Sunday, September 23, 2018

Rugs On The Island

This is a hand torn rug with shading so pretty!

This was the sweetest rug she has a pearl necklace on.
This rug was started on Star last year, the finished result is beautiful

The crow rug is mine I finished it with coverlet pieces I had around the border, The rug on the right is a picture that was taken on Star last year and hooked by my roomie. So wonderful and the tiny little one are finished and put onto a tiny easel love them.

This rug was started in a class on a study in whites just amazing, with a piece.

And then this rug and the next one were done by two ladies who came from Nova Scotia. They had taken a class with Deanne Fitzpatrick in abstracts a long time ago and felt they were over their heads so they dug them out again and brought them and I loved them both!!! 

Such wonderful abstract free form!

This large rug was being hooked by my roomie and what a wonderful rug it is!! I love her colors.

This rug is an older pattern I think cushion's but not sure. Wonderful color in this rug also. 

This is my rug I am sure I have shown this before but still one of my favorite rugs. 
A busy week last week a Dentist, and eye appointments. Then I went out
to dinner on two different nights with friends so great to catch up them.
We had a visitor come to the door. Which scared me a bit.
Husband was out with friends and I was talking to my brother on
the phone. I heard the back door and knew my husband hadn't driven in, I look out the big window to see who was at the door and yikes! a bear was was on his hind feet leaning on our door! I am very glad the lock held or he would have been in our basement. He was trying to get the bird feeder on the second floor. He finally gave up wandered around the deck a bit and left into the woods. Now we have had bears here for years but never leaning on the door! We are very careful with food and garbage being around but he smelled that feeder on the upper story and wanted it.
The feeder comes in at night now.
Have a great week!

Sunday, September 16, 2018

I Made It Off The Island!

This is the 3rd year of going to Star Island off the coast of NH for a rug hooking retreat. 

I met up with my posse and headed out! 

Even Pam our leader got in the act!

It was a beautiful day but the sea was rolling from the storm that hit Mississippi days ago.That is why they called and said we are getting you out a day early no extra expense. The trip in wasn't very smooth it takes about an hour to get to the island and it was a long hour.

 We were truly stranded on the island for the first two days.
No boats in or out the sea was to rough (not that we wanted to go off the island) It was chilly the first couple of days so we gathered wood and made a fire cozy...

We would walk by this window off and on and noticed the ivy had grown inside the window. It would make a great rug! 

When it wasn't raining or blowing to hard I walked to the pelican garden. That is what the workers are called on the island. Mostly college age kids lots of energy and fun.

In this garden there was lots of recycling...

An old broken frig now potato holder...

This is the Thomas Leighton the boat we cam in on. We left on a much smaller boat the Hurricane (hmm)but the sea had calmed down and it was fine on the way home.

Once they lifted the small boat advisory we saw lots of sail boats and fishing boats out so pretty.

And yes the supply boat got in just in time for our lobster dinner.
I have so much more to share with you. Rugs lots and lots of rugs oh and the quilters were there too very fun. 
I hope your week was a good one, I have a very busy one ahead of me. the weather is great today and husband resealed our porch floor while I was away, I am enjoying being home.
Have a great week!!!!

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Love At First Lick

Well sweet B started 2nd grade this week. How did that happen and where did the time go?

And her family adopted a pound puppy.

It was love at first lick! They lost their other old dog in Feb and they have been missing having a dog around. Her name is Kora and that family is in love. I keep getting texted pictures of cute things she is doing. 

Husband's brother and his wife came and spent a couple of days with us over the weekend. It was lots of fun and lots of laughs

We took the Mt Washington cruise around the lake for a lobster dinner and sun set. 

It was their fist time on the boat. A perfect evening and great music.
I have to work tomorrow which is fine. I work this week then I am off for a week to a rug hooking retreat on Star Island. Can not wait I will take lots of pictures,
Have a great week!