Tuesday, September 29, 2015

A Walk In The Woods And A Birthday!

My favorite in laws came for a visit so that meant I cleaned the house better than it has been cleaned in months.

After they left on Sunday it was a beautiful day for a hike!

I thought this mushroom color was just beautiful.

And this frog was I think,thinking about digging into the mud 
for the winter. He just didn't move he did blink so I know he was alive.

Our colors haven't started yet but when it does this road will be the prettiest one in N.H.

After we got back I made beef stew 

I had made an apple pie for company which came out wonderfully, 

And of course the eclipse. This picture in the dark you can see the stars. The night was crisp and clear just perfect for viewing.

I am still working on my pumpkin rug that was in Rug hooking magazine. I am not sure about this green I am going to put some more in before I make a decision.

And Now for the Birthday! My sweet son in law has a birthday today! He is sitting on the amazing play house with husband.
He worked very hard helping to put that house together for his baby. Happy Birthday Ron we love you!
Have a great evening.

Monday, September 21, 2015

A House Of Her Own

Pepe has been working so hard on a special surprise.
At this point she has been told it is Daddy's new tool shed.

And when the purple walls went up she said "But it's purple!"
And she was told that Daddy picked it for his shed.

By the time the roof went on she said "This is my new house right pepe?" One smart 4 year old!

The dog is just praying it's not his house, he has it pretty good in the house.

Some pumpkins, corn stalks,and a birdhouse later 
she is one happy girl.

And she has her first house guest pepe! 

The blackberry cordial has been filtered of the berries and the 
sugar water added and now we wait for it to mellow.  

The last weekend of the summer has come and gone and the weather turned on a dime. It is time for hot tea and winter pjs. 

I have lots of magazines to catch up on 
and maybe just maybe I will pull a loop or two.
Being grandparents is God's reward for growing old.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Happy Birthday To My Baby!

My baby is 32 now how did that happen?
She is sweet and funny, smart, amazing mom and wife.
And one amazing daughter, we are very blessed to love her.

Since we were meeting them at the camp ground they were at
a campfire cake was in order! This is a solid and I mean solid ice cream cake handmade in the ice cream shop next to where I work. I did the decorating (saw it in country living) It was a hit especially with the kids.

My Son-in-law's family were camping too. We were asked to join them for lunch and dinner and some fun.

It wasn't far from our house a beautiful day and a beautiful spot.

We have been in the heat but my tomatoes couldn't wait to be sauced so hot or not I made sauce in 90 degrees. yeck

The heat has broken and today was a cool rainy day perfect for zucchini bread (2) a very plain one for husband and one with raisins and walnuts for me. I plan on cutting them up when cool and freeze a couple of slices together in a baggie to help with portion control.

I am still picking blackberries. I found on pintrest a recipe for blackberry cordial this is week, I will filter out all the stuff  from the vodka and add some sugar and wait for a few weeks for it to mellow.  

Husband and I took a very nice hike near a place called sky pond and the hike part is called bald ledge. a lovely hike quiet and wonderful.
But holy cow! I am afraid of heights. I usually do just ok but when you get to the end the ledge pitches down and you are on top of a lake it gave me the feeling of falling. I scrambled back so no great pictures. The views are amazing a whole mountain range and two lakes. But I couldn't get over the sick feeling to creep up to see more. I would like to try it again but I need to work on my fear first.

A quick drop off at a thrift shop and I found this painted rock that will fit in the palm of your hand. So pretty and for telling fall.

And I have been hooking a little bit. 
I am loving the cooler weather and thankful for the much needed rain.
Have a great week everyone!

Monday, September 7, 2015

Summer's End

Friday night we headed to town for a concert by postage due headed up by our now retired postmaster for some 50's and 60's and a little Reggie followed by fireworks watching on the beach with friends.  

Sat we had a 4 O'clock wedding so we took our time and drove north. We stopped in the little town of Tamworth just the sweetest town. David and I both love this town. We had lunch at the lyceum 

It has all been redone inside and looks like it did a 100 years ago. We ordered lunch and had it on the back porch.

This was attached to the outside of the building. 

A very short walk and we come to a distillery.
NH made Vodka. 

You can see the process inside. The person who owns this also redid the building next door that was a inn for years just beautiful.

A free bumper sticker.
Then on to the wedding it was in the town that my daughter lives in she was away camping so we had their house to stay in after the wedding.

We just had the best time! David is dancing with a friend. I took a look around to the people we were having so much fun with and we could have been any of their parents yikes a huge wake up! But they said we were so much fun! I guess you are as old as you think you are. Of course it was motrin and a nap the next day for sore dancing legs.

Tonight I made a cake from a world war II recipe it has no dairy at all no eggs butter or milk here is the link to the king Arthur flour site. world war II chocolate cake
We are still in the heat and I guess we are for the rest of the week. 
I am looking forward to crisper air not a fan of all of this heat. But I know it will be gone soon enough
Have a great week!!!