Sunday, January 30, 2022

A Pain In The Foot...

We are all signed up for the backyard bird count Feb 13th and 14th
We are officially old!

I pulled out my needle punching. This was all done but the finishing. Now it is finished. This is only my second piece. It is very rough but
it is done time to move on. 

Not really sure this is my thing, but I have this kit from who knows where and I will finish it and then decide from there if needle punch is for me. 

My fish from my rug school. I started to do the background in blocks. I did not like the look, so I am mixing it up much better to my eye. This is a good size rug I will put it in our upstairs bathroom.

So, I am sure as you have all heard we got a snowstorm here in the East. Well, we are north, and it didn't amount to much here but of course I baked bread. 

I have had a couple of health blips nothing life threating it just had to be taken care of and that meant antibiotics. 3 different kinds! I was feeling very sorry for myself. And then it happened my calf hurt and then my foot hurt so much I could not walk on it. I sat down and had myself a think. Just when you think you have it bad the universe gives you a kick in the foot. So truly what every you believe or what your faith is sometimes it gives you something to think about. I am very thankful for that hurt foot and time to think. Life is pretty good for me and my family. And by the way it is back to good. I am back to walking my 3 miles and doing yoga. 

We are pretty cold so the fireplace has been a blessing, not sure you can tell but the snow was flying out that window when I took that picture. Yes, my life is pretty wonderful
Have a wonderful week!

Sunday, January 23, 2022

So I Had This Idea...

To say we have been cold is an understatement. 
The fishing derby and pond hocky will have plenty of ice to play on.
One of the days we had wind chills -30 to -40 brr I never left the house!!

While not the beauty I usually see at sunrise it still is pretty.

Husband has been tucked away in his heated shop. It makes me smile to look out and see the lights on in his shop. He is keeping busy just trying to get through this winter and this stuff.
And because I have been on the computer way more than I should have I got 4 new patterns in the mail this week. YiKes! (More on those another time)

So like I said I had this idea. I have lots of Christmas patterns and thought to myself. You do not have much for valentine's day. Soooo

I did this! Kind of crazy but we hang wooden hearts in our windows and that made me think why not?? And do I have a style?? Do you see the moon? It was not in the original pattern just like my fox rug I just finished I had to add a moon. 

Miss B has been learning hand stitching in school (yeah for the art teacher!) And she loves it, so she made a pillow at home on her own. How I love her choice of fabric and how proud she is of her work. Oh, B how I love that face!
My friend and I got out for about 3.5-mile hike today. We got to the top and no view the trees had grown in ugg. But still so good to get out in the chilly air and move.  
We have not gotten to at least 32 since we started the cold snap. today I think it got to 20 degrees, but the sun was shining which made the difference.
Have a wonderful week and if you are in the north stay warm.

Sunday, January 16, 2022

I think The Moon Knows

I think that ring around the moon is telling us to be on the lookout for snow very early tomorrow. The best guess right now is 6 to 8 inches. I just hope we do not get the mixing rain and sleet on top of it. It will be a nightmare. 

I saw this on one of my gardening sites and thought it was pretty funny. I am sure that is how they (you) are feeling. 

It has been more than chilly. On Tuesday it was bone chilling. The wind was blowing so it stayed between 30 and 40 below 0 all day. Not fit for man nor beast. 
The interns on our Mount Washington are advising us to not eat our pasta outside in these temps. LOL

This is where we have our coffee and watch the sun rise in the winter. or just hangout and watch the birds or maybe a nap. 
It is in our kitchen. We used to have a table there but when daughter left home out went the table. It is so funny it is the first place everyone goes to when they walk in the house. 

And if you are sitting on the sofa and look to your left this is what you will see the working part of the kitchen. The warmest place in the house. 


I don't know if you remember from this summer, but the neighbors invited us to pick as many raspberries as we wanted. Well 5 quarts later I froze them and now we are enjoying them. 
I made raspberry bars that are so good! Great with tea.

Today my friend and I met up late morning. It was -6 this morning so we waited for it to warm up a bit. But the time we met my car said 8 degrees and hers said 10 so I settled on 9 degrees. We were dressed in layers and off we went.

The sun was Glorious not much heat from it but still so nice to see we have been very cloudy this winter.

We were the only two up there this morning all you could hear was the sound of our boots in the snow. 

And the payoff wasn't bad either.

We did both the north and south peak and the north peak loop so a very good workout. After we went for lunch and parted promising to do more of this soon. Getting out in the winter makes it so much easier mentally to deal with the cold and bad weather. 
I have been doing the online yoga class every day for 2 weeks and I noticed a bit of a difference in my stamina so worth it in the end. 
I hope you are all well and happy. I still have not taken down my tree maybe tomorrow and then maybe not I like seeing the lights at night. 
Have a wonderful week!
P.S. to Lynda who has an email I cannot answer. No, I have not made Crumpets, but I have had the store-bought ones and I do like them. If you have a Favorite recipe for them you would like to share, I would love to try to make them.

Sunday, January 9, 2022


I finally finished my Christmas Journey. It is a Lisa Fergurson rug, my sweet friend Pam Bartlett helped me with the sky.
She owns the Woolen Pear. 

Just before thanksgiving we bought new wheels. Well new to us. It was a deal you just could not refuse so we did it. 
and this week we also bought new phones.
Because we buy new phones when forced into it. (The 5G thing our phones would have been no good.) Lots has changed on phones since my last one so a learning curve. 

I made English muffins this week. they were easy and super good. I will be making these instead of buying them. 
how to Here

I have also been in a soup mode. This is creamy chicken and tortellini soup. Pretty dang good if I do say so myself. 
Our weather has changed we are going into a deep freeze. We have been mild, and we had a bit of a snowstorm this week. But today an ice storm!! If all we are going to get is ice storms, come on spring! I enjoy the snow, hate the ice.

Because it was dreary and icy this morning, I made scones for breakfast with fried ham. Made me feel better for a minute or two. 

The birdfeeder has been very busy today. This feeder is under an overhang on our house, so the birds just love it when it is storming. they get out of the storm for a few minutes. 
I started yoga (online) and I accomplished 7 days in a row. I will not say it was pretty, but I moved lol. I am going to try to keep up with it. some days you just don't feel like it, but it is only a 20-minute class.
Well, we are back to not doing much too much covid in the world for our old bodies (yes, we had the vaccines) 
And if it is going to be icy, I want to be home who needs to break a hip. yikes!!
I am back to working on the background of a rug I started in October. The fireplace is going, and I think there is a game on soon.
Take care my sweet friends.

Sunday, January 2, 2022

Old New Year...

Life seemed just a little bit normal this week.
My sweet friend and I went to lunch at our favorite place at our favorite table right by the fireplace. 

Then a small hike after. We did not venture out on the lake it has been very warm. And now we do not have much snow. Lots of drizzle and fog in the past few days.

Pedicures with my daughter and grand. I know you can't tell but we were encased in plastic and the tecs wore masks we felt very comfortable and safe, such a luxury.

With a swim after. The pool is both inside and outside. 

We haven't seen much of the sun, but I continue to walk most days. 
I did a free online yoga class today. Holy stiffness!!! I used to do yoga all the time, but it has been way to long. I will keep at it for the next 90 days. I want to keep up the strength and balance. It is so important as I age. 

I continue to work on my rug. I am feeling anxious to get this done now and move on. 

I got some new kicks. Well to be honest I thought I got scammed and was going to contact my credit card company on Monday to start the process to get the money back. It took 8 weeks to get them and to my big surprise they seem well made. 

My veggie drawer in the frig was full of a little of this and a little of that that needed to be used. Soup it is and so tasty!!!

I am trying to combat this! Ugg and truly the tip of the iceberg!
Husband has enjoyed way more than he should in a year!

I got a belated gift in the mail from my hooking buddy Donna! 
Yes, she did the stitching and the painting! So much talent. 

My sweet hiking friend gave me this pin in a bag overflowing with other amazing things. We have been friends for many years. I can't image life without her. 

I know we all make resolutions or goals for the new year, and I have made a few too. But I saw this online and yes, we will be making a tree to leave your worries at. 

We have been watching a series on Britbox called Shetland. (Such a wonderful show)
They talked about "Old New Year" It is a tradition on the Shetland Islands to celebrate the New Year Jan 12th. I am all for extending the holiday, so I am keeping my tree up until Jan 12 to honor old traditions. Plus, I love looking at my tree on these cold dark nights.
It is a feather tree, so we are safe. 
May your new year be all you would like it to be.
May it be filled with laughter. I think we are all missing the laughter. Well at least I know I miss it.