Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Bunny Moon?

The full moon this month is so bright I have a hard time sleeping.
It is so pretty though, I love looking at it.

Today I met up with my friend after work and we took a walk
to the thrift store. I got some good stuff. 2 shirts one is polo and
the other is Talbot's. for 4.00 for both a great deal and good for work.

I also got a great pampered chef knife. I already have one
that I got at a yard sale and I love it so much I was happy to
pay 3.00 for this one. The case it goes it sharpens it each time it is put

Then My friend dropped off a couple of books bought at another
thrift store that was saved for me (thank you Lisa:)
Since it was my friends birthday just recently we had a
ice cream to celebrate even though we are getting together for
 dinner with other friends hopefully
next week.
Easter is around the corner we have about 20 people coming.
We will have Miss B the night before so we are so excited!
She can't wait to see Pepe again. Hummm what about grammie???
We have a big egg hunt and of course the Easter bunny will come
with lots of goodies.
Have a wonderful Easter and I hope the bunny finds your house!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sticky Buiness

I am not a crust maker, since I found Julia Child's pastry book
at the dump, I gave her crust a try. I got rave reviews on my blueberry

We had a special overnight guest. She said "Gramie love you so much,so much"
She has my heart now she can have anything I own:)
She is a big pepe girl because pepe will play with her endlessly

It was sugaring weekend all the sugar houses opened to the public.
This is the guy that feeds the boiler. You can see the steam coming off the
syrup. It takes 40 gallons and 1/10 of a cord or wood to make 1 gallon of
syrup. Yes it is expensive but so worth it.

Now that's a lot of wood.

The is to grade the syrup. The windows are so
steamed because of the boil. Things have changed since I was a kid
and my grandfather made syrup. But it all still tastes good.

And of course there where hay rides.
Have a great week everyone!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spring Where Are You?

I had the option of going to work or staying home. I chose home
I shut the alarm off and slept an extra hour and half.

This sticker is on my husband's truck. Siesta Key in Florida
taunts us oh how I wish I could twitch my nose and be there.

This is right outside my dining room just past my fab vintage
curtains. No it is not blurry that is snow you can not see across our yard.
Oh spring where are you?
I decided to use some of my time wisely and do our taxes.
Now mind you I hate to do them but I have been doing them for the past several years
and no big issues. Today issue! I called the Internet tax company to get an problem
resolved. The person said "name" I gave her name and spelling so what
part does she have the most trouble with and asked me to spell 3 times?
So we go to split screen so she can see the problem.
I have to delete all information in the one form and reenter.
OK but please do not hum in my ear while I am doing it
and covering the phone to giggle to someone beside you I can
hear you! and it is very distracting!
Then the program timed out I flipped my lid!That was it I shut everything
down and got off the phone with the hummer and called it a day!
The wind has really picked up in the last few minutes, I have the wood stove buring nicely,
and David is napping to easy listing music TV station. I think I will hook for awhile.
If you find spring send her this way:(

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Happy St. Patrick's Day.

So what is under a kilt? Who cares can I rip it up for a rug???

Not much happening here now not even hooking going on. We have
been walking more on these lighter nights and really enjoying the warmer weather.
snow flurries for tomorrow and cooler weather on the way.
Have a wonderful St. Paddy's day!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

A Beautiful Weekend

What beautiful weather we had this weekend!
Since we had spring fever we started out for the farmers market
about 25 minutes away.
I think we were shocked with all the vendors.

Well fist we had a huge homemade donut, no picture we ate it to fast:)
Of course a bottle of NH wine.

There were people who grew mushrooms,baked bread, the had winter veggies,
lots of jams and jellies, and of course maple products. The carrot cake jam
is so good it has a texture more like marmalade, and the maple you sprinkle it on
oatmeal and toast soooo yummmy.
The we went on to concord to shop, first we hit LLBeans and both bought
new winter coats that were 1/2 price at the outlets. So we will be all set for next winter. Then we headed into town
for lunch and a walk. We went through my favorite antiques shop and I didn't buy a thing
I found things I liked but not the prices. Then we went to the Historical society of the state of NH
and went through the museum lots of beautiful things to see and of course I had no camera.
On the ride home we were both tired but agreed it was a really nice day and we should do more of it.
After we got home I made dinner.

We both love onion soup so I tried a short cut
it was good so I will pass it on. I just saute onions in olive oil, and a bit of butter.

Added 1/2 cup of white wine and 2 cans of Campbell's onion soup.I scraped up all
the bits on the bottom of the pan.

I took a piece of toasted garlic bread put baby Swiss on the top
put it under the broiler for about 3 minutes success!
I hope you had the beautiful weather we did and we are promised more for the week.
I will enjoy the time change and the good weather.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Cabin Fever

Who has cabin fever? who is sick of the snow and cold?
Even my plants are blooming from boredom.

I tried growing sprouts and it went pretty well. We have eaten at least
half of them It took about 4 days to get to here. I grew them inside a
canning jar. I used them on salads and sandwiches and I will grow them
again it was easy and tasty. The sprouts tasted like summer.

I have been putting out some of my Easter decorations.

We have a very large gathering about 25-30 and a big egg hunt.
I think they will be looking for eggs in the snow. I will pull out the sleds and tell the kids to
go to for it. 
the snow is moving into NH but we will only get an inch or two.
My friend that I meet up with on Thursdays is going to Florida
So we will miss the next two Thursdays. We are use to going to Florida
every winter for a week but because of Husband's illness we have been unable to go
We are planning on next year if all goes well.
Stay warm and safe everyone!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Ta Da Dump

A friend and I have been getting together Thursdays after I get out of work.
This is Squam Lake (The one used in Golden Pond) frozen over for the winter.

We snowshoed to the lake and around the area. this was my first time on snowshoes
and I didn't fall once! I was tired when I got home but a good tired.

Since I haven't hit the dump in a long time, my daughter and
I made off with a big haul! This is a brand new leaf bag that folds up.
It is light weight and will be great when I am cleaning up the gardens in the spring

We got some brand new scrap booking stuff we followed the guy
taking it in. Daughter got the big haul lots of scrap booking stuff.
She got several games for her school kiddos,it was a good dump day!

I went to the guild meeting this Saturday, I worked on a tiny bit on my rug.
 I did take a needle punch class I am guessing I am one of those
people who will never get the hang of it. I will keep trying for a while but
I am not to confident.

We had a fun day with Miss B. My daughter has a long time
camp friend who is a zoo keeper and  she sent a care package to Miss B.
Miss B is growing so fast it makes me sad.
The kitchen is a country in which there are always discoveries to be made.
Grimod de la Regniere

Friday, March 1, 2013

Winner Winner

The Winner of the magazine Folk is Connie of A Day At A Time! congrats to Connie.
But for those of you who would love to subscribe and loves a deal I have a half off
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Do it today so you will get in on the spring issue!
Thank you to all of you who entered and to my new followers welcome!
Have a great weekend