Wednesday, June 29, 2011

And Life Goes On.......

Last night I went to dinner with friends, after dinner we walked around town, had an ice cream and talked and talked. It was a much needed night. I am so lucky to have such amazing friends. Not bad scenery.                                                                                                                                         

My gardens are starting to bloom and look wonderful.
 and I found a new thrift shop, I am in T-R-O-U-B-L-E Such great things and very reasonable. This is to support a homeless shelter education programs such as parenting classes, drug rehab, how to handle finances etc. Such a great cause and the man running it said he is keeping the prices low so that things sell and he can keep putting new things out. He has the right attitude some of the thrift stores have gotten so pricey. This homeless shelter takes in the pets of the homeless also which I thought was amazing. I love pottery so I stocked up, I love love love the blue bowl, the vases are a much prettier color.
 I also got this pillow for 5.oo it is a handmade wool penny rug made into a pillow. It has a zipper on the bottom and wonderful fabric on the back.
 I have been busy making these, they are lavender bottles made from fresh picked lavender. I didn't have the right size ribbon but it will do. It is great for keeping your wool pest free. I also put them in between my sheets in the closet etc. If anyone wants to know how to make these let me know and I will post a tutorial.
 And Miss Baby is 6 months old today (this was a month ago) She is rolling over trying to crawl and trying so hard to sit up. Love you lots Miss Baby!
We are off camping for the 4th(jn a tent) fingers crossed it will not rain but if it does we are headed home.  My husband's whole family is going so it will be a lot of laughs and a lot of food. Have a wonderful holiday and stay safe. I also want to welcome a new follower I haven't had a new follower in a long time so welcome!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

News from Boston

On Friday we went to Boston to see a specialist.
 We stayed in a lovely hotel that had a view of this...
 and this which I visited and bought a lot of wonderful fruit and veggies...
 And we saw this yes, that's right the fire alarm when off in the hotel at about 12:30am I hate to say I got up got dressed, the alarm said that it would call out the floors that needed to evacuated. I laid back down on the bed and never heard another thing. Good thing my husband was with me if we needed to get out he would have had to wake me up. False alarm.
 We walked around and looked in all of the fun windows. This one cracked me up!That would be lobsters that are saying no to a cooking pot.
  We saw street performers.....
 and heard the town crier...

But most of all we good some good news in Boston...Your prayers are being heard Thank You so much.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

More Porch Sitting Time

We are having rain showers so we have all gathered on the porch for some reading and eating.
 I just picked up this book at the thrift store today I thought my husband would like it. While he is not much of a reader he seems to love it.
 A couple of posts ago I told you I would let you know what I have been reading. I found this author around Christmas and really enjoyed her book Ruby.  I read for pure pleasure. I read all sorts of things but at this point in my life nothing to heavy. I also read "How Starbucks Saved My Life" It was just OK  the message was right but he was such a name dropper from the Queen on down. A very sweet read is Can't wait to get to heaven by Fanny Flagg.
 At the dump I found this basket full of old garden gate and Martha Stewart Living I have read and passed on a few they are about 3 years old, I enjoy them anyway, and this old sprinkler it was love at first sight it has nice old green paint on it. Now what to do with it.hmmm A bracelet holder! it spins and a great way to organize them I have them thrown in a drawer at this point.
 When ever I see art work that I like at a thrift or yard sale and it is cheap I buy it. I think even if I had millions of dollars I would get my art this way. The paint by number is getting a frame and will hang on the porch the larger one will be hung with barbed wire in the living room.
We are off to Boston to a specialist on Friday I am scared to death. No more bad news! It is husband's birthday Saturday so we may take a little extra time there. I am all about the north end food. I hope you have wonderful plans for the up coming weekend.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Friends with Beach Houses

We were able to go to Maine this weekend. A friend of ours who started out as my husband student 24 years ago and became part of our family owns a wonderful business called The Belle of Maine in Wells Maine. It is a wonderful down home place to stay everyone is friendly and fun. As you can see my husband got to put his feet in the sea.  I love this picture!                                                                                                                                                                
 We Went to York beach and toured Stonewall Kitchens. lots of amazing foods but they also have amazing gradens and plantings.
 Such as these pots so much prettier in person,but take a closer look.........
 The large pots are planted with high bush blue berries and parsley. Now why didn't I think of that?
 and you can not go to York and not visit the Goldenrod. A very fun candy store.
 Where you get to see them make salt water kisses right in the window.David stocked up on his favorites and of course so did I now where is that tread mill again??????
 David's appetite was so good, we ate lots of Maine seafood. We had so much fun we would laugh until we cried with Jim he is so funny.
 and during all this we were protected my Louey the Belle of Maine Bulldog He was so funny visiting everyone and getting loved by them all.  Smile for the camera Louey!
What a blessing friends are!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Friends With Rhubarb

I am so happy to have a friend with a large rhubarb patch.
Because I could bake this! a rhubarb, strawberry, and blueberry pie. I threw about 2/3 of a cup of blue berries in and it made it soooooo sweet and tasty I will now do this all the time.                               
 When I get home from work on my early days we like some appetizers on the porch. It has been so cold and rainy that we have not had much chance. Tonight was the night, some ice coffee and a time to talk.
 But look who likes to crash the party. Of course she gets her share of cheese and then curls up in the chair and sleeps while we continue to talk.
 I have been cleaning and baking as you can see, I also made peanut butter cookies David's favorite. I really enjoy baking although my thighs do not. It has started to pour so hard here so peaceful on the porch listening to the rain on the roof. I have been reading lately trying to relax so I can sleep. I will share the books next post, a couple I have enjoyed. Have a great rest of the week.


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Friends With Chickens

I love friends with chickens! Ahh fresh eggs!                     
 We were not able to go to the ocean this weekend because it rained and rained and rained! andddd it is still raining. Husband is thin and gets cold so easy so we stayed home. Our friend called and wants us for 2 nights next weekend. So fingers crossed we will be able to go. It is motorcycle week here in the lakes region bikers come from everywhere and have a lot of fun. It always seems to rain during their week.
I did get to one barn sale I spent 2.oo this is is seam binding, I can use the red plaid on my porch cushions and the rest I thought I would use as ribbon on gifts.
 and I found a plate that goes with my pottery I am trying to collect, 1.00 my first plate. On ebay they run about 20-30.00 each. Not sure I want to collect them at that price I will take the slow road.
 On sat night husband wanted to go to a local auction house it is a very country place and you can get things pretty reasonable. So we got a what's it.  I think it is two pieces put together, the bottom part is a stool and the top not sure.
 So this is our thoughts that the center had a metal insert and it was a ice bucket or a place to chill wine. Wine glasses fit nicely on the rim. It needs a good cleaning but I would love to know really what it is.
 When we finished our walkway we spent a fair amount on this light. It is copper and fits the style of our house perfectly.
 At the auction I almost fell over when this came up, it is copper and almost the same as the expensive one. I got it for 25.00 a steal! This is going at the end of our drive.
My husband has lost a lot of weight and the doctor said you need to forget anything you followed before I want you to drink whole milk, real butter, shakes and ice cream all you want. So all of it is in the house and I have taken his advice and eaten it all! problem is he wasn't talking to me. During stress I either not eat at all or I try to eat the problem if you know what I mean. The clothes are getting tighter and I need to stop before they have to cut me out of the house. So wish me luck I am getting on the tread mill. Have a great week.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Weekend Plans

Happy Friday and welcome to the porch. This is our favorite place to be at Acorn Hollow. 
 David has been busy decorating for the fourth of July. He made this flag this week out of old fencing. I Love it and it makes his workshop all ready for the fourth.
 The tree in my header is home to a robin I was going to climb up and get a picture of inside of the nest but she was so upset I couldn't do it.
 The wild blackberries are in bloom. David loves blackberries so I can't wait see them all ripe. If he can beat the chipmunks to them.
 And my rose bush has more buds than I have ever seen. These are the first two to bloom. Their smell is heavenly.
We are off to the ocean this weekend. A dear friend who was one of David's students 24 years ago has given us a cottage by the sea. David wants to put his feet in I think it will be good for the soul he spent many childhood summers at the beach. Have a wonderful weekend my friends!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Very Busy Weekend

A very busy weekend! On Friday I got these at the dump. The Easter baskets are new, the tins are vintage and the yellow planter is new. I can put all to good use.
 Then Sat the husband and I went out to yard sales. We paid more for the coffee we stopped to buy than what we got at a yard sale. yes folks it is a musical cheese box top:0) Why I wanted it was beyond me but for .25 I had to bring it home.
 On the way home from the yard sales we stopped at our dump store. I got these wooden candle holders (handmade) and see the book in the far right I got that also.
 It is full of vintage prints like this one.....
 and this one perfect for framing. I really think that was a good free find.
 I also got this lobster top to a dish. The dish is long gone but for some reason I loved him.
 and now I know why he is keeping my napkins from blowing around. "Good job lobster."
 A couple of weeks ago we got these bar stools at a yard sale 10.00 a piece. They are solid maple and made in the USA.
 Some sanding and 4 cans of spray paint later I have these. I love them so much and they are better than what we had. I am hooking a hit or miss chair pad for each of them.(Slowly)
 Since my husband has been sick he has worried about weird things. And one of those things was who would split his wood for him. Well he told someone on the fire department and this morning they showed up split all the wood cut a few trees he wanted down and left before noon. David has been a part of the fire department in one way or the other since he was 18. he was so over whelmed by their kindness.
I had my friend in for coffee this morning so wonderful to talk. Miss Baby showed up for the afternoon and one of my husband's former students came over. He was in my husband's second year of teaching. So now husband is sleeping in his chair and I am going for one of my fresh made cookies to hold me over until dinner. The weather couldn't have been better, lots of gardening got done. It is early to bed for us tonight. Have a great week.