Tuesday, March 23, 2010

rug hooking and the dump

First I want to welcome my two new followers!! They are rug hookers and if you really don't know what that is please take some time and look at their blogs. They are beautiful.
This is a rug I hooked with mostly wool skirts that I found at thrift stores. I have drifted away from hooking and hope to get back at it really soon. (I certainly have lots of wool for it)
Now I went to the dump today and I know this is not the right season but how could I pass these up?? there are 3 and not broken in any way and a baby blue sled. Do people throw out sleds at the end of the season thinking they could just buy more next year?

See the purple shoe things they are attached to strong rubber bands and when you walk in them it feels like a mini trampoline. I thought the kids at Easter would get some fun from them. The basket, did anyone see Martha's magazine on making the cement planters using old baskets? Well that is on the top of my list to try this year.
The board I thought was a book holder thingy. It has a stand on the back that keeps it on a slant but my book slid off and onto the floor. The return policy at the dump is very good :) so back it goes. Rainy and cold here they are saying some s-n-o-w flurries are possible. Yikes!
To cold and rainy for my surprise but stay tuned.

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