Sunday, December 30, 2018

Happy New Year

Feet up watched the Patriots win. Now watching the Eagles and Redskins, yes I do enjoy a good football game.
A cup of hot tea and I am happy.

I have finished the hooking part of my little sled. 
Now to finish, I am going to put wool on the back for a chair pad.

I did wrap up a few of my Christmas things to put away.
These snow babies were made by an older lady here in town.
She has passed away now but she molded them and painted them. I bump into them once in awhile at the local thrift ( she donated to fund raisers a lot) and I snap them up when I can. She was so sweet and I loved to hear her talk.

This is one she did for me. Oh that sweet little bluebird on her shoulder, be still my heart I love it.
We went to husband's family's annual Christmas party
always lots of fun. The adults do a yankee swap and this is the best gift I have ever ended up with. I plan on taking it to work with me maybe it will help to keep everyone calm. plus a little scented moisture in the air can't hurt.

Well the old calendar on the wall says a new year is right around the corner. We all make resolutions or try, I do want to make a couple of goals for the next year. More on that later.
This Christmas was a hard one my son in law was so sick and in the ER on Christmas eve but all he could think about was Sweet B and her Christmas. I think they have finally figured it out with lots of trips to the hospital and the right medicine and your good prayers helped so much, thank you so much! Plus I have been dealing with something new but I am on the mend, I will start the new year with a root canal yahoo. (not) I will be so glad to see this month gone.
Happy New Year my sweet friends old and new. 
May it be a great one, I hope it brings you good health and great joy. 

Sunday, December 23, 2018

It's almost Time For Santa

I received the free pattern from W.Cushings for ordering this Christmas. I ordered a bent hook. A good start but not so much the white.

So I ripped that out and found something that works perfectly.

I chose a strip of  this wool that works. 

Sat husband and I had some time so we went to Woodstock Vt.
One of my favorite towns. This is a Congregational church.

That has a bell that was made by Paul Revere! It was cool to touch something Paul Revere made.

This town has lots of lovely old homes and a very fun Main St for shopping.

We went to lunch in a wonderful restaurant all decorated for Christmas.
And I met Gesine Bullock-Prado and had her sign my copy of this cookbook. She was sweet and welcoming. She has a cooking school in Vermont called Sugar Glider I am hoping to take a class with her at some point.I am hoping after Christmas to try one of her cakes.

Today I hit the grocery store (big mistake wall to wall people all chatting in the isles) and then spent the rest of the day picking up and prepping for Christmas eve dinner.
We have a couple of friends in every year and I make lobster stew and fresh biscuits mmmm among other things.  

Of course pork pie for husband. 
The presents are wrapped and the house is decorated so come on Christmas.

I can't wait to see my family on Christmas day!
My Son-in-law is having a bit of a health issue and sees a specialist after Christmas. He is much to young for health issues so if you have a Christmas prayer please say one for him. (you are such good prayers)
I wish you all a wonderful Christmas may you enjoy the day anyway you chose to, with family or quietly.
I will post again before the new year.
Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 16, 2018

All I Want For Christmas Is....

The tree is up and very decorate.

The Santa's are all in the cupboard

Or hung on the tree.

I sorted a mountain of Christmas linens and found this sweet little 
Christmas curtain so I hung it in my new kitchen window and it is perfect. I have weeded 5 bags and 1 box of Christmas things out
and sent them to the thrift store. I feel much lighter...
But trust me, I have way more Christmas decorations than any 10 people should have left. 

I ordered a new bent hook and received a free pattern from Cushings. So I have a bit of a start on it.

I have made a couple of batches of dill snack mix .
I am making up a large tray of things for the highway guys in our town. I appreciate the long hours of plowing in the winter and like to give them something they can grab and go with. More snow coming in tonight.

My birds have left not sure why I have cleaned the feeder and changed the feed. But I read that it could be a predator in the area(hawk). Or someone may be feeding better. Fickle little birds.
So this week, what a week! I cracked a tooth in half. I went on Friday to have one piece taken out, tomorrow I find out if they can do something with what is left and what my other options are. Some they mentioned like an implant may not be an option for me to much money and the process freaks me out. I am trying not jump to conclusions but uggg.
I am so sad over this and I know It is just a tooth but with all that I have had in the past two weeks ugg. Plus Sat was 10 years since my mom passed. I may be an old woman but I miss my mom!
And to top it off from our sickness and sweet B's activities I haven't seen her and her parents for about a month. 
Ok have you had enough of my whining yet?

I know I have much to be thankful for and will try to focus on that and enjoy the holiday. I wish you all good health and great joy.

Sunday, December 9, 2018

A Room Without A View

I was in full baking mode for a cookie walk this weekend to benefit the food pantry. My first time using a cookie press and the last time that is much harder than I want to work for cookies.

Then I found a Madeline recipe so I tried out my new pan OMG that is a keeper recipe! It made a dozen I passed out a few and we ate the rest with tea yummmm. 

I finished my Christmas stocking,very happy with it. 

This is the one I did years ago not that happy with the gold braid I put on it but I have decided to leave as is and move on.

Working on finishing this little rug I hate whipping a rug!
But I am almost done.

I got my tree up.

put out a few of my Santa's  
Sorry about the pictures my phone is making me crazy with these pictures!

 I spent a couple of days in the hospital! On Wed I started to feel sick by Wed night I was full on SICK! Long story short I feel much better and all I can say is WOW. I just hope that is it for me for the rest of the winter or ever! I have never had anything like it before.
Have a wonderful week we are cold but sunny I will take it over snow any day.

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Saving My Burning Bushes

We built our house 30 years ago and when we did landscaping we
planted this row of burning bushes, they have grown and grown. But the snow this year was making a mess of them.

I am had to save them! But holy cow what  a work out it was!
I carefully removed the snow and dug up the branches under the snow. But it worked. when I got the weight off them and they would spring back and wave back and forth made me feel great.

This was From a storm we had on Tuesday. I know we have lost some of our birches they are still bent over. Makes me so sad, I love birches especially in the full moon light they seem to glow.
I thought I could get away with my hiking boots but my feet were soaked so it was good to get out of them and into...

My new socks! My sweet friend and cousin Donna knit me a very special warm and cozy pair of socks.

They go great with my new slippers. I have had slippers with holes and husband hates them, Usually he doesn't have an opinion on anything like that but for some reason he kept saying buy new slippers. So I did.

I finished a couple of new pieces this week, I will show them another time. But thought this was pretty true of all of us who create.

We are having a cold, rainy, icy, day so we have tucked in. We have been decorating but not done yet. I did get a wreath on the back door. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!
Merry December Everyone!

Sunday, November 25, 2018

A Cold Week

It was a very cold and snowy week and much to 
early for us.

Thanksgiving morning was the coldest on record!
We were tucked in the the wood stove and fireplace going.
We had Thanksgiving here just us two of us. We were invited to my daughter's and her in laws but we really wanted to just tuck in.
Our lives are so busy it was good to have a day just for us.

This Saturday was the first nice day we have had in a bit.
So I bought some cheap wreaths, changed the bows and added a 
sheep that my husband made me years ago. Voila Christmas.

We didn't go far Sat night so I spent the night binding and adding it to a pillow. I have since added some of my mother's old buttons on the corners. 

Today between cleaning the house and making beef stew and biscuits, I am binding this stocking that I hooked years ago.
 I hooked two stockings years ago and hated how I finished the first one and then I guess I gave up. But I am back at it. 
We are in for more snow this week 
Have a great week!

Sunday, November 18, 2018


I got this (pink) cyclamen as a gift last year at Christmas. My aunt said to put it outside in the shade in the spring and forget it,( I did water it now and then) bring it inside for the winter. Wow does it it have a lot of buds yet to bloom! It worked like a charm! I have always thrown them after they were done each year. The violet in the back blooms most of the time it was my mom's. I think of her every time I look at it.

We have had some amazing sun rises! But of course the sunrises are followed by snow. We had some snow a couple of times this week. Much to early for us! Plus we are plenty cold burr.

I am getting to the finish line with this rug. Not very big but very sweet, I think my sweet B would love it.
I went to a couple of Christmas fairs and a thrift store this weekend.
My big find at the thrift was the pie crust cutter. 

I was so excited to use it. So I made a pork pie and nope it didn't work. Back to the thrift it goes. I love  gadgets but this didn't do the trick.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!