Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas Blessings....

Christmas eve we had a bit of snow...

Beautiful, We had our sweet friends in for food and drink and just
  wonderful conversation.
Christmas day was with my sweet family. Miss B (that is the face of joy) in the purple
and her cousins in the red and pink. 
 After dinner a wonderful walk. (Pepe love)

We still have a family Christmas with my husband's family this coming  Saturday. I have to work the next couple of days then I am off until the new year.

My friend found this vhs tape at the thrift. It is a wonderful tape I watched it today so if anyone would like to watch it I will gladly send it to you. But after you are done you have to pass it on to another person. Oh and you have to have a vhs too. 
Wishing you all health, happiness, and love!
In the new year.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Santa We're Ready...

""If I could work my will," said Scrooge indignantly, "Every idiot who goes about with 'Merry Christmas' on his lips, should be boiled with his own pudding, and buried with a stake of holly through his heart. He should!"
―from "A Christmas Carol" (1843) 


 I have been making quite merry lately. This is a hotel restaurant that a friend and I shared a bottle of wine and some apps.


And then it got cold not chilly,but -10 and you have to go to work.

Then you hear snow then rain and then the cold again.
So I stayed home all weekend! yea!!

I finished my small santa that is for a gift.

I wrapped presents, and decorated more.

I watched every Christmas movie I could.
and I napped oh sweet nap how I love you.

I know I show you this Mrs clause every year but it is so special
to me. I bought the Santa at a shop in Rhode Island when my daughter was going to school there. She contacted the maker of the
Santa to see if she would make a Mrs Santa. Such a thoughtful gift for a college student to do.
I hope you are tucked in safe and warm with those you love.
Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 11, 2016

A Very Special Week...

We saw Santa!Miss B was sitting on his lap and all of a sudden
she turns and whispers in his ear. Oh be still my heart.

This week I drove to my daughter's after work ,we went out and about. Miss B played the 1.00 xylophone she bought and we sang Christmas songs. She may not  remember the presents I give her but she will remember that. 

Then I went back on Friday that is when we saw Santa. After Santa my daughter and I attended a holiday play that was so sweet. The one thing I am most proud of is the memories we gave our daughter. I am happy to keep making more with B.
We are in the deep freeze and waiting for a good size snow storm to come in tonight into Monday.
"There are winter mornings when the cold without only adds to the warmth within, and the more it snows the harder it blows, brighter the fires blaze.""
Emily Dickinson

And yes I am still hooking. I finished the tree skirt and because my hand stitching is not great I will not be showing it, but my daughter loves it.

So I am all snuggled in, the wood stove is humming and we are very toasty. 
I hope you are enjoying the season I am trying to spread the joy.I am baking for cookie walks, and the highway department those poor workers are under appreciated.
I am buying coffee for the next
   person in line and I am trying to keep a smile on my face even in the dreaded grocery store.
when all the aloud the wind doth blow, and coughing drowns the parson's saw, and birds sit brooding in the snow, and Marion's nose looks red and raw..
Stay safe,healthy, and warm everyone! 

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Christmas Overload...

Our Thanksgiving was quiet but we made up for it that weekend.
My brother in law and his wife came for an overnight. We went out for a great meal and to see a comedian just a wonderful time.
Then My Miss B came in full cooking mode just what I love to see! She has her little apron on and I am letting her go for it she did  great! 

This would be her mom and dad trying to build her gingerbread house. Then Miss B and I took over and decorated. So fun and so hard to let her leave at the end of the day.

I got a head cold and on my way to get medicine I saw a rainbow.
You could see where it ended. If I hadn't had the head cold I might of tried to hike to see if there really is a pot of gold! Not!

We were suppose to head to Maine with friends but because I still had a bit of a head cold we decided it was best to stay away from them and not pass it on. So after napping husband said hey lets go to the parade.

This is small town at it's best!

And Santa coming in on a fire truck who could ask for more?

I did get to a couple of church sales, I got the cute tea towel and the forks. When they are cleaned up they are so sweet.

And I have been reading Susan Branch's Isle of Dreams. I am such a fan of hers and of course she included recipes. this is apricot and pineapple jam. Very very good! and super easy.

She also included how to make marshmallows.
I changed mine up just a bit I made them pink and put peppermint in so they would be yummy for hot chocolate. I am still waiting for them to set up I will let you know.

And this time of year husband wants pork pie. I learned how to make them from his great aunt, by the time I thought I would like to learn his mom had passed away. I grew up very English so I had no idea in this world what it was the first time it was served to me.
I had never seen ground pork before and that is what they use for stuffing. I was a teenager and sat at my husband's parent's thanksgiving table and thought to myself who puts Hamburg in a turkey??? We always had bread stuffing so I passed thank you very much. (I still prefer bread stuffing)
I hope you're all taking time to enjoy Christmas and not get caught up and over whelmed.
I had my old computer fixed and for the life of me I can not get into my blog! I can on husband's computer as I was signed in a long time ago. Can anyone tell me anything to help me out. The new dashboard????I might have to get a lesson somewhere or quit blogging.
Have a great week!