Sunday, April 28, 2024

I Won, I Won!!!

I won this set of 4 rug hooking mugs at the hook in Sat. I can not tell you how thrilled I am with them! They were made by a fellow hooker.

When you sign in you get a name tag and a goodie bag. 
Inside that bag was this wool fortune cookie. Some cookies said you win a door prize mine did not. There were also fancy cookies and candy. I saved my cookie for my sweet B (granddaughter ) that I saw today. She was happy to have a fancy cookie for her lunch tomorrow. And they took kora dog home with them. I get a text from my daughter saying they think Kora is depressed lol. Well, us two old farts are around all the time, and she spent lots and lots of time outside or taking a walk. 

On our way back from Lowes this afternoon we stopped and got some fiddleheads for our dinner. Tis the season and a short one it is!  I had to have some before they were gone, so tasty. 

Husband also made a quick stop at Harbor Freight.
I had him pick up this magnetic dish for 4.00 great place to place your pins when you are using them or maybe scissors?

This happened today we were having brunch at our house with my daughter and family, and I noticed my diamond missing! I started checking the rain coat I had on earlier and then my daughter yells "Got It!"
It was on the counter! I am so thankful to her for finding it! I have been meaning to have that ring combined with another diamond I have but have never done it and now is the time!

I am finally reading this book I have had on my list for awhile. 
Sorry no pictures of the hook in. Great vendors but no rug show and no throw down. I think they said there were 120 of us there. We were at the NH Tec College a great space. 
Another busy week ahead 
Have a wonderful week!

Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Spring Joy

I finished the spring clean up. 
We have had warm lovely days and days so cold and windy I have had to dig out my winter down coat! Spring in New England.
My Egyptian walking onions still are going strong.

And my rhubarb you can almost see it growing. It always makes me hopeful that summer will come.

On my walk today I saw this poor broken tree by the river. Still being useful growing fungus.

And our sweet little grand dog trying to keep track of both of us while we are outside. She is one tired dog at the end of her day, we almost have to carry her upstairs to go to bed lol.
The French onion bread is so good. 
I froze a chunk for later use.

It was the full pink moon on Tuesday night. On our evening walk the sky had a pink tingh made for a great picture. 
I also watched the meteor showers Monday and Tues night. 
I hope you are taking time to look up and all around at the beauty of spring.
I am off to hook for the day Sat. It will be nice to see people I haven't seen in awhile. 
Have a wonderful week.

Sunday, April 21, 2024

Feeling Better, Keeping Busy

Kora the house guest is doing well while her family is away.

Saving her people from giant turkeys, squirrels, and chipmunks. 

Thank you for your well wishes. I felt pretty crummy for a few days and then I was back at it. It was all a head cold nothing else. 

I hooked and watched cooking shows on PBS (the best 5.00 a month I have ever spent)

I changed sheets and ironed pillowcases. And before you say "what!" think about the time you spend on your phone or online. I can Iron 4 pillowcases in about 5 minutes. And it is pure luxury to lay your head on freshly ironed and scented pillowcases.

I read my new magazine with a nice cup of tea on my porch.
(not cleaned from the winter yet) 

Sorted through my cooking magazines. 

Because husband made us a new coffee table! It fits the space much better, and he did such a great job!

He also made us a new appetizer board.

That splits into two, one for each of us. 

My germanium is so happy and waiting patiently for better weather to get set outside.

After going through and weeding out magazines. I found this recipe for French onion bread. I am going to give it a try tomorrow, I think.
I have made great strides on my raking and cleaning up outside.
There is more to do I will work on that this week. 
I will go back to yoga and walking this week. I am feeling so much better. And Kora loves a good walk. 
Have a wonderful week!!!

Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Sniffle Sniffle

This has been my constant companion. A good old fashion head cold,covid negative. So I have done a lot of nothing but sleep through tv shows the past two days. 
This late afternoon  I am finally feeling like a bit of hooking.  
 I hope you are all well and enjoying spring.

Monday, April 15, 2024

A Pleasant Morning

I had some time to clean out some of my gardens Sunday and lo and behold my daffodils are getting ready to bloom soon. 
The last of my house guests left Sunday Morning. (my brother)
So, it is laundry central here and finally the sun came out enough for me to get in the gardens. 

Today my sweet friend and I headed for Conaway to see Mary Ann Espositio and her husband Guy who is one amazing gardener! I believe he is a retired surgeon. His garden is huge 60ft by 30ft!
I would love to be his neighbor he said he shares. 
She is a very well-known tv chef here in NH on PBS. She said she has been on for 30 years. It was in formative and a great way to spend a morning. We each got her signed cookbook. I am planning recipes to try soon.  They want us all to get back to the basics of eating. 
Last week I had to purchase corn starch, I don't use much but I always want it in the house. Check your labels! Most of it was GMO (genetically modified.) Umm no thank you! So, I had to pay extra for basic corn starch. So truly we do not realize what is in our food. 

The forward of her cookbook was written by John Forti a very well known gardener here in NH and executive director of  Bedrock gardens in Lee.
If you have never been it is so worth a trip. Husband and I loved it!
I also have his signed book Heirloom Gardner. 
Can you tell I am ready to dive into gardening????

The news makes my nerves jump. My brother is a news junkie he watches it all and we are usually a very quiet house. So, it was not easy to not listen. 
I have an eye appointment this week and an oil change tomorrow. Then not much else so maybe I will get back to hooking my rug.
Have a great week! 

Friday, April 12, 2024

It Is Always Something

The solar eclipse yikes! They came by the thousands and thousands! What would have been a 4 hrs trip home for some of them turned into 13 hrs!!!! So glad I was going in the opposite direction to my rug class.

This is our fearless leader, Pam Bartlett. This is the first event she has held in her brand-new space. I get there a little early and I find out she went to the hospital the night before for a kidney stone!! She missed most of the first day. But our teacher Michelle kept the class on track. And Pam joined us late afternoon.

My sweet friend Bonnie worked on this rug. She has had lots of teachers in her hooking life and she said she has learned more from Michelle as any of the others. 

And this rug is being hooked by my sweet friend Dayle. 
They both stayed with me and loved their class with Michelle. 
But we were missing our friend Donna. (More on her later)

This is Sue she sat at our table and she was working on this rug. One of Michelle's patterns. 

Debbie Kelly this is a picture of her neighbor's window and she is hooking it as a gift for them.

Diane Lane is working on this Santa (one of Michelle's patterns)
Diane said she loves his face so much she kisses him lol. Love that!!!

Sue Barr is hooking one of Michelle's patterns and doing a great job! I love that she made the pumpkin head white instead of orange. 

And this is mine! Yes, I started it on the first day of class. 
She again got me out of that box I put myself into. I really want to
stay out of that box! I love how this is looking. No swatches involved!

This is Michelle's newest rug and oh my word I am so in love with this rug! Enlarge it see how she did the background. I took picture upon picture of this rug I am so interested in her background on this rug. 

This is a work in progress for Michelle. I wish you could see this rug. The crocks look like you could pick them right off the rug.
And other one of Michelle's rugs, she had stacks and stacks of rugs with her. I just cannot say enough good about this teacher! I tried to follow her to Florida next Feb the class filled up in 2 hours! She is in very high demand and her classes are very hard to get into. But I will keep trying to get into another of her classes. I feel lucky to have had 2 classes with her. 

On to Donna, her husband has had some health issues, so she was unable to join us for this class. Wed after class the three of us, Bonnie, Dayle, and I drove to see Donna and stay over with her. It was big boost for her and for us. The four of us have such a special bond and I am so blessed to be part of it. And the good news is Donna's husband is getting better lots and lots better.  

After our overnight at the beach I headed home in the morning. 
Because another sweet friend and I had tickets to see the Golden Girls. Not what we were expecting but funny still and we had dinner before so it was a nice night out and great to catch up with her. 
So I had more fun than anyone should at this age lol
and ate and ate. 
Today I am changing beds as my brother is coming for a few days.
Monday my friend and I have tickets to see a local cook and get her newest cookbook. 
Why is it I have nothing for weeks and then I have everything going on?
But I am loving it!

And in my spare time I have been stitching.
We are rain and they are talking about floods it will not affect us but it is always something.
Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Hookers And The Eclipse

That is rug hookers.
The first day of rug school we had the eclipse. I have so much to tell you about and show you. 
Not now but soon!!!

Sunday, April 7, 2024

The Storm Has Passed

We got about 12 inches this storm. But the difference is this was very heavy and the wind was fierce.
And the trees fell and the power poles broke, and the wires tangled and it was a MESS. We lost power for about 16 hrs but our generator did its job and it wasn't bad at all. My sweet friend lost her power for 4 days!!! No generator sadly. There were thousands without power at one point.

I kept busy between stitching...

And eating cookies made from chopped chocolate Easter bunnies.

Yes I am an expert at puttering.
Today I took a ride to the beach.
The skies turned blue and while windy it was so nice to smell the salt air.
The winter storms have caused such damage at the beach. It was so sad to see.
Tomorrow I am starting my 3 day rug school. And I will have my dear friends staying at my house,so much fun. 
If you are going to see the eclipse tomorrow please be sure you have the proper glasses.
Have a great week!