Wednesday, April 21, 2010

cookies and ironing boards

I think this garfield sums up how I felt when I started this blog. Not sure if you can read what garfield says "Is it sunny in jonland today?" I wasn't sure if anyone would read my blog but I now have 2 new followers now its 12 I can't even tell you how excited I am about that. (I get really excited when I see comments also)
Well it was sunny at acorn hollow today. This is the morning sun coming in. This is in my kitchen where my table use to be. we have coffee here every morning. When ever we have someone over this is where they gravitate to every time. It's a great place to curl up and read when the weather is bad.

I got home early and I haven't really tried out my new vintage sunbeam mixmaster, so a batch of cookies were in order. I hate to brag (not really) but my choc chip cookies are the best! It has a box of pudding in them, so moist with crunchier edges.
I watched hoarders for the first time this week and I was so disturbed by it. Am I leaning in that direction? My daughter is always calling me a hoarder. My husband said "get a grip your not even close" . I never intend to collect I just find really good stuff.

This is an old wooden ironing board that I painted. I saw one like it and didn't want to pay the price. So I painted my own. It's not nearly as nice as the one I saw but for outside it passes.(Hollyhocks in case you didn't recognize the lovely painting)

This wooden ironing board I paid 20.00 to have this Santa put on it. Nice huh!

And this children's ironing board is my side table to my rug hooking chair. So three is a collection I guess, what is five then?
Not much on the thrifting front. But huge plans for tomorrow so wish me lots of luck.


Rugs and Pugs said...

Oh, those cookies are making me hungry. You should share the recipe (not that I would bake
The child's ironing board is just too cute.
Pug hugs :)

lace & arsenic said...

love love love ur big window! i can just see u guys sitting there, watching the bears frolic!...I DID THE SAME W/SANTA's! started w/old ironing boards, then they got scarce, so, cut out same shape of new pine!...URS IS ADORABLE!....i bet its every bit as good as the original u saw!...everything is CUTE (ha ha) as always in ur blog! x0x00x