Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Trying To Find Solace..

I have taken to my gardens. It makes me happy to see my plants flourish. 

I am not purchasing many plants this year, but I did buy these two
coral bells (southern comfort) I purchased mostly for the interesting leaves. They hopefully will keep coming up each year. 

Last Wed we went to my grand's band concert. My heart was so heavy from the event of the day before. But so nice to see her with friends and smiling. 

I contacted a woman who had a lot of wool from a woman who passed away. she was trying to get the wool into other hands. She is not a rug hooker. I took some and have a bag to pass on to my guild. I gave her a donation towards another guild in Maine.

Today I took some time to dye some. It came out ok it is always a surprise. I try for certain colors, but my well water messes with some of the colors. Still useable. 
I haven't had the heart to pull any loops lately. So, nothing new on my rug, 

I took this through the screen on the porch it is a robin taking a bath.
That robin was so happy! splashing and splashing!

I stayed up late to watch the meteor showers last night. I live in the woods it was darker than dark, but the really amazing thing was it was complete silence... It was like all the night animals just stopped and looked up. Husband was sleeping I just let the silence and show surround me. I am having a very hard time finding peace lately. I am not sleeping much, and I feel such a sense of unease all the time. 
We have a very busy month coming up something every weekend. 
Sweet B has a dance recital this coming weekend. It will do my heart good to spend some time with her. 
I hope you are all well and enjoying the early summer. 
have a wonderful week.

Sunday, May 22, 2022

Rug Progress

Friday night husband and I headed off to see the Downton Abby movie. It did not disappoint. I love the splendor of it all! The costumes and the settings in the south of France in the late 30's early 40s and of course Downton itself. It was nice to have couple of hours where you could escape real life and just pretend. 
We have not been to the movies in at least 3 or more years. It is not a cheap night but once in 3 years we splurged. We bought popcorn and a box of junior mints! It is worth seeing just for the evening gowns alone!

The heat has settled in the past few days. Horrid, humid, heat.
We are camped out on our porch with the ceiling fans going full speed. The porch is my most favorite place in the house.
It smells so good lilacs on one end.

Lily of the valley on the other, heavenly

My lady slippers are back. So glad 

And we have wooden screen doors on either end of our porch. Each time I hear on bang I think of summers at my grandmother's, such good memories.

I got a fair amount done on my rug at camp last weekend. And I put a bit of background in this week. 

I have really enjoyed this rug, but I will be glad to move on. 

I am changing a few things I do not like the nonsensical things in the background. So I am drawing in vines and flowers where I can and just deleting the rest.

Very different color pallet for me but I am again enjoying it. 

I have read a couple of books lately but they are crazy, a bit trashy books but they make me laugh until I have tears running down my face. Just exactly what I need right now. 
Janet Evanovich by the numbers books. I thought I had read them all but I found a couple I had not. 
The world has been over whelming to me lately. I have avoided the news and just try to catch the weather. 
Well you know what is happening no need to hash it out here. 
We are in for storms this afternoon it will cool things off for next week. I just hope they are not severe.
Have a wonderful week!

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

More Rugs From Camp

When I got home my azalea was in full bloom

Just beautiful and when you got near it all you could hear 
was buzzzzzz. But the rains came, and the blooms are gone. Such a short bloom time. 

Like I have said before I have no idea who hooked these there were no names on them. But how darling is this rug???

Wonderful night sky

The nose and the lights were 3D.

Such fun colors

Just completely amazing!!! Look at those eyes!!!

A sweet rug. 

And this rug looks like waves to me. I think in abstract it can be what you want it to be. 
I am still working away on my rug I will show it soon
have a wonderful rest of your week see you Sunday!

Sunday, May 15, 2022

Acorn Hollow Goes To Camp...

My partner in crime and I headed to Old Orchard Beach Maine for a weekend hooking retreat. Old Orchard is very much an old-time resort town. I used to go there as a kid and as you know it has been a very long time since I was a kid and oh the changes! We stayed at a Christian children's summer camp, while there is a lot more than that going on that is the main focus, I think. 

Donna and I always exchange small gifts when we see each other.
She painted a picture of my house on a small box. Along with some wool and goodies in the box. I always love her gifts. We always room together and laugh until we just can't anymore. 

I won some silent auctions. I did get caught up in the excitement and got way more than I should have. But maybe this will keep my strips of wool organized HA,HA,HA I start off good but never finish that way,

I also won some wool I need to stop with the wool already!!!

I believe this is done by our leader Lauri Troutman

Along with this smaller rug but look at the border not an easy bind. 

This is by my room mate's Donna she does have a cottage by the sea. 


I know this is done by Susan but I do not remember her last name but how darling is this rug!!!

And can you tell she hooked this one too same wonderful color. 

I do not know who hooked this rug but this is not an easy rug to hook!

This lovely rug and I am sorry again there were not names on them when I took the pictures. she looks like a woman from the 20s

A great stash buster. 

I love these mittens and dare I say I may attempt a pair when I get my rug done. 

This rug is just darling!!!!Look at the turtle and mushrooms with the bunny!!

And this bad picture of Rachel's darling small rug.
the wheels are a silver thread and she had wonderful bike tassels!
I accomplished a lot on my rug which I will show later. I have more rugs to show.
While it was wonderful to be away it is wonderful to be home.
Thanks for the comments on my dump finds post I will get back to you soon!
have a great week

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Dump Haul And More

Sunrise this morning. As you can see the leaves are not on the trees yet but if you look at all the color you would think it was fall not spring.

I went to the dump with husband on Monday. 
Well, he needed help, didn't he???
We got this table and two chairs (that I did not get a photo of) that a friend took. 

2 packages of never opened single white shelves. I know if I can't use it someone will. 

A never opened picture frame that I believe will fit the new artwork I just got. winner winner!

But the very best thing of all!!! a yard of this wool!!!
It has been in the washer and the dryer all set to use. It was folded nicely on one of their shelves.  
How I love picking our dump! 

On Wednesday husband shoots pool, he is usually leaving when I am getting home from work. Every man for himself for dinner. I grilled a hot dog poured a glass of wine and I am enjoying the glorious weather we are having. For some reason I am now an early riser so this morning I put on my sneakers and headed out for a walk. I spooked a deer on the way back. I got home and was out in the yard and my neighbor was walking by and spooked another one in my yard. They are looking to eat my hosta!!! 
I am getting ready to go away on Friday morning for hooking fun. Work figured out my replacement. I may have packed enough wool for 10 rugs! But what to bring? I do not want to get caught short on wool! No one is selling wool at this retreat, so I have to be prepared.
We are in for summer weather, and I will be near the Maine coast pretty perfect. 
Enjoy the rest of your week! 

Sunday, May 8, 2022

A Little Of This And A Little of that

This was vintage fair weekend. Husband and his brother had a space.
Acorn Hollow Woodworking.... love it.

This is a jelly cupboard he made. Notice the wooden hinges.

I did walk around a bit today I saw this woman who carves mushrooms in all sizes so sweet I thought sweet B needed a pair. 

I have not hooked much this past week we have been getting ready for having my brother-in-law and his wife here for the weekend. It is always fun and good for a few laughs. I did get a stem fixed much better to me.

And I did get a flower hooked. 

I had a Dorr mill gift certificate and they offered free shipping, so the time was right for some new wool.

They gave us brain teasers at work I got this one tricycle 

But I am stumped on this one. Any ideas?


Who is that tapping on our window??
The feeder was empty lol. 
I hope all mothers had a good day doing whatever made them happy.

To love is to receive a glimpse of heaven. 
Karen Sunde
My hooking pal and I are off for a weekend of rug hooking next weekend! I just found out that they forgot to give me the time off from work hmmm I do think they have a problem....
Have a great week!