Sunday, April 11, 2010

french watering can & a potting shed

This is an old french watering can I got some years ago. I use it to hold my collection of children's yard tools. Rakes,hoes. and shovels. They remind me of the ones I used to have. Now they are plastic. probably safer but not as cute. The tiny potting shed I have was my daughter's tree house.

It used to rest on this large stump that was left after lighting struck a tree. She had a secret trap door and all the kids couldn't wait to get up there. After she out grew it my husband took it off the tree in sections and now it's my potting shed.

(Do you see the man to the left of the stump in this picture? It is my husband swinging. He would die if he knew he was in this picture. That swing has gotten so much use. each time one of us walks by we stop for a swing and a think. )
The reason I love this potting shed so much is that it has a history inside. Who loved who and poems of my daughter and her friends childhood. I love this one the most.
The date on this would make my daughter 10. Ashley and Brad Pitt didn't work out but what a cutie and all around good guy she married (love you Ron:)
This is Sadie sunning herself in the garden while I clean out the potting shed near by, she is totally in charge. I was always a dog person. I can really love an animal who worships me. But this cat who was a stray completely took over our lives 16 years ago. We worship her every day just as it should be. meowww


Thrifty Chic said...

For the record I have to say that I had no choice in the tree house becoming a potting shed. If it were up to me it would still be up on that stump and I would be sitting in there reading my books with my battery opereated radio.Ron is greatful that brad pitt turned me down :) Love you!

Rugs and Pugs said...

What a fun story about your potting shed and your daughter's writing on the wall. Too funny and so sweet. It sounds like she has a great sense of humor, too!
I am so happy to hear you have a rescue dog. Puggles are very common!
Pug hugs :)

One Cheap B*tch said...

Can I just say I love your potting shed! The door alone is amazing!


lace & arsenic said...

OMG. frigging cute. and ashley and brad ...PRICELESS!....kathy, if werent already married, i would propose to u. lol...ur so clever! (i thought i had it all wrapped up in the smartness/clever area, u show me up/time and time again! lol) an ameteur!! and i cant spell. lol...