Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Bone Tired

I bought this begonia for my little wagon. The humming birds love it.

The lady slippers are in full color. I don't dare do any thing around them as they are very rare to have pop up in your yard. 

Sweet woodruff

This begonia my daughter gave me several years ago for mother's day I have been able to winter it over.

Lily of the valley
My fairy lilies given to me by a friend. 
I have been working so hard on my gardens and all the spring cleaning. 

I took all of our fans apart and cleaned them. Whew do we have lots of fans! No air conditioning except a window unit in the bedroom.
It was quite a job!

I was cleaning the bathroom and my foot hit the bathroom scale and it hit the bottom of the toilet and shattered every where!! It took forever to clean it up. To make sure I got every bit of glass!!

The moon had a spooky look last night. Getting ready for the full moon on Thursday. 
I will close with this I picked some dandelions that were closed up,put them in a little vase and under glass. I am going to make a sign "Break glass in case of emergency!!!!"
You never know when you might have a really important wish. 
I wish you all safe from the storms and a great holiday weekend!

Sunday, May 19, 2024

Lady And Ballet Slippers

The lady slippers in our yard are back again this year. I am always so happy to see them.

I had a very few minutes in my rug room. All I can say is Yikes!!! There has been no time between cleaning windows and screens and gardening not much time left for cleaning my rug room.
Today was my sweet Grand's dance recital. (In the back)
She is such a wonderful dancer and a joy to watch.

Her first year preforming on toe. I could not seem to get a good picture of her facing front.But the most exciting thing is she was put into the senior ballet troup! She was so excited! She has worked very hard for that.
I have a quiet week ahead and good weather is on the way. 
I have some veggies to plant and then I am in pretty good shape to relax a bit. 
   Have a great week my sweet friends. 

Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Personal Thrifter

Last night I had a gathering of friends.

I walked around the yard clipping what was blooming.
I got lots of compliments on these crazy arrangements.

We had appetizers and wine. They all brought something to share. There was about 13 of us and enough food and wine to feed 30!

And one sweet woman brought me a gift of fresh farm eggs. Yummy.

And since there was no dessert I put out these cookies. Wow what a hit! I got them at Marshall's in the food section.

My free find of the week is a new food dehydrator!!

I have a group of friends who always say if you find etc etc. I would like it. So they have named me their personal thrifter lol. Hmmm I think i like that!

Describes today that's for sure. I went for a couple of yearly tests today wandered around the house picking up a bit but not much. 
Have a great week!

Sunday, May 12, 2024

We Could Use Some Warm Weather

I know I show my walk a lot, but it changes so much with the seasons. Even though it was overcast and chilly it was still pretty. 

I even caught a chickadee making a home in this pottery bottle.
We have had it for years and no bird has ever bothered with it. So, it was exciting to see some interest. 

Bee butts, when you walk by this bush all you hear is "buzz" and then all you see is bee butts. They work so hard all day. 

Black gold! This is from my composter; it was so rich and beautiful. I put it in my gardens to amend my soil. I will work on another barrel all summer. It is made from veggie scraps and peelings and free!

This made me laugh but a clown? and a crystal ball? lol.

We celebrated Mother's Day on Saturday so my daughter would have Sunday with her family. They took us out to a wonderful lunch and bought me this pewter bracelet. do they know me or what??

I had a day with my bff we hit a couple of thrift stores, had lunch, and a nice long walk. This is my thrift haul 2 sets of extra-long twin sheets that will fit our adjustable beds, 5.00 a set (new)
A set of battery-operated candles with the batteries for 5.00. They will look great on my porch this summer. A box of Monet notes cards with 2 missing 1.00. And one leather purse(new) 3.00 total 19.00 and all things I will use.  

I finished The Women by Kristen Hannah, that is a must read about a nurse who went to Vietnam. 
This is historical fiction of Churchill's wife Lady Clementine. 
I hope for another good read. 
A very big week ahead I have 12 to 15 of my sweet women's group coming on Tuesday. Apps and wine everyone usually brings something to share so there is always so much food, but the best part is getting to hug and see everyone!!! We haven't gathered since Christmas. I love this group so much! 
I have some annual tests on Wednesday and then next weekend is recital time for my sweet B. It will be her first-time preforming on toe!
Our weather has been dreary chilly overcast threating to rain. 
The northern lights were very visible this Friday, husband and I saw the streaks and a bit of color now and then, but people were posting pictures of all this crazy color. It turns out you had to do some fancy stuff on your phone to get the color. It is overcast now so no chance of seeing them tonight. 
Have a wonderful week!

Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Painting The Porch

My Azelea is amazing!!!

All of our screens are off waiting for the painter to start.
When the screens were removed, we found some issues. 
My amazing husband spliced this post together to cure some rot that was found......

The reason he spliced it instead of replacing it, you cannot get these posts anymore and trust me we tried everywhere! So, it was either do this or replace every post on this 40 ft porch. A lot of work and very expensive. We are replacing the stairs with trex (A composite) decking boards, so the snow and rain doesn't harm it anymore They had to be stained every spring. My dear husband has saved us thousands and thousands of dollars in our married life. So blessed he has those skills.
It will be beautiful when it is done but I am impatient to get it cleaned up and get out there. 
I had an eye appointment today. My prescription changed just a bit, but I want new glasses, I will wait a while before I buy them. 
I am getting new tires tomorrow $$$$. It is always something.
Have a wonderful rest of your week.

Sunday, May 5, 2024

Oh These Old Bones

47 degrees and rain today. 

There are signs that things are coming alive.
The blooms are getting ready to pop any time!
The first church sale of the season was pretty good. These new boots will fit my daughter and for 10.00 a steal!
A few craft supplies for a few dollars
An air fryer that looks like it was never used for 5.00! Now to figure out how to use it! I do have the books that go with it.

The clay leaves I made last week. I painted them and .....
Hung them on my shade pulls.

I finished one of my towels that will cover up my mixer.

I tried avocado toast on whipped ricotta. Just ok maybe I will mash it next try.
Since it is a rainy day and I have been hauling compost, weeding and spreading said compost I thought I would give my poor old bones a rest today. And since I haven't had time to make cookies, I had this dry bar I got in my goodie bag at the hook in in last weekend. Sometimes it is good to have a rainy day now and then. 
Have a great week! 

Wednesday, May 1, 2024

Hello May!

These are true May flowers the little waxy blossoms are very fragrant. They are not easy to find but they grow on a banking on the side of our road. 

I just wished these lasted longer they are so vibrant. 

Tuesday, I headed to Maine to hook with the Wells Me group.
What a fun group they are! And after hooking 9 of us went to the local steak house. (I had lobster pie). They are such a wonderful fun group.  
And they have amazing talent too!!! This woman is matching fabric in her daughter's house.
And Nancy pulled her last loop on this David Galchutt pattern. The large owl in the middle head is 3D this rug is amazing in person!!!! 
And Lorraine is working on this Cushing rug. 

I stayed overnight with my partner in crime. First thing in the morning we had an eagle watching over us. Or more importantly he was looking for breakfast.

I tried my hand at some clay that air dries. After it dries, I will paint some of it. I have a bit of a plan for some of it I will tell you later. 

For some reason this came out pinkish, but it is a white cotton wreath. I got a new light for the middle. 

And a few cute little bees to put on it and now it feels a bit more like spring.

And speaking of spring husband made these bird houses on the garden tools and gave them to my sweet friends. Dayle in Vermont sent a picture of her new tenant. 
Tomorrow is the first church sale of the season. I will not go first thing I will avoid the crowds. I got some nice craft supplies last year at this sale. Then we have a couple vintage fairs to go to not that we need not one thing. But it is fun to look. I have potatoes to plant and to steam and iron my rug. 
Have a wonderful week.