Sunday, April 29, 2012


This post could be pages long,I will try to keep it to an acceptable length.  
Husband knew I had a very hard work week. Flowers made me forget all about it.

I have work friends who listen to my complaints.
We have expanded each other's gardens.
and enjoye a few glasses of wine together.

I have friends who I don't hear from for awhile and when I need them most I hear from them.
a little friend ESP?

I have friends who are always are up for thrifting, vacationing, and any time of need.

I have a new friend who got a long time friend and I into the camp wool hook in at the last minute.
where we met new friends. This rug is amazing this is a perfect example of the colors are more to this rug than the pattern.

This new friend handed me a rug and said this is for David and his continued recovery.
To this new friend I anoint you funny, sweet and generous who truly touched my heart. I am blessed to know you.
( I will show the rug when I have it finished)
My life is full because of my friendships old and new.
It's easy to make a friend. What's hard is to make a stranger.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Price Is Right Part 2

The following is part 2 of my first yard sale outing this year with my best junking buddy last Sat.
She and I have a history of a lot of sales.  This Basket is large and Miss Baby's new toy basket at Gammie's. The book is from my junking pal it is a grandmothers book to record all of the special events with grand baby.

I have never seen Christmas lights like these I got 3 boxes of stringed lights and 6 boxes or replacement bulbs.
I need to get up my courage to eBay I would love to sell these this fall.

A bit of music for 3.00 I love Clapton, the one in the back is Johnny Cash at
San Quentin still in the wrapper, not a big county fan but it is good.

Cute shoes

and a cute top 2.00 daughter now has it.

Sat is date night so for our date we went to Lowe's.(Oh yeah sexy:) On the way back we hear of a house fire. My husband use to be a full time and is still part time fire fighter. So we went to see the action.
oh how I love date night:)

This is Baily the grand dog. His family went to the Von Trapp lodge in Vermont he was stuck with the grand parents and a very cranky cat.
He scams his gram because he knows she is a soft touch. What a cookie? sure follow me:)
When you follow your bliss...doors will open where you would not have thought there would be doors; and where there wouldn't be a door for anyone else.
                                         Joseph Campbell

Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Price Is Right

When my daughter was little we would eat lunch while watching the price is right. Bob Barker never had deals like these. The garden ornament is a free dump find.

This ladder ball also a  Free dump find. This game is fun and takes very little skill which is great for me.

The wreath is a dump find the rake is a free box find at a yard sale.

Two great plates for my pottery collection.
A mere1.50

My Christmas cards for next Christmas 1.00

A cookbook and a cross stitch kit 3.50

My favorite find of the day a near new tricycle for Miss Baby. A bit to big for her now but she will grow into it soon how much you ask? 5.00! It was our first weekend for yard sales let the bargains begin!
We are headed into a couple of days of much needed rain.
Welcome to my new followers.
If you can't make it better,you can laugh at it.
                                             Erma Bombeck

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I Love...

the smell of may flowers with the waxy whiteness of the blooms.

I love seeing my grand daughter's hand prints on the window.
They say she was here.

I love that the lowest tec toy was the biggest hit of our Easter. Children begging for a turn, waiting to hear the slapping of the duck's feet on the ground.

I love that I work in a small New England college town. I work on Main street, this is my view.

And this too. The church my daughter grew up in and was married in.

I love that cleaning out a drawer I found a ufo from last year. It was thrown aside when husband got sick. I love that I found it and can finish it with a glad heart.
What do you love most about life?
R.I.P Dick Clark I spent many a Saturday morning watching you.
And many new years eves celebrating with you.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Things That make you Go Awwww

I finished my bunny rug, I like how it came out. Now I have two little rugs to finish.
 Easter was celebrated a week late for us. Daughter and grand daughter helped fill all 110 eggs.
Miss baby kept playing with the candy and having a regular ball.

Today my tulips started to open.
It was a perfect day the kids had a great time. The weather couldn't have been better.
husband and I are tired but oh so happy.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Classic Or Vintage

My newest find. Could this be called farm house classic or
fun vintage?

I recently found a taffy I loved as a kid. I haven't seen this in a long time.
This candy could be called a vintage brand, does that make me a classic?

I found these vintage beads in some of my mothers things. It makes for a very classic look.

My next read, I am ashamed to say I have not read this classic before.

This is neither classic or vintage (yet). I wanted to show my progress, I do not like the background I chose. The new back ground is in the washer as I type, it is an old vintage skirt.
Have a great week!
Taking joy in life is a woman's best cosmetic.
                        Rosalind Russell

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Easter



Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sharing Recipes

This cookbook was traded into the book store. If anyone knows Hester (I love that name)Doyle from Oklahoma tell her she is a one funny gal.
This was put together by her it involves a lot of her friends and family recipes.
The book has 86 pages
The first 50 pages are desserts my kind of gal.

Why go for a face lift ladies when you can eat white bread,cheese, and sausage and get one:)

There are a lot of little tidbits like this one. I think I have translated Hester.
"The only reason that the family likes her dry old brownies is because she frosts them."
There is a recipe for brown sugar candy,she writes
"This recipe appears in the Oklahoman every year and I haven't had the courage to try it. Some day I will." That cracks me up! So much for kitchen tested recipes.
I did try her Grape Nuts Bread.

I will not make it again it is very dense and tasteless, it is ok slathered with butter.
We had a trip to the Dr's today and all is well. We got the ok to kayak and hike so I think that is on our to do list soon.
If I didn't start painting,I would have raised chickens.
                                             Grandma Moses

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Ta Da

I am almost finished with my hand cut little rug. I have decided that the bear gets a bit lost in the back ground so I plan on out lining him in the red that is on the left leg.

A bit of thrifting Saturday morning. I found these two to help round out my Easter decorations.
A very busy weekend we went to Maine to celebrate my brother-in-law's birthday.
 steak and lobster was had by all. It felt like we were celebrating two birthdays as they both have the same DNA now. On our way home this afternoon we both thought that ice cream would be a fabulous lunch. While eating our ice cream we walked through the candy store and each bought a bag of our old time favorite Easter candy. Right now I am so jacked up on sugar I have raked the lawn,3 loads of laundry,grocery shopping, and a bit of hooking. I am not looking forward to the crash.:(
Have a great week!
I was gratified to be able to answer promptly.I said I don't know.
                                                        Mark Twain(1835-1910)