Tuesday, November 26, 2013

What I Am Doing For Thanksgiving

I have the new early American life waiting for me .....

I have put one little sprig of greens on my kitchen window....

I have filled Miss B's advent calendar that was her mom's
when she was little.......

I went with my dear friend to see the gift of lights at the race track
so amazing....!
It is just David and I for thanksgiving, yes we have been invited to dine with
others but some how it feels good to just be together and eat LOBSTER!!!!
That's right we have done the going out thing and steak or a turkey breast. So we
decided lobster would be fabulous!
Miss B is coming to bake Christmas cookies on Saturday
so I am going to try to get our tree up so she can help decorate that too.
I hope you all reach your loved ones safe and sound.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Ta Da Dump again!

A full moon brought very cold weather brrrrr

Luckily we have the beast in the basement!
It's ugly but oh soooo warm.....

There has been some Ta Da Dump finds.
David redid this grinding wheel bench into a
a really cool bench or table, all pieces came from the dump.

And today's find!!! Are you seeing what I am seeing???
a lot of cleaning and a lot of paint and I can see this full of wool.
I love the dump!

Speaking of the dump. Husband found this guess where??
with a 1.85 piece and now he has amazing salt spreader that
would normally go for 200.00

It hasn't all been about the dump. I have been hooking too.
and going out with friends....

And donuts! oh it is my biggest weakness. And I am not talking
about any old donut but really good donuts.

and to end this post a picture of my thanksgiving cactus.
blooming like crazy.
I hope you are all warm and cozy, we are expecting some
snow by thanksgiving they are saying. I have my snowshoes on
Have a great weekend!

Sunday, November 17, 2013


Our wood is stacked...

Leaves have been raked....

Watched beautiful sunrises....

And had our first dusting...

Watch the deer come out (not my picture)...

And I came home to this hanging on husband's work shop.
When I asked why a smiley face? His answer was "I couldn't draw a turkey"
Life is good, Husband is stronger everyday. We have amazing friends, and wonderful
family. I am deeply thankful

Sunday, November 10, 2013


Well the rug is fixed! Not bad you can see it but it is better than
a hole.

We woke up to this! A little early but very pretty.

Last night we went to an auction. as you can see we did ok!

I believe the santa is 50's , the basket I am not sure if it is shaker
or not it has wood handles on the top. Great shape for 5.00 it was full
of oldish embroidery things that are going to the thrift store.

This old rug no one wanted I got for 5.00 I love it but
really do I need another rug????

I went to tractor supply with husband and found these little lights
6 for 4:99 plus and extra battery for each one. I wanted to
country them up a bit. the cup has melted wax.

I tried painting it on not great.

So I threw the rest of them in the cup and then in the bag of spices
better. Next time I will use glue instead of wax but it worked.
I like them better than just white.
I hope your weekend was a fun one. Have a great week!
The older the fiddle ,the sweeter the tune.
Irish proverb

Friday, November 8, 2013

A Cautionary Tale

This is my very close friend's rug. One of the ones she did early
on when we were learning to hook. It is a large rug 38x57.

Her cleaning lady was airing it out. and put her hand through it!
We both believe in putting rugs on the floor they are to be used not
rolled up and put away never to be used. She decided to put it in her bathroom.
and it rotted in that spot! We both were heart sick.

So I ran over and sewed a linen patch way around the broken part.
I was worried we would find more rot but it seems to be right in that spot.
I am going to work on it this weekend and try to get it fixed for her.
She is unable to do it herself right now as she is having a problem with her hands.
I will show a picture when I have it done.
The moral of the story is use your rugs just not in the bathroom!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Rainbow Falls

David was feeling up to a walk in the woods.

The sun was shining but there was a chill in the air.

It was about 1/2 mile in not to far for a first hike.

and the pay off was beautiful.

We sat by the falls and counted our blessings
which we forget to do sometimes. We find we have many blessings to count.