Sunday, June 28, 2015

One Saturday Two Garden walks and a rug show

The first garden was five acres of lovely gardens

and lovely berries

and this guy couldn't wait for us to leave so he could get back on his rock. I treated a friend who is retiring(lucky her) to high tea after the garden walk, which was yummy and just lovely.

Then another friend and I were going to a rug and garden walk but she got sick so my sweet hubby filled in for her and oh my was he ever happy he did. First it was a house, garden, and rug tour.

This house was jaw dropping beautiful!The husband and wife hook. He travels a lot and takes his hooking on the road with him.
He hooks huge rugs! I met him and his wife what lovely people and oh the talent.

The gardens where just amazing. I took lots and lots of pictures as you can see a lot of the color comes from bushes and trees

There were more rugs in this one place than I have seen my whole life I think. 

This was on the outside of their barn. (For display only)

On boards in the garden

And more boards and there are more and more!
Really and truly how beautiful is this!!! this was among the trees in the painted fern garden sigh....... 
We made several trips around to be sure we didn't miss a thing.
I will have more pictures for you next time. 
Today we are 50 degrees and the wind is blowing a gale, we have the fireplace going. Really summer where are you?

Monday, June 22, 2015


Nothing could be truer than in the summer with the birds singing and a breeze blowing.

Are you sick of my gardens yet. I was so starved for them from the long winter. 

These are the wild blackberry bushes, They are so happy 
I guess there will be blackberry jam for the winter this year.

I have a lot of hosta easy to care for.

We have lined our walkway with these sharpening stones.
I love the rustic look of it.

I was cleaning out a garden and found a patch of these wild strawberries and I had to stop. I want the birds and chipmunks to get them. (I do have gloves on for some reason it looks like really white skin)

and my Stella Doros are blooming.

And this is the hill at the dump! cool right! 
I have been working on the house, and gardens so no hooking no reading. I fall into bed at the end of the day very tired. Which is good as I usually have a hard time sleeping.  
I hope your summer is going well we are getting together with friends for the 4th I am so looking forward to it, a lot of R&R.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Part 2 To Rug Show...

This rug is so lovely it depicts a little town.

While this is not my taste it is amazing. Such great color and technique. 

This rug is pretty large as you can see it is on the floor.

I would love to do this rug but I have no room for long runner.

This rug looks so 3D just wonderful!

The beautiful sky in this rug....

And on our way out of the carriage house I came across this flower I have no idea what is was but it was climbing a rock hill.
A very busy weekend a funeral on Saturday for a friend of husband's parents, and then today we had time with our sweet Miss B. We got to see her learn how to play soccer so dang cute. I got a text from my daughter she went frog hunting with her new butterfly net. (yes he goes back to his mom at night)
Have a great week!!!!!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Castle In the Clouds Rug Show

How would you like to have this view all the time?
When the carriage house was build it was to house the horses.
The castle itself is much higher up with an amazing view.
The rug show is in the carriage house on this property.Well on to the show....
There are many loons on that lake you see in the view.
I have to say first that I did not keep track of the designers and or the name of the hookers I was so busy looking at the amazing rugs so sorry.

This had a crazy quilt effect and I would assume it tells a lot about the rug hooker.
How cute is this pillow....

this rug is amazing!!!! does it not look like the rocks are real?

This is simple but beautiful...

This is Nova Scotia just great!

More rugs in the next post. We have been chilly with frost warnings. So the first campfire of the season I dug out the square marshmallows? I did not know I was buying square ones. 

But they tasted yummy anyway. 
I have not picked up a hook in a month I am sorry to say but my porch is coming along some of the screens are back up.
have a great Day!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

First Farmers Market For The Season.....

The farmers market has moved closer to work so that when I get out of work and walk to my car I walk right by.
I bought some hand made soft cheese, and this beautiful salad mix.
Dinner was steak tips,mashed potatoes with the new cheese mixed in and this beautiful salad.... yum

Then my friend and I headed out for a visit to the thrifts. I snagged this beautiful pot made in NH for 8.00 I see beans in my future.
After dinner a walk around the garden.

Pest control in the veggie garden.

I know these are Iris but I have no idea what kind


Snow in summer. (my kind of snow)

And bird watching lots of beautiful birds coming to the feeder. And I am fighting the woodpecker off the feeder he just makes a big mess and wastes my seeds. (I have a small life)
I hope you are enjoying summer. We have been very cold turn the furnace on cold, so to have these flowers blooming is a minor miracle in it's self.