Saturday, December 31, 2022

Happy New Year!

Just a quick post to wish you a wonderful New Year
May it hold all that you are hoping for.
I am better I just can't seem to get my energy back. We bought tickets to see a comedian a while ago so we will go out to that tonight. The good news is it is very close to home. 
Happy New Year!


Wednesday, December 28, 2022


 Sickness found me. I am a bit better but it really did me in! 

Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Running It Up The Flag Pole

yea now we slowly go back to the light. My biggest complaint about winter is the darkness. 

Monday husband and I took a little road trip to Vermont. 

It was the most beautiful trip over. Only about an hour drive.
We did a little shopping and had lunch. It was such a lovely afternoon. 

I have finished my owl. He is whipped and stuffed. I HATE WHIPPING! I do not usually finish a rug like that anymore. But this is a pillow and it had to be finished by whipping. It is ready for Christmas and that I am happy about. 

I am not sure if you can see the flagpole in this picture. I have suet out for the birds and the squirrels had a hay day with it. It made me so mad so I ran the suet up the flagpole. Problem solved! And the woodpeckers love it. 

Red skies in the morning Sailors take warning. We are in for the storm most of the country is going to get. But sadly, we are in for rain and 50 degrees then it drops like a stone so that we can freeze into one big ice cube. And I am guessing that when it first starts, we will be icy as the ground is frozen and the air has been pretty cold lately.
As long as we can make it to our daughter's house on Christmas day, I am good. 
Have a wonderful Christmas!

Sunday, December 18, 2022

Snow Snow Snow

We got about a foot of very heavy wet snow!
I had to shovel the end of our driveway just enough to get my car out early Sat morning the banking was over my knees. Slowly but surely, I got it done. My shoulders were aching after, but it felt good that at this age I have the strength and stamina to do that! More in the forecast for Friday. 

I talked about my Christmas pins last post well here they are. The candles in the middle actually blink. I wear the pins all season. Click on the picture to make it larger. 

Today husband and I headed out to the candy store to pick up some Christmas candy for a gift. On the way back we stopped at a shop we had not been in in many years. They now have little vintage booths and because I don't have enough Christmas packed away that I haven't gotten out in several years I decided to purchase all the choir boys for 15.00. When will I ever stop??? But they look cute on my windowsill, and I like them.  

Sweet B and family paid a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Santa. 
On the 15th it was 14 years since my mother passed. My daughter was very close with her grandmother and mentions her often. 
Mrs. Clause gave my daughter a little gift and said something that only her grandmother would remember. A little Christmas magic? I think it was. Makes me teary just thinking about it. 

Today Santa was in Maine taking his deer for a walk to get them in shape for the big night. 
While we were out today, we had lunch at a little Italian Bistro. the owner is a young woman from Florance.  It was very good! I also bought myself a croissant to have with my afternoon coffee.
Have a wonderful Happy Week. 

Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Finding A Little Christmas

I have several Byers Choice Carolers this is a fireman that I bought when my husband was a fireman. While I don't have many displayed this year, I do have him on my mantle with the faux candles that look pretty real. 

I found this rug at a thrift store many years ago. This is one of those you can throw in the washer when dirty. I think I paid 5.00 for it and it is a 5x7 rug!. 

I am wearing my Christmas pins every day to work. I do have quite a collection
I get compliments every time I wear them. Just some vintage Christmas pins I love to wear.

And of course, my little village I always put-up Thanksgiving Day. 

I baked
Cookies lots and lots of cookies to give away. 

I was given this CD today it is to honor a person I have supported in different ways for 19 years. His love of Christmas music is legendary. 
David Lockwood was the music director at a private school in our area. Brint's dad was headmaster there for many years. The connection runs deep.

So, this year Brint and David Collaborated and came up with this CD for a fund raiser for the agency that supports Brint and the agency I work for. I do not believe that I am crossing any HIPPA lines as this is very out there it has been advertised in the paper and online. 
It is a lovely collection of Christmas piano music if you should want one email me and I will tell you how. 
We are in line for some snow starting late Thursday night into early Sat morning. 6 to 12 inches. 
Fine by me I plan on staying home if the driving is bad.
We went out yesterday and finished up our Christmas shopping a little to wrap and I am done. I just have to bind my owl I hooked. 
Have a wonderful week. 

Sunday, December 11, 2022

Just A Little Christmas

I have hooked lots of Christmas rugs my daughter and grand have some. This was done some time ago I like it out all winter long.

I hooked this Santa last year and boy do I see things I would change but I still like him, and he is quite large.

With husband sick (he is much better now) I have spent a lot of time in my rug hooking room watching old movies trying to find the Christmas spirit.
This is Christmas in Connecticut with Barbara Stanwyck a wonderful old movie. 

And White Christmas the old standards are always the best.
Not sure why I have no spirit this year, but I don't seem to. No decorated tree, no Santas, well there is always next year. 

I have an embarrassment of riches I bought the green Kitchen Aid years ago for 5.00 and it has been a work horse. A sweet friend moved to Maine and downsized and gave me the other Kitchen aid. They go for crazy money. I feel very fortunate, and they will be working hard as it is cookie and bread making time. 

My daughter sent me the nicest note to thank me for the Nutcracker Ballet as it was my treat. She did all the driving and bought lunch. I thought my heart would explode when i read it. What an amazing wonderful young woman she is. I am so proud of her.
I am watching Miracle on 34th Street (the old one with a young Natalie Wood) and I am off to wrap some gifts. 
Have a wonderful week.

Thursday, December 8, 2022

Tis The Season For Sickness

I did organize the decorations by the front door a bit.

And add a Santa that is painted on an old ironing board.
It used to belong to my dear friend who passed away 5 years ago her son passed it on to me. 

I made a batch of drop cheddar biscuits this week and since a batch is too much for us, I put some on a cookie sheet and froze them and then tossed them in a freezer bag. When we want one next time just pop it in the oven voila fresh biscuits. 

My husband is sick he is feeling better it is just a cold. We have covid tested several times and negative. So, I am locked between my craft room and the spare bedroom to avoid it. Then I hear from my daughter and Sweet B is sick also ugg, I think a virus too. But we had to pass up Sweet B's concert at school and we have been invited to dinner with several friends and we will not be doing that either. I hate the sickness this time of year.  

I will close with a funny I hope it makes you smile.
Have a healthy week!

Sunday, December 4, 2022

So Much To Tell You

I got to the beach midafternoon. I shopped some on the way down.
I stopped over to see my sweet friend Donna. We may or may not have gone for a drink lol. 
After I got to my friend's beach house, I took a picture of sunset
it is called a solar pillar; it is caused by tiny ice crystals suspended in the air. When the conditions are just right the hexagonal crystals of ice float horizontal and scatter the light that is coming from below and it creates this vertical beam of light. Pretty cool right!

Saturday it rained but it did not dampen our spirits. We headed out early for the day. This is just outside of the little village of Kennebunkport Maine. This was a fishing village now crazy expensive but so beautiful.
Beautiful homes on every
This is a tiny sampling of the decorations.

Just beautiful....


Not only that there were gingerbread houses with a train going around it.

The detail and work amazing!

So beautiful and so lovely to look at and the store smelled amazing.
We went to a couple of church sales and got some goodies.
This is a hand carved cookie mold It is a little dark on the edges as I just washed it as I have every intention of using it or at least trying. 

I mean where else would you see a full size sock monkey?
At first, I thought it was someone in a costume but nope just a sock monkey. 

We went into a string of little shops that use to be cabins people vacationed in. This one had a beach buggy in it. So, fun it had cane woven seats in it. 

We had craft time we made these with Maine seashells.
fun project.

Well all good things must come to an end. Sunrise this morning was 6:58 so late but it will get later before we start the other way in a few weeks. I was the only person on the beach. It gives you such a different feeling from summer.

And colors oh the colors.
I am very blessed to have friends who are happy to share their beach house.

We truly ate our way through the weekend we started with clam chowder and the food kept coming lol. This is a business sign as we were waiting for our turn to get a morning croissant. This sign is so me. 
So, I will leave you with 30 seconds at the beach. Enjoy and breath deep. 
Have a wonderful week. I would love to hear about your adventures. 

Thursday, December 1, 2022

Time Spent With A Friend.

Happy December!

A little bit of Christmas is starting to show up at the house.
My favorite thing is to put up my little paper village. 

A Christmas cup for morning coffee. 

Speaking of morning coffee this squirrel was at least 2 1/2 stories high on this metal flagpole. I am not sure what he was looking for, but it wasn't up the flagpole. 

I made cookies for a fundraiser cookie walk this weekend.
I will not be able to attend as I am headed to Maine with my dear friend for our annual Christmas in Kennebunkport. It is so nice to spend time at the beach this time of year. So very different from the crowds of summer.
Have a wonderful weekend