Sunday, March 28, 2010

busy weekend

Can anyone guess what this is the picture of? It is the highest peak in the northeast.
yep its Mt. Washington it is so beautiful and this picture does nothing for it. I have a point and shoot camera and that is as good as I could get it. but this view is just around the corner from my daughter's house. Well when I get together with my daughter we try to go thrifting if we can and we got to go to one of our favoite places Harvest Hills it's a thrift store that supports an animal shelter. Usually really good stuff. This is a sample of what I got. More to come later.
All easter was 1/2 off so I got the little vintage chicks 3 for .40. Are they vintage if there is a date 1991? I guess it would depend on who you asked. The glass egg is sweet and will go on my mantel.
a fake chocolate bunny and a reproduction easter card but it was .10 so a deal.
The on Sunday My husband took me here! Can you guess? its at sea level not in the mountains.

It's Boston! It is only about 2 hours from us but seems a million miles away in life style.
but the reason for our trip was the Boston flower show.

There were a lot of water features and we took lots of pictures and I had my video camera with me that I put to good use.

this was my favorite garden and I have lots of pictures that I will share later.
It is a true cottage garden. They even built a cottage to go in the display and they planted the roof with tulips very pretty. It gave me the needed boost with all those great smells to wait for spring to really come to N.H.
I did buy myself a little gift it is a bottle that a guy was wrapping wire around and putting a suction cup on. You stick it to your window or mirror and put a few little flowers in.
I chose a Mirror what a way to brush your teeth looking at the bouquet.

It was a busy weekend but good I have a very busy week ahead. I will be getting my antique booth up and going (I hope) so I am off to price more things. Lots more pictures to come.

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Rugs and Pugs said...

Cathy ~
What a fun weekend! I've been a lot of places, but never to Boston. One of these days...{{sigh}}.
Love your little vase!
Have a great week.
Pug hugs :)