Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Dump finds and my theory

First I want to welcome and thank my 2 new followers! Oh I am busting my buttons with pride!
Now on to the dump finds for the day. Yep that is a blue tooth in the packaging with the cord, directions, and different size earpieces. I do not believe it was ever used. the game Phase 10 is still in the factory shrink wrap. the Susan Branch cookbook is really nice and I love her art work.
There is a shell book and a coffee book 2 of my favorite things. and the I chin book is a Chinese fortune telling book it has the coins you toss to read what is in your future. I figure if I ever need a new career I can tell fortunes on the sidewalk and pick the dumps between customers. Now for my theory. I believe if you want something and can wait for it, it will show up at either at the dump or a thrift store. This has happened to me so many times. I so love free or cheap.
Did anyone see American Pickers last night? They were in my home state and didn't even stop to say hi. (They knew I would not show them my prime picking spots:) I loved that the guy made them have a shot of tequila before picking. AAAhhh the N.H. way!

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