Sunday, September 25, 2016

Rugs and Other Amazing things....

This poor bunny rug has been sitting waiting for me to finish it.
Well finished either really early or really late. I am going with early.

This rug is steamed and ready for the final finish.

We are truly in fall weather cool and breezy, so we headed north
To check if the leaves had turned yet. Of course we hit Chutters with the longest candy counter in world! Yes we both filled a little bag.

This little iron fence goes around the library in Littleton NH.
I love the scrolls.

And yes winter made an appearance on our tallest peak.
The weather guy looks extremely happy. They can keep it for a few months.

I do not like to get into politics but this guy made me laugh.
He is a local farmer who does not care one bit about politically correct and will say anything that comes to his mind. So he took two mannequins made one Donald and one Hillary.

You then go in the out house and vote your choice.
Kind of how I feel this year. But come on this is funny!

Ok on to something entirely different.
I took my daughter out for her birthday. We both had a massage, my very first massage! Oh how wonderful! We took advantage of the
facility so we completely enjoyed ourselves and vowed to do it at least a couple times a year!

My sweet daughter stayed over night so the next morning I made breakfast for us, eggs over easy with popovers! so yummy.
So happy fall everyone I am enjoying crisp air and all things pumpkin.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

More Rugs From Star Island,,,

This rug is amazing A Michelle (Macarelli)sp design being hooked by Dale Young from Vermont.

This was being hooked by Teddi  Pearson from New Jersery
I think the colors are really sweet.

I can not remember the name of the rug hooker but this rug pops in person such great color planning.

This was hooked by Patti Diaz great color and a very new

and yes I have been hooking a bit on my rug since leaving the island. I have never fiddle so much with a rug as I have this one.

This is before the changes...

This is after, notice the color of the center of the flower. I like it better, and I thought I needed that one row of dark brown before I go to the red border. I am open to any other ideas!
So it is back to work tomorrow boo hoo a whole week off has been just heaven. I need to win the lottery! This working thing is getting very old.

Friday, September 16, 2016

An Amazing Retreat On Star

I was blessed with 4 days on Star Island.

This amazing little island off the coast of NH.

This was our rug hooking home while on the island, amazing right?

Awe inspiring sunsets. Beauty everywhere the eye can see.
I had a very hard time staying in my seat. I had to wander all over the island so I have lots and lots of pictures I will share later. But we were on the island to create...

And create we did! This is an impromptu rug show on the main
porch. The feed back was wonderful. It is such a creative sharing community.

This is what I worked on I got a lot done but still more to go.
The beaks are not on the birds yet I have tried a couple of colors but didn't like either choice.

This rug was being hooked by Debbie Kelley just lovely

I do not remember the name of the hooker of this but look at that duck's head just amazing!

This was being hooked by my partner in crime Donna.
Her own creation in honor to her husband.

I have a lot more rugs to share so be sure to check back.
I did get on the beach for a few pieces of sea glass.

And this was our ride home, the Thomas Leighton.
The people of star have a chant when you leave.
S-T-A-R, S-T-A-R
I am already planning my return trip next year.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

A Hooker's Getaway!

Bright and early Monday morning I am headed for star island
off the coast of NH. It is a rug hooking retreat! I am so excited to have this time to sit and hook and see old friends, for 3 nights and 4 days!

Not bad scenery too. I need this more than you know.

The other big news is my sweet B went to kindergarten!
Now how did that happen? She is with her sweet old dog who has had some health issues lately poor old guy.
She called to tell me about her first day. I said did you have fun?
"yep and I get to go back tomorrow" What was your favorite part?
"you know when you get to go outside and play."
Oh my sweet B!