Monday, March 29, 2010

bunny, flowers, and a good soak

Did you hug some bunny today? This is a sock bunny made the same way sock monkeys are.
this was a gift from my husband. He had to go away for a weekend when we were first married and he brought me this bunny.
we have been married 34+ years does that make it vintage? Or does it make us vintage? I just love him (the husband and the bunny).
More thrifting things. I am not a big fan of silk flowers they get dusty so fast. And nothing beats the real thing. But this is in a 1/2 bathroom with no window and it needed a little spring. This came from my thrifting this past weekend. The branches are from a small tree in my garden I trimmed and the flowers were 2.50 so springy and cheap.
This is the cottage at the Boston Flower show I just couldn't get enough of. This is the roof! All pink tulips. I think I can really understand Goldie locks now. Seeing that cute little cottage and just wanting to go in.

Doesn't this just make you want to knock on the door and ask for a tour! The colors and textures were so wonderful. Oh and the smell no honey bee could resist.This tub they put in the back with the fox glove blooming and the rose pedals floating on the water. what a perfect picture to hook an rug of? Or better yet to slip into and soak your cares away. It is cold and raining here today and they predict for the next few days. But! Sat up to 80 and sunday 70's We do not get that kind of weather untill July. I am loving it that we can have the egg hunt and family wiffle ball game.
Off to see American Pickers!

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