Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thrift stores not so thrifty

I thought I would start digging out my easter decortations. This is another rug I hooked. I really like it I think it is fun. The buttons are from my mother's collection. and I have a few pins that I put on. I put this in the fair to be judged and they were not amused. I don't think they like my buttons etc. But I like it and will put it with my other bunny things.
I did get a chance to go to a couple of thrift stores. Now I know that the thrift shops in my area are fund raisers for the food pantry and other needs.
BUT every time I go in I see the prices going up and up. I am finding things that last year would have been 3.00 are now 5.00 or more. Am I the only one seeing this? Is it just supply and demand? That is one of the main reasons I basically stopped going to goodwill.
They have new things and want new prices or their second hand items I could buy the same thing in walmart new for that price. Am I just being grumpy?
So here are a few things that I did pick up. the glass candle holder is hand blown and once I clean it up I can put it on my porch. The little blue plate is hand painted I think it will look nice hanging on the wall. The little bird is hand painted, and the ribbon has paw prints on it. The pig is a bank and I believe it is hand made by one of the students at the college. The buttons were a gift. The lady said that they where her Grammies. I love buttons and will find something wonderful to do with them. Seems like the blogging world is quiet are we all waiting for spring?

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lace & arsenic said...

WOW. u are sooo TALENTED. i love both the projects/hooking u created!..judges are dumb! unique/is where its at! and YEAH for buttons!..