Wednesday, October 26, 2016

More Of the Rug Show And A Hike

A few more rugs remember you can click on them and make them bigger. I love the umbrella so sweet

The color on this one much brighter than it shows.

So sweet.

This is so lovely great fine hooking

A great primitive

Who doesn't think leaves blew in on a scatter rug and they said ah ha that's a good rug!

My friend Lise did this one so sweet.

good color

And my winnings from prims by the water,
Sooo sweet I love it.

Off for a quick hike today as it gets dark so early now we don't have much time during the week. We missed the good color but this road is sweet anyway.

A little water fall that has a swimming hole under it. But way to cold for that! we didn't get out of the low 40's all day and snow and rain for tomorrow.

On our way out so pretty.
We have no plans for the weekend for the first time in months!
I don't know if I am happy or scared.
have a great rest of your week.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

A Hook In

Saturday I was lucky enough to go to a hook in my guild held.
There were so many rugs and I am sad to say I did not do well
with all the information. So enjoy the show I will post more
later in the week.

The Sheep was cut out of a pattern that the hooker was not sure she liked the pattern as a whole.

The fish was hooked by a lady who went to Star Island with us this year. She got a blue ribbon at Deerfield fair.

This rug was hooked in memory of her family that were stone cutters. It is so much more beautiful in person.

Good color for a shaped heart rug.

This is a larger rug but great color.

My sweet friend and I got to hike  a bit this week.
The color is fading but still very pretty.

We got lots of rain and wind this weekend so I am sure our hike this week the trees will be bare. And we got snow up north the seasons they are a changing.

This is a picture of pure bunny love.
Miss B got a bunny! It is so cute I visited this week.
When she gets home she opens his cage and sits on the floor and reads to the bunny to get him use to her. He hops out and nibbles at the pages so stinking cute.
I won the cutest give away at Prims by the water. I will try to
post the pictures next post I hope. For some reason this computer is giving me fits! Thank you Janice so much I love the hand made candle mat and the sweet primitive pumpkin.
I hope you are enjoying fall.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Leaf Peeping

We were in full leave peeping mode this week.
A friend and I hiked and then husband and I took off this morning.

We headed north as we wanted a cog railway ride but no luck
booked up until late day so we headed back to a tiny town had lunch and shopped a bit and then off to see our Sweet B.
The best part of the day seeing family.

Saturday morning I was having coffee early before my walk and I saw the leaves falling so lightly and sweet with the birds at the feeder.

I happened on this collection of Gurly candles for 2.50 at a thrift store. They are so sweet I will put them out for the holiday.
We are back into the warm weather this week high 70's so summer hasn't given up yet. I hope you are enjoying your fall.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Fall In NH....

My sweet friend from rugs and pugs sent me a birthday gift
I love it so much Lauren!

It looks great with my candles.

Another friend who had a corn patch this summer dropped off some corn stalks to decorate with. We have been given lots of produce out of the neighbors garden, We are blessed.

I have lived between Maine and NH my entire life and I still have my breath taken away by the amazing display of colored leaves every year.

This is from my driveway we are still not at peak so we have a while to go before it all goes away.:(

Because winter is just around the corner.
I got a chance to put up some fall decorations, bake some
pumpkin bread and burn my pumpkin candle so it's feeling kind of cozy tonight.

My hydrangea is just beautiful and has turned a nice deep pink.
But we are in for a frost tonight so I headed out to pick some for a vase before they all turn brown. 

Not a great picture but you can see they have turned a very pretty pink.
We had a busy weekend with a great birthday celebration. and a little time with my sweet B.
We have company coming for this coming weekend so I will spend the week cleaning and making a lasagna.
I hope you are able to enjoy the fall no matter where you live.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Anniversary Rug

Well it is completely done! In the nick of the time as our anniversary is tomorrow Oct 3rd. I made it as a gift for my husband.

I sewed a white hanky on the back, that has all of our
wedding information written on it.

And my sweet husband bought me a new food processor.
Ok I know you may not think it is romantic but for me it is!
I am a thrifter of all things, I have never had a new food processor.
The one I have is missing parts but I paid 2.00 for it! My kitchaid
mixer I got at a sale for 5.00 it is avocado green but runs like a charm. I love to cook and to have new things for the kitchen is amazing. I would never spend the money on myself even though husband encourages me to spend money on it all the time.

To heck with the new car smell to smell the packing material of
a new kitchen item mmmmm
I know weird!

And since fall is coming around...

I baked pumpkin muffins. They are the best I have ever made.

Yep filled with cream cheese mmmm
If you want the recipe go to king Arthur Flour.
 I hope your week was a great one!