Thursday, March 11, 2010


Ok remember my theory??? Well today at the dump I found this webber grill and the charcoal to go with it. Except for being dirty it is in great shape. No rust, nothing broken, and I have the cover to go with it. There were 2 hard plastic chairs that I have plenty of so I decided to not be greedy and leave them for the next person.
I did pick up a 1943 Cherry Ames student nurse book and a gardening book. I bought this same grill last year for (are you ready?) $80.00 oh if I had just waited.
This dump(recycling center) is in a college town. In the spring when the kids are moving out they just dump everything. so really good pickings to come. (Not to bad right now) There was a really cool old door but I couldn't get it into my suv.
I am thinking truck for my next ride.
Oh yesterday was such a bad day for me. First I washed my husbands electroic truck starter. It came out of the washer in 5 pieces. So I put it back together and bought a new battery and It works!!! Only then did I tell him what I did. Our furnace had a water leak I called the repair man. He came with the hard sell for a new furnace. I told him I am waiting to find a new one at the dump! (just kidding) No way this one is good enough it works. Then I work with handicapped adults and I was walking a blind young man down a hill to my car to take him home and I fell flat on my face!! He had my left elbow and let go when I fell. I think he thought I just disappeared.
He started calling my name. That is when you wish the earth would just swallow you up. Lots of people to see me fall! It's ok to laugh I did after the fact with my friends.
Company coming for the weekend off to hoe out the house.

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Reduce, Reuse and Rummage said...

I wish I could come and visit your dump! Our town is very small and they don't have a recycling centre or 'swap shed' at the Dump. Rather, everything just goes in together. It is such a waste of perfectly good things.