Sunday, January 24, 2016

A Walk In The Woods

I have been trying to learn how to needle punch. I bought this pattern before Christmas now he is not great but he is done and I am moving on to another piece.  Maybe he is a good luck charm not a flake from that huge snow storm!

My sweet friend and I met up on both Sat and Sunday for a walk in the woods. Hiking boots no snow shoes, it was sunny and beautiful and we were the only two in the woods very quiet. 

It comes out to a beautiful view that we hiked several times in the summer and fall. Very different in the winter but still breath taking.

You over look 3 lakes and mountains upon mountains.

Post card perfect sigh....

A little place where the run off goes by is frozen and looks like glass. If we were really still you could hear it under the ice gurgling down the mountain.

We also hiked into Squam (aka ON Golden Pond) we haven't had enough cold for the ice to be safe on the lakes so it was very quiet no bob houses for fishing or snowmobiles.

Where the snow has blown off the lake around the shore. It was good to get the fresh air, be with my sweet friend, and get some exercise. 

This week I also got to see my sweet B in her dance class.
It was like seeing her mother all over again. My daughter danced until she graduated from high school.

I also took a class a class with my daughter in the red and her mother in law on how to make mittens from old sweaters.
I really enjoyed the class and it was fun with some laughs.

Not much hooking was done, I read, a lot. One of the reviews on this book was you get a book hangover when it is finished. It is true I really didn't want it to end.
Welcome to my new followers I am always humbled when someone chooses to follow my blog.
I was also asked a question by one of the new followers but you have a no reply email so I could not get back to you sorry.

Sunday, January 17, 2016


Saturday we had a snow storm not a huge one just one to mess the roads up so I stayed home and cleaned and took down more Christmas and redid the mantle. I also cleaned my hooked rugs.

I threw it face down in clean snow. I took a broom swept left to right and then up and down

I vacuumed the rug first before I did this (no beater bar)
then I found a clean space of snow and threw the rug good side up and did the same as before. Shake it gently to get most of the snow off, good to go! The rug looks clean and it is not that wet just damp so I put it right on my hardwood floors I have never had an issue.
But you decide if they need to dry some on a tile or cement floor. 
No snow? I will gladly send you some of mine you must pay shipping;)
I also had some hooking time. This is a wool that has two very different looks depending on the side of the wool 

I hook some in I am going for the darker brown.

Hate it! this is the second wool that I have pulled out. Going with safe gray pictures later.

Today I headed to Maine for my sweet Aunt's Birthday.
92! and she is independent! She is a very special aunt. 

And my sweet family went snowshoeing this weekend.
This is the 100 acre wood, you read a book on the way around the loop Miss B loves it. That is my sweet daughter.
My daughter had a spell of not feeling well, lots of tests and lots of guessing and she finally found out that it is something that will work its way out of her system with no lasting problems. But during those days of tests and guessing I thought I would lose my mind. Life has not been a cake walk at times, But we have always picked ourselves up and dusted ourselves off. I knew I couldn't do it this time but God is good and she will be fine.
Have a great week.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

White Mountain Woolen Magic Guild

I am very sorry to say I do not get to my guild meetings as much as I would like to but I did get to this month's meeting. It is a very active guild and they try to have a good program each month this one was working with water colors and learning to mixing colors....

This would be my masterpiece! We purchased kits that contained all we would need. The teacher was funny and I really enjoyed the class. 

But this was the woman who sat next to me. Her painting just makes 
mine look even worse. 

And as you can see painting is hard work and people got thirsty.

I have an atha book and the newest rug hooking book to read. 
I truly haven't been doing much in the way of hooking. I started the bunny rug and have not had the incentive to do more.
It has rained very hard all day with the wind blowing.
The lights have flickered but thank goodness we still have power.
Because tonight is....

How I loved Downton Abbey last week and I am looking forward to it this week.
I even watched it a second time on line.  I will be so sad when this season is over. 
Have a great week everyone!

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Happy New Year

I have adopted this as my New Year's resolution. 

We stayed in New Year's eve I hooked a bit and we watched a movie. This is the dawn of the new year...

And this would be the evening of the new year yuck.
We were very spoiled with the amazing warm December.

We got up made a huge breakfast and then I started weeding out my closet. I have been doing major weeding out, I am not sure what gave me the energy but it feels so good when it is done. And it has been years since It has been this cleaned out. I have carted car loads of discards to the dump and the thrifts in the past couple of months. I am saving my wool room for last and I will be weeding it out.
I plan on making bundles to sell very reasonable. I have more wool than I will ever hook in this life time. 

And on Jan 2nd we went to this cutie's birthday party..

Her mother who put the "$" in frugal bought a Halloween witch that was marked way down and filled it with 1/2 price Christmas candy.
We called it the birthday witch that you had to beat up so she didn't steal your gifts;) The two grandfathers offered to be in the line of fire. Well it ended up being one tough witch and Daddy had to make the starter hole. The kids loved it and didn't care what it was only that it was filled with candy.

She got lots of lovely gifts and Pepe was happy to go fishing with her.

It has been a very good holiday season and I am looking forward to getting back to my rug hooking guild and maybe take a class or two. 
I have been taking a free online class on Monday's and it really is a chance to get to know yourself. And to learn to journal daily which I do anyway. I believe nothing good can come to you if you are not truly grateful for what you have now. No matter who you are you have something to be grateful for. The one thing I do a lot is say "I will do that when I retire" Retirement is still several years away.The class has shown we that there are ways to not put off life and the things I really want to do, I can in different ways and still be happy about it.
So what are your New Year resolutions?
P.s. Don't for Downton Abbey tonight!!!!!