Sunday, February 28, 2016

Just Crazy

A very odd week we had snow, rain, freezing temps..

To this! in the shade, crazy right?

This week was all about catching up on projects at work.

A pintrest idea for the store windows where I work that were
way more work than I expected but so cute.

We also had new flooring installed in the entrance to the store.
I worked some hours Sat and Sun so I feel like I had no weekend.
My car is filled with boxes I used to move stuff in the store. I looked out the window and cracked up seeing that box looking out my back window.
Thank you so much for all the prayers and lovely comments on my last post. I will not get into the everything but I will tell you this It was scary and overwhelming having Husband sick again to find out in the end after 3 emergency room visits and one 3 day hospital stay that he has shingles. Until he broke out they wanted operate on him! He has had the shingles shot I am here to say it doesn't work!

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Looking At The Stars

Life has knocked us down so.....

We are looking at the stars right now, but this too shall pass.
Thinking good thoughts. 

Monday, February 15, 2016

Baby It's Cold Outside

We have had a mild winter but never underestimate Mother Nature.
We went into the cold and I mean cold our Mt Washington broke a record for that day -40 nope not with wind chill that is air temp.
We were -18 brrrrrr but with the wood stove husband kept it like Calcutta in the summer (ok family joke he hates the cold more than anyone I know)

So I made some bread yumm

And because my stomach has decided to get in a mess with the same issue I had in November. Not catchy but very bad meds I took to bed and waited out the cold and slept more than I have slept in a long time. (yes snoopy's valentine on my daughter's old college tv)

And yes I was toasty warm we have a fireplace in our bedroom that gets very little use. But when it does how I love it.
I hope you are warmer and healthier than we are.

Sunday, February 7, 2016


In our guild we are blessed with so much talent that it 
oozes around the room. This is Jon Ciemiewicz and if you have seen any rug hooking magazines you have seen his work.
He is conducting a class on prospective. which I thought I would get nothing out of, but holy rug hooking I learned so much!

This is one of his pieces amazing right!

He also brought wool to sell for wait for it......
14.00 a yard! yes 2 of those pieces are hand dyed he didn't have much hand dyed but lots of off the bolt. I snagged the pieces I wanted the minute I walked in the door. 

and the piece I am working on, quite of a difference to Jon right?
Yikes I hide in the corner when show and tell starts. Lots of fine shading in that room. 
I have had it with politicians! When you live in NH they are everywhere! I got 8 calls by 1:00 today so I took the phone off the hook and I look and I have one on my door step! I live off the beaten path why in hell are they stalking me? so I have turned off regular TV and I am watching Andy Griffith reruns and hiding out  until after Tues.

Every year David does a puzzle or two in the winter. It helps get him through the cold. but of course we have had a lot of spring like temps which is completely fine with me. We are up for a storm on Tue (voting day:) who knows how much we will get but in a few weeks we are headed for our first vacation in 5 years to someplace warm and wonderful thank you to amazing friends!

Chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting.
we need a little treat now and then. this is a one layer cake.
I make it in a round pan, the cake takes no butter, no eggs and it is completely yummy.
It is super bowl Sunday  since we our Patriots didn't make it not that excited but will watch it until Downton Abbey is on, oh be still my heart how wonderful it was last week!
Have a great week!

Monday, February 1, 2016

It's A Challenge

I participated in a on line rug challenge. We were given the 
designs and we were to put them into a rug design anyway we chose.
We could use all of them or what ever we chose. I chose to do a rug in honor of a sweet little kitten that jumped into my husband's truck and adopted us. She was with us for 20 years. She drove my mother crazy hunting birds and squirrels and digging in my garden. But we loved her so much,she left her little paw prints on our heart.

So big weekend planned we had Miss B for an over night in Maine.
So off we went to the children's Museum we were there for hours she attended all of their programs. And really didn't want to leave.

I think Pepe enjoyed it just as much as she did.

We went to Portland Maine just a lovely city right on the ocean.
She got to swim in the hotel pool and out to lunch and dinner.
I am so very sad to say she became sick over night so the ride home was not very pleasant for her but she did it and a call from her tonight and she is feeling better. Gramie and pepe went home and took a nap.

We have been having spring like temps. No complaints from me I am loving it! But oh those skiers and snowmobilers are not happy.
I made some blueberry scones from the blueberries we picked while kayaking a small pond in the area this summer. they tasted like summer.
Have a wonderful week I just finished watching Downton Abbey on line ohhhhh my.