Saturday, August 28, 2021


We have been hot and humid but fall is showing some of her colors.
The leaves are fading and you see hints of color coming.

My gardens are getting a bit ragged. But the naked lady lilies I got from a friend came up ! A wonderful surprise this time of year. Now I am on the hunt for more!


My poor veggies didn't do well this year we had so much rain in July. But I have made 2 batches of sauce and have frozen some tomatoes. We are eating zucchini daily and this weekend, now that it is cooler, I will make some zucchini bread to stock the freezer for this winter.

The last concert on the common was this past Wed. We have seen the change in the light. It seems so gradual and then all of a sudden the days are shorter!

My sweet B got another trail ride in before school. I was not able to go but her grandfather did (Pepe)! The young guy taking them on the ride said "I have a horse that doesn't want to behave who wants him?" B's hand shot up and she said "I will take him" Bold,coming from a rank beginner! It makes me so proud of her that is confidence! She starts riding lessons in Sept. Oh and by the way she did handle him!
I have been hearing rumblings on line about price increases on linen or having a hard time even getting it for rug hooking. So I took my Christmas gift certificate and headed to Dorr Mill. Well the prices are going up. I spent double my gift certificate and I don't feel I got all that much!

Magnolia magazine this month had this woman and she talks about her decision to walk every day no matter the weather. I walk a lot but I am a fair weather walker, my goal is to walk every day. I think it is good for the nerves. And my nerves need lots of help lately.
The news breaks my heart and really takes my breath away. The sadness is over whelming.
 Then the storm coming into the gulf...My brother lives there but he is here right now for a visit.
I got news my dear sweet 97 year old aunt has covid. I am beyond sad she is vaccinated, I hope that makes all the difference. But she has become fail in the past few months. All I can do is pray. To live a good life for that long and to have covid be the last straw just does not seem right. 
There just seems so much to pray for lately. I have many blessings. I almost feel guilty about those blessings when I hear the news. 
Have a wonderful week, always counting your blessings. 

Tuesday, August 17, 2021


My Three Loves
My best friend on the far right, my daughter in the middle and my sweet B! 
My friend and her husband have been our friends for many years. Since my daughter was young. Lots of vacations together many laughs and wonderful Christmas Eves. And the fact that it carries on to my Grand is just one more blessing.

I was invited to the beach by my best friend for a late
birthday celebration, just she and I (She has a beautiful beach house in Maine). But they surprised me by having a girls weekend with my daughter and Sweet B.

My heart swelled to bursting. I am so blessed and it is so hard to put into words. It is not the presents or the cake (I had both) It is the time with them. Just us laughing and swimming, playing games, sitting on the beach and eating great food.

And watching the sunset from the top deck with Sweet B.
My daughter and friend got up for sunrise I slept through it. 
We had yummy cocktails and toasted to make this a yearly event. 
Blessings I have many.
Have a wonderful week filled with blessings.

Wednesday, August 11, 2021

August Is That You??

My tomatoes are finally getting ripe, what didn't rot on the vine that 
is. And it is hot!!! We had a hot June and then a very rainy and cold July. Well August has come roaring back! we are suppose to get very close to 100 for the next couple of days which is rare for us, and very humid. The good news is fall is around the corner.

Sweet B went to robotics camp and my daughter has some free time we met for a short hike and she bought me lunch.
We do not get much time that is just us so it was a very rare treat. One I loved!!
My good deed of the week was last Sat coming home from work I saw a large bear cross in front of me about 1/8th of a mile away. I get to where she crossed and on the far left out pop two little heads! It was just below a hill that is kind of a busy road. I stopped and put my flashers on. I thought I will get out and walk to the top of the hill 
to stop any traffic and then I looked to my right and there sat mother bear. Well she would have no idea what I was doing and I sure could not out run her so I sat in the car and prayed. They took their sweet time crossing and they had just got over the yellow line to my side of the road and down comes a motorcycle. He slows down when he sees my flashers and looks around and spotted the babies. He had the biggest grin gave me a thumbs up and went on his way. 
Baby bears are just the sweetest. And I didn't think to film it until I got home! I was so worried they would get run over.
Have a great week!

Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Old Enough To Know Better Now

We had a little visitor one morning. We did not see mom. The first bear we have seen in a couple of years. He was headed next door to the berry patch, glad I got there first.

On my daily walk I saw a very tiny orange newt. 

Followed by this, yikes!!! I sense a theme
July was very cold and rainy and so far August seems to be just beautiful! Not the warm air of August but the cool dry air of fall.

For my birthday we went to King Arthur Flour in Vermont for lunch and a little shopping. 
and on the way home we found this garden.

It is a Japanese garden tucked in truly the middle of now where, off a dirt road in a very very small town.

While I know nothing of the symbolism of the gardens I know they are just beautiful and I appreciate the work.

And time that goes into it. 

Some of these trees have to be very old.

Lots of care and pruning.

The Granite in this garden was old and thick.
Just peaceful and lovely and wonderful find.

Today is my birthday I am officially older than dirt! We had a quick dinner out and then went to the concert on the common. Well it was the Beatles!! So fun and reminded us of younger days.
I hate to discuss Covid yet again but the numbers around here are going up. No where near what the rest of the country is but still up. 
I hear whispers of canceling rug hooking gatherings uggg. 
I have an immune compromised husband so we have to be careful but because other people can not be careful my life has to stop too. Very frustrating and now I am off my soapbox.

I will end with a free pattern by Linsay Bowles.
Please if you use this give her credit for her art work.