Thursday, April 1, 2010

My antique booth

today I set up my antique booth. I took what I thought would be enough and the whole time I am lugging it in my husband said "You know half of this is going to go back home. You do not have enough room for all of this."I think he forgot just how good of a packer-in-er I am and I need more pictures etc for the walls. There where several other people moving into their booths at the same time. So after I was done I walked around to see what everyone else had. That will be my biggest problem. How do you resist all the other goodies! ?I already see at least 3 things if they are still there when the month ends I want! Were you an april fool today? I wasn't untill I started to look around the blogs and totally got me.
I guess there is not fool like an old fool. So my gramie use to say.

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lace & arsenic said...

i tried to find u, saturday! i think, i may have gone to a different group shop! we went, downtown, near good will and the family dollar plaza/laconia? i kno when u were telling tric and i, i didnt get where u meant, but when i saw 'antique shop' i thought it might be there?! was a super cool place, even tho i didnt find u/for sure? talk to u more about it, when i see u this week!...