Saturday, December 28, 2013

With A Broken Heart

It is with a broken heart I tell you our Sadie kitty has passed away.
We got up early and watched the sun rise together as she sat in my lap.
It has been two months since her diagnosis with cancer in her nose,
She had failed so much and we had to make the horrid decision
since we could no longer keep her comfortable, We did what we thought she would want and what was right.
She was 20 years old and she has lived life her way. She adopted
us and from that point on decided that she would be the protector of us and keeper
of the house. We love her with all our hearts. Before she came into our lives we
would have told you we were not cat people she changed all that.
We will never forget her and are so very thankful she chose us.
She has left a very large hole in our hearts.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

But I Can't help Myself

Last night our local theater had "It's A Wonderful Life"
for free. It was very different watching it on the big screen. Seeing
kids watch it for the first time was wonderful and at the end everyone in the theater
stood and clapped enough to make you weepy (ok I was)

As most of you know I manage a used books store for a non profit
in the next town.  One of my duties is doing the windows. I work with very capable mentally handicapped adults. So I thought(stole) of this idea,we all could work on it. I have never had
so many comments on a window in all of my 10 years. I get an email weekly
from my boss saying how much she loves to drive by it.
I sit here blogging in a pile of Christmas cards that need to be signed and
sent out. My brother is coming from Mississippi on Tuesday and my house could
use a good cleaning and still I blog. I just can't help myself.
A wonderful Christmas to all my blogger friends!


Thursday, December 19, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone!

This is the painting I found at the dump this year.
I love it and will keep it up for the winter.

My vintage Santa tin I think I bought for a 1.00.

Husband has dump picking again this very rough cupboard.
I think he is planning some TLC and selling it.

Tonight I met up with my Thursday friend we went for a good walk
and she cooked for us. yummm
we were going to snow shoe but it gets dark so early now that we would be
in the woods in the dark. She gave me this amazing cross stitch Santa
I wish I didn't get a glare. I just loved it I went right home and hung it

I won! I won!
This is from Brenda the rusty thimble I love him so much I
have him hanging off a door in our Kitchen.
We have such fun plans going on the Santa train with Miss B
and my brother is coming for Christmas I haven't seen him in 2 years.
And we hope to have our friends join us for Christmas.
I hope your plans are made and presents are wrapped.
Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

A Day For The Birds....

So as you can see we have lots of snow about 14 inches came last night.
husband hates these slippers they have holes but when they
are comfortable they are keepers:)

So perk some coffee and wait for the snow to stop......

This pileated woodpecker he is about 18 inches long so a big bird.
and very loud he makes a squeaking noise that you can't miss.

this is a tufted titmouse I hope I spelled that right.

and I believe this is a downy woodpecker. My bird feeder is really
a story off the ground ( our basement is out of the ground in the back) so no squirrels. I hung a large pinecone covered in
peanut butter and rolled in seeds and dried fruit. It must be the scariest looking
pine cone because the little fruit tree I hung it in is usually loaded with birds
Since I hung that up there is not a bird on that tree.

We went to a Christmas party Friday night and a brunch on Saturday
so we are in the holiday spirit here!!! I hope the spirit has found
your house and family.
Have a great week!


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Family Blessings...

Snow ,Snow, Snow .... I am sure most of you are under it...

Home made soup and a pork pie helps to chase away the cold.....

And B! yahoo! we got to make cookies and go to the Christmas parade!!!!
Such an amazing day with family.

I am still decorating and santa is helping.....

Looks like he has quite a load too...

and there he goes I hope he finishes in time ...
We are going into the big freeze this week so the beast
in the basement will get quite a work out.
I have a brunch on Saturday and then I want to get caught up
on some things at the house and a little shopping.
I hope you have been able to enjoy this beautiful season.
Have a great week!

Friday, December 6, 2013

With A Little Meringue On Top...

Before there was elf on the shelf there were the knee
huggers. I had a few so...

This is the chandelier over my kitchen sink.
I think it came out kind of cute.

Ginger at primitives by the light of the moon had a give away and look!!!
I won!!! It came today and look how pretty it looks.

it is a rug hooking kit for this hit and miss little rug.
It is so cute and colorful and it includes a hook.
what a wonderful giveaway.

 I have done most of my Christmas shopping on line this
year. I bought myself a few little gifts. I am a sucker for
old Christmas movies.

My friend and I met up and went to a church sale
I was a bit disappointed but did end up with some good books.
We also went to a spa Christmas party this week, there were a lot of
expensive goodies and mini massages which was really good.

This is blurry and I know many of you have had or made
meringue  cookies but I have just recently made them and we love them
there is not much in them I just flavor with a little extract and yumm.
We are going to try again to bake cookies with Miss B this weekend
and go to the Christmas parade on Main street.
we are expecting a bit of snow tonight but hopefully the roads
will be clear for them to get here in the morning.
Have a great weekend!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Deck The Halls....

The mantel is decorated...

the lights are in the windows.....

And my little paper houses are all in a row....
Our thanksgiving was quiet and I worked the day after.
we bought ourselves a tablet on black thanksgiving on line and
it was delivered on Saturday. It will be a very big learning curve
for 2 technology challenged people.
The roads were suppose to be bad so no Miss B for
cookie making today so sad I miss her so much.
but better to be safe than sorry.
We are working on the tree and some odds and ends.
I have spent the day watching Christmas movies while
cooking, decorating, and cleaning.
Have a great week!