Sunday, October 25, 2015


Not much to blog about I have been sick.
Feeling better today so feet up watching the patriots. 
Lots of fun stuff for next weekend so I need to feel better soon. 

Monday, October 19, 2015

Are You Tired Of The Fall Pictures Yet?

Husband and I took a hike near our house...

And yummmm what color!

I didn't think that fall would amount to much because we were so dry this summer. 
Sunday my sweet friend and I headed for another hike.

This was as steep as it got and such a beautiful walk.

To see this! We do like the pay off when we hike or walk.

And yes they are blowing off the trees to get ready for this.

Mt Washington(our highest peak) got several inches of snow and because of a good wind
it drifted a lot. Not ready for this but it is a sign of what is to come.
We had Miss B over night and then my aunt and cousin came for over night with lots of laughs and good times and wine we loved it!
Not much hooking got done but it will I am sure of it. 

Sunday, October 11, 2015


On Pintrest I found a recipe for slow cooker oatmeal.
When you get up in the morning you have a nice hot breakfast. It worked like a charm and yummmmm and you can heat it up the next day if you can't eat it all.

Saturday I canned green tomato relish..

While cutting up tomatoes I found some color! Is this odd? I have never seen it before.

And how beautiful is the color on the inside of this!

Speaking of color the trees are starting to pop. We are a few days behind I hope to get another hike in before it goes completely. 
And we met the family at
 the good old, good old Sandwich fair!
Always fun with miss B!

When I got home I painted furniture for miss B's little house and made a couple of hydrangeas wreaths. My hydrangea bush is loaded with blooms.

I got some nice farm eggs from a friend this week so we had quiche for dinner and all I can say is yummm.

I am finishing the fall rug I am working on so I can get working on the challenge rug with the on line group.

The road I live on is so pretty it is a little dead end road. This is from the top of my driveway.
I got to hike with my sweet friend on Thursday to sky pond. I got the courage to go closer to the edge to see the view and what a view the mountains go on forever!

There is a little pond that seems to be popular with fly fishermen. 
 when my friend and I started out this little dog who lives near by took the hike with us while chasing squirrels and flushing birds along the way. So cute look at him enjoying the view. 
Ok I have gone on long enough have a great week!

Sunday, October 4, 2015


Friday night was chilly and we were headed out for dinner I stuck my hand in the pocket of my fall jacket and came up with 28.00 yahoo!

Saturday was our anniversary and husband left a rose for me on Friday before we went out so sweet.

When I asked Miss B who was in the picture she had no clue soooo I guess we didn't age that well.:)

Saturday out for a muffin and coffee and to meet Susan Branch to have her sign her newest book for me. What a pleasure to meet her.
Then off we go to Pick up Miss B for an over night! We pull in the drive way and lots and lots of cars and we see this!

My daughter lied! She gave us the nicest surprise party. I am not big on surprises and I don't like to be the center of attention. 

But she did such a great job with only the closest friends and family. She and her husband worked really hard on this and it was just perfect. My sweet daughter continues to over whelm me with her kindness she is such an amazing person. And my sweet son in law worked very hard on this for us we are very blessed.

Sunday ,warm, and wonderful time to clean out the gardens so I am good and tired and sore. A hot shower and feet up and I am thinking about a tea. 
The colors are starting to show hopefully I will get some great pictures this week. 
Have a great week everyone!