Monday, March 1, 2010

vacation photos

We went to someplace warmer than New England. And look what we found!!! a Crock just laying on the beach. Isn't he awsome???

we had a dinner guest. Do snowy egrets eat burgers?? Well he wanted some and he wanted it now. He would jump at you when you walked by with your tray of goodies.

And of course lots and lots of thrifting. Oh I how I wish we had a big old truck to get everything I wanted home. This is a small sample. I did get lots and lots of clothes. I filled my empty suit case I brought just for that. We went to Goodwills that were 1/2 price all the time. We went to resale shops, we went to them all. we met up with a friend from home that is wintering there and we had a girls day (all three of us named Cathy). We found thrift shops that were having a 1/2 price sale just for a few hours and we walk in just at the announcement!! Was it by accident? I think not!the thrifting gods were with us all the way. Tomorrow sunsets and snakes oh my!

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