Wednesday, March 17, 2010

the saving o'the green

I had a very productive day. First even though it was my late day to go to work I got up early did laundry, paid bills,unloaded the dish washer,colored my roots, etc. Then I went to the local thrift shop. they had a few pieces of furniture and I liked this piano bench $3.00. I know I can do something creative with it and sell it at my booth.I also got a few small toys for the Easter egg hunt. The little sled is from the dump. I am thinking wreath how about you? And the best thing of all is the 2 cups and the large mug. I am collecting this pottery and my friend saw them and got them for me. I have such good friends!

Then when I got home it was so beautiful out I raked and raked out my gardens. I know they don't look like much right now but wait until you see them in the summer. My husband made all the stone walls. He talked me into a tractor a few years ago so it has made his job easier.
When he is on his tractor and I walk by he sings "She thinks my tractor is sexy"Aaaahhh love is in the air.

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