Thursday, February 29, 2024

It's All A Bit Foggy

I spent the morning with my daughter. I love any time I get with her. 
The drive to and from was so foggy! Our mountains and lakes just disappeared into the fog let alone the roads. And it was midday, I haven't seen it that foggy in awhile. 
The weather changed overnight we got windy and cold but back to spring like weather tomorrow.

So that means sweet Kora went home to be with her family. It was fun to have a walking buddy. 
It is leap day enjoy your extra day. I have sweet plans to meet up with my friend and have some fun. I hope you have sweet plans too!

Monday, February 26, 2024

A Day Late And.....

Some mornings I just get a bit over exuberant with my foam.
Who can finish my  post title? Or maybe it was just something my family made up? They were full of little sayings. 

Friday I met up with my sweet friend. We shopped our favorite thrift store,went out to lunch, and for a short walk. This waterfall was roaring.

A bit of cooking. I made individual chicken pot pies 
Thinking leftovers would be easier to freeze. Yes they were and the pies came out very tasty. 

My brother in law and his wife invited us for a new england boiled dinner. My favorite meal. Husband likes it but not the leftovers it creates and really for 2 people not a good choice. But there were 8 of us so perfect!!!! I made rolls but they over proofed a bit while I was walking the dog. They still tasted great. 
A full moon this week it was bright orange when it came through the trees. 
There have been military helicopters around training in our mountains they fly so low my suncatchers on the window rock back and forth hitting the window. One of the soldiers on the helicopter that went down in California killing 3 was from Southern NH. He was laid to rest yesterday, so sad.
The news lately has been more than I can take. I decided to shut it off for this coming week.

We are overcast today but 40s. Yesterday's walk was freezing. I think I will clean a bit today and tuck myself away to hook this afternoon. 
Have a wonderful week!

Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Kora The House Guest

You have seen her before, this is granddog Kora. She is staying for the next week. She came with Sweet B but sweet B left and Kora stayed for a little while longer while they travel a bit. 

Her Pepe made a fun balance game. Sweet B and Pepe played quite a few games, she loved it. 

She coffee dyed some large tags and then she stitched on them to make very fun bookmarks.

This is before the glue went on. I dug out some of the flowers I pressed this summer. B painted the canvas and arranged how she would like it and we mod podged it down. 

She has a clear phone case so she jazzed that up too! She painted a piece of thin cardboard and stitched a bird on it, Perfect!

We had some old jewelry we took apart and made fun tassels on the bookmarks. All in all such a fun time with her, she is very creative. 

I tried a "cracker" recipe that was on line ( you know I am always online ugg) 

Here is the screenshot of the recipe.

Not sure if you ever purchased these in the past? My mom use to love them and felt it was a great treat to have them in the house.
Since I didn't have these I did have 5 ozs of  a like cheese I used.
They were a bit bland I would add some spices next time or use a different cheese. But the texture was good and next time I will use almond flour to see if you can make low carb crackers. 

My New Year's resolution was to keep track of food spending.
Everything keeps going up I just got a notice my cable/internet bill is going up. I thought I would show you how I make a small batch of pasta sauce. The decent jars of sauce has gone up to almost 8.00 crazy money! I put a bit of olive oil in a pan and put the tomato paste spread out and let it get a little caramelized then I added water or stock of your choice. If I don't have stock I use better than bouillon. then I  add the spices I like and garlic. If you want onions/peppers etc I add it to the oil before I put in the tomato paste. Now this makes a smaller amount, perfect for 2 people. 

We did our 3 miles this morning and some other time in the yard.
Sweet Kora is tired a very good tired!
Have a great week!

Sunday, February 18, 2024

Mid-February News

All of a sudden winter decided to make a real showing.
We have had snow and snow showers for several days now. And the wind is blowing making temps very chilly.

We now have 4 eastern bluebirds coming to our feeder. They are rare here and such a treat to see. 

Since husband and I have pretty much stayed home we have been working on our own projects. Didn't he do a great job on this?! It is to hold all his little parts and things for the trucks he builds. Yes he built it from scratch. 

And I have been working on my Lady Liberty. She is coming along slow but sure.

I also made another loaf of bread yesterday to go with....

Soup! I made butternut and sweet potato soup. Not to brag but ohh it was good! and my neighbor stopped by and dropped off a quart of tomato bisque. She is a great cook so I am always happy to have her show up at my door with food in hand. 

Our house is always pretty toasty so the forsythia bloomed in all it's glory! Makes me hopeful for spring. 

This made me laugh I am not a trail guide but I am walking most days cold and snow be darn!
Sweet B's science fair project was great and we had some wonderful time with her and her parents. And the exciting thing is she is coming tomorrow for an overnight!!! 
Have a wonderful week!

Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Carb Overload

Happy Valentine's day! 

We just got back from eating lunch at an Italian bistro.
This is my 3 or 4th time eating there and for the life of me I can not figure out what all the excitement is about. Ok the pastries are stella.
I ordered Pasta Fagioli soup not a piece of pasta in it??? It has the word Pasta in the title...
It was well spiced and tasty but it was bean soup that is it. And I do not use crackers or anything in my soup so please do not float stale bread on the top. Maybe it is just me because everyone I know raves about them.

I have talked about trying to change things up a bit, well last night I made cauliflower cheesy bites and my own sauce soooo good and little to no carbs I used almond flour. 

Now for lots of carbs Sunday morning I made peach scones. It was a box mix from King Arthur Flour not big on mixes but these are good. 
They were good with my normal morning coffee. 

And last but surely not least oatmeal bread from the back of King Arthur flour bag. It's a keeper and easy to make. 

Do you see what I see??? Remember I cut some forsythia branches? Look what is happening! They are going to bloom. It is a mood booster today it is freezing cold and the wind is blowing hard. Last week it was 60s crazy weather. 
Sizzix it is a die cutter you just feed the dies into this machine and you get all kinds of shapes. You purchase the die shapes you want. 
It is used for card making, scrapbooking and lots of fabric work. 
I hope that clears it up. 
We are attending Sweet B's science fair and spending time with them after, that is a good Thursday in my opinion. 
Have a wonderful Week!

Sunday, February 11, 2024

What The Groundhog Said

He predicted an early spring, could it be????

I cut forsythia branches hoping they will bloom.
The buds are early I think. 

The temps have been record breakers 60's in February!!
But it makes for some muddy walks. 
Sadly more snow Tuesday not much 1 to 3 inches and yes we do have snow on the ground but we have lost a lot the past few days.

I had a pretty good dump find this week. A sizzix! no other pieces maybe there were none or maybe someone else beat me to them who knows? This sells for 100.00 so free is good!

I dropped a few bags at the thrift store and walked out with this sweet mug. It is wonderful to keep my afternoon tea warm between pulling wooly loops.

My new sofa, I am thrilled with it. I took a floor model and they took some $$ off so both of us are happy. 

I will end with a picture of a beginning, a sunrise this week. 
I had a wonderful few days. I visited my friend Pam to help her set up her new studio. We met Sweet B and family for lunch and a bit of thrift store shopping. And tonight the big game! I have no loyalty to either so let the game begin. 
I want to thank you for the wonderful comments and emails on my last post. I thought when I posted it that you would all feel like I have really run out of material lol ( I kind of have). I love that my simple life is of any interest to anyone and that it hit a cord with a lot of you. 
Sending you sweet wishes for a valentine's day of your choosing. 

Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Where Did My Day Go??

I roll out of bed at 7:30 an hour later than I like. Husband and I curl up in the sun with our coffee. Discussing everything in the world and watch the birds. I am on messenger with my 3 sweet friends most mornings and scrolling fb and IG.
We both dress he heads for the gym I prefer a walk. I meet a neighbor we catch up and the conversation goes to choices we make at this point in life. Do we take the med with the side effects or not etc. She was a college professor I was a bookstore manager. It all comes to the same decisions in life. A big conversation on the side of a little country road.
I head out after my walk to shop for a sofa. I finally find one!Yes deliver and take the old one away! I am to old to be moving heavy furniture.
I meet a friend for a long lunch.
Make plans with another friend to to help her organize her wool tomorrow. 
Do laundry,clean a bit,dinner,etc. 
As I lay down I think about my day. Boy it went fast. That sums up my retirement days mostly. It's a good life no big adventures needed. 
Have a wonderful week

Sunday, February 4, 2024

Still Wintering?

We have been in the clouds for a very long time. So the sunshine felt so nice on this chilly day.

We are now half way between winter and spring. January was snowy I shoveled a lot but not as cold as usual. I am ready for spring I got a new gardening magazine yesterday made me want spring even more.

My neighbor was so sweet and dropped off a colorful plant last week I will enjoy it until spring does come. 
I spent some time in my rug room on the cloudy days. Trying to figure out bacbackground.

Even though I have all this amazing wool I don't think I have the right color.

I also attacked my closet this is how it started....

And while I am not done yet I am pleased with how it is going.

While cleaning out I found a stair riser I worked on and forgot about. 
It is time to put my feet up for the evening, a very productive day! (My favorite purchase a frother for my coffee cream)
Have a wonderful week!