandise there was a lot from China not really a vintage market to me.
Oh yes there was father's day in there too! I got him a wood burning tool, I can't wait to use it teeehee.  He also has a birthday this Friday.
Wow, I am tired the house is a complete mess, and I could not be happier. Back to work tomorrow.
have a wonderful week!

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

We Have Been Away...

So my rug hooking buddy and roommate when we go on our hooking retreats is also my husband's cousin. She has a lovely place at the beach...

That she shared with us...

We saw family and friends we have not seen for a very long time.

We had an evening with my husbands brothers and their wives, we laughed and told family stories, such a wonderful evening. 

I got up early and walked to get us some donuts while there. I only bought a few and asked for a plastic bag to put them in as I was walking.
yup! I get to walk home advertising I just bought donuts lol.
Husband has not been away from home since before covid hit. It was rejuvenating and wonderful. Just want we both needed.

My rose bush is in full glory and smells wonderful

Friday I walked into work and this guy "the rolling 88" was playing his grand piano! He is known all over the area, he just shows up and plays. Last time I saw him (months and months ago)he was at the recycling center! He is a music teacher at a local private school. It is always a wonderful surprise to see him.

So we feel rested and ready for another week.
I have an appointment tomorrow to get my permanent bridge put in.
Thank goodness, I have not been a fan of this at all! it took 3 weeks to get it back because they are so backed up. 
Sweet B gets out of school a week before her mother so we get to have her a couple of days next week yipeeeee!
Have a wonderful safe week.

Sunday, June 6, 2021

What A Difference A Week Makes


Last weekend I was worried about frost. Last Sat morning was 39 degrees!

This weekend 93 oh what a difference. This is the road I walk on most days always pretty, but very buggy this morning.

Last week I was talking to my aunt on the phone and this male scarlet tanger came to our feeder. I am tearing the kitchen apart to find my phone to take a picture. Yes the same phone I was talking on uggg.

Our Sweet B had her dance recital today and we were able to attend.

She is growing much to fast and will be in the 5th grade this fall.

Not a lot to blog about, the cows on my walk seemed happy

My gardens are getting pretty.

and smelling pretty nice.

I have put a lot of work into them the past 2 years. So I am very happy they are doing well.

I got to hook a little bit this week her dress is done.
This past week we ate out in a restaurant. I am appalled at the price of our meals and add a tip it is crazy!  Before covid we would go out once a week, I will tell you that will not happen after covid. I know their costs have gone up and they really struggled but yikes! I know my grocery bill has gone up too. Not sure how you feed teenage boys right now it is so expensive!
Ok I am done complaining. 
Have a wonderful week!