Sunday, August 30, 2020

Washing The World Away..

I think this sculpture in a local park says it all.

On Monday my friend and I walked down to the water and had lunch and waded around a bit. It was hot and muggy. We had our own private little beach it was perfect. This is Squam lake (where on Golden pond was filmed)

This is a blue heron not a good picture but not that afraid of us either.

We have had some very bad storms first thunder and lighting very close it seemed and then rain so bad husband had to pull over we could not see.

Because my brother from Mississippi could not come to New England this year I sent him some lobsters and clams he sent me a case of wine! We tried the first one tonight it was very good a California wine.

With the college back the news here just does not seem to be getting better. The kids are gathering and getting letters from the college to quarantine for 14 days. They have 9 cases and the college just started classes last week sigh....And because they count these cases in their home town we might not know if I didn't have a friend at the college.
So I am trying to do cheer myself up. The farm stand on the way home had these 7 for 5.00 deal!

I also figured out how to made a fancy coffee. sooo good

A little bit of heavy or 1/2 and 1/2 cream a 1/2 tsp of any spice of your choice, 1 tsp of brown sugar. In the microwave for a minute. wrap a towel around it and put the cover on and shake! Pour into your 3/4 cup of coffee don't forget to spoon the foam in ahhh soo good and works great with pumpkin spice. And it costs only pennies I use this as my mid morning pick me up.

We kept hearing about this new boardwalk trail so early Sunday we headed off. (handsome husband)

Such a pretty walk and very peaceful we were early going out so not many people coming back was different.

It was very windy and the rustling of the cat tails was lovely. 

And some of the lilies were still in bloom.

This tree branch grew like a piece of rope very interesting.

And did this tree get hit by lighting? it looks like burn marks on it.

After we got in town we kept walking over to the fancy hotel on the lake Winnipesaukee. We sat in the lawn chairs like we were meant to be there and watched a couple of kayakers struggle with the wind on the lake.

As you can see there were white caps and the wind was blowing them away from shore. Just glad it was not me.

On the way back we saw this sculpture the left side is a mirror. Interesting not sure what it means or represents.

Each night when I get home from work I take my clothes off by the washer grab a bathrobe and head for the shower. While I am not sure if it is needed, it does give me a mental boost in the end. I feel like I 
have left all the issues and dirt behind.  

I will close with this I hope you are all well and finding ways to brighten your day.
Have a wonderful week!

Sunday, August 23, 2020

Are You The Care Taker???

This past Monday husband and I took the kayaks out for a paddle
It is a smaller local lake that is very pretty and it was very quiet.

We were the only two on the lake. Peaceful and calm..

This is a picture of the hill? mountain? not sure which that my friend and hike on a regular basis...

Because this is the view! That is lake Winona below us that we were paddling. We can also see several other lakes from this perch. 

My kayaking shirt makes my husband laugh every time he sees it.
It was a gift from a friend. 

More pictures from my walks on the old dirt road. There has been one busy woodpecker...

And the cows were checking me out to make sure I didn't bring them any treats. 

And this is the old cemetery the dates are from mid 1700s to mid 1800s.  Most died very young, I have a few questions I would like to ask... if only. 

We have been slowly replacing and fixing most things in our house.  Husband built this house for us 32 plus years ago.We decided to get an awning for this back door as the sun shines in there most of the day. It was delivered and the (city) guys who delivered it asked my husband if he was the care taker of the property. He said "I thought a minute and why yes I am!" We have a very ordinary house why they would they think we had a care taker who knows? Maybe it was his grungy clothes from working in the yard or maybe it was the old tractor, who knows but now he is know as "the care taker." 

This is the hydrangea you see past the deck. This bush/ tree is amazing every year. I had my doubts this year because it has been so dry. But here she is in all her glory. We are just waiting for it to turn the sweet blush pink before we pick any.

We have burning bushes that edge our property and this is the first sign of things to come....

Another sign is husband dug out a puzzle.

And I dug out some UFOs I think this is next. It has been years since I touched this and as you can see I did some customizing. 
I am looking forward to getting back to this but first I have a Halloween rug I want to do. 
Sitting on the porch this afternoon I saw a chickadee take a bath in our bird bath I had just cleaned it out and changed the water. It was so darn cute water flying every where and he was chirping he was so happy. 
The heat has settled in here again, it also brought the humidity with it uggg it is still pretty warm at 8pm I hope it cools down overnight I am over the humidity.
Have a wonderful week and thank you so much for all the comments I love opening up and finding a comment waiting for me then I know a friend has been by. 

Sunday, August 16, 2020

Slowly It Turns

The hot and humid weather finally broke yesterday. It has been the hottest summer in a very long time. It has mainly been 90's and very humid we are usually low 80's and pretty dry. So this morning I got out and starting walking again. (Yes the best road to walk on.)

On my walk I found lots of this.... Yes it has been slowly changing to fall and because of the heat I have not noticed so much but today looking at my gardens and finding these it is surely knocking on the door.

My little garden is producing quite a bit right now. That is my first Heirloom tomato. I saved it to have nice thick slices on bread with mayo and salt and pepper.....heaven.

I made another batch of pasta sauce today that makes 3 batches so far. It is going to be a very tasty winter I think.

That is one tasty and beautiful tomato. There is nothing like a tomato fresh from the garden.

I got to spend the afternoon with Sweet B and her mom on Tuesday.
We went swimming and had a picnic. They also brought my Birthday gifts. Sweet B always draws in her cards and I love it!
This is a keeper. She made the heart a shark! She also chose wonderful gifts and told me the whole process of picking it. She makes my heart sing....
So this happened! Remember I told you last week we went Kayaking well I think I got bitten by something that was in the kayak with me. My ankle blew up became red hot and started up my leg. I took myself to the Dr and yep they think it was a spider but could not find the bite mark. I am on antibiotics and it is much better. First we have nothing poison here in NH and second I have never had that happen ever in my life before. They wanted me back in 3 days by then it had gone down a lot but I had a big black and blue on the top of my foot. That is where it bit me. 2020 what a year!
While I was taking it easy I watched a lot of  Hercule Poirot by Agatha Christy. I love his quirky ways. 

It has cooled off enough so we can have camp fires. The peepers are happy and singing every night and yes last night a sweat shirt was needed. I love that kind of weather..
The college kids came back this weekend. So the area is pretty busy with all the tourist and kids. I am hoping for a good year 
and saying a little prayer every night for my sweet B and my daughter for their return to school. Not sure how much we will get to see them once they go back, we will wait and see. 
Have a wonderful week!

Sunday, August 9, 2020

Finding Peace