Sunday, November 19, 2023

Thrifting With a Friend

The winter sunrises are starting to be beautiful!

I teamed up with my friend Cathy and we thrifted until we dropped lol. Starting with a pie bird and a tiny angel with a plaid runner all I will use in my Christmas baking and decorating. 

 A pair of vintage spun cotton snow people. 
2.00 yes please!

I had been looking all over for mini cookie cutters no luck.
I walk into a thrift store and voila a brand-new unopened pack of them for 1.00!

I truly will not go into everything I found but this was the topping to it all. These new very large lanterns! I have Christmas plans for these when we have our parties. And believe it or not I also found a brand-new pair of coach driving loafers for my daughter! She was thrilled!

On Thursday husband and I decided to go out and about for the day. We headed to Vermont and King Arthur Flour Co. We had a lovely lunch and shopped a lot! I am all stocked up for holiday baking. 

From there we decided to drive to Woodstock Vermont. It is the loveliest town; I love shopping their Main St. and just looking at the beautiful homes. They also have a Paul Rever bell there!

Ok 3 days of shopping thrifting and lunching and it is time to be home and finish decorating. The other thing my sweet thrifting friend and I did was go tramping through the mud and yuck for the elusive red berries we all love for our Christmas decorating. We filled the back of her Subaru, some for her, some for me, and some for her sister-in-law. If you purchase them, they are crazy expensive. 
This cone is wood and grew on a tree somewhere. I purchased it at an antique store many years ago for 12.00 one of my Favorite purchases. I goes on my door for a lot of different holidays. 

While digging out some Christmas decorations I found this Good House Keeping magazine 1970 I was 13. 

I have laughed so much at this magazine. Some of it does not stand the test of time lol. 
Wonderful men's gifts

And wonderful women's gifts. I especially like the door mat lol. 
I am going to pass it on to my daughter as there are such fun things in there. 

I will end here. As I have said before most every day there are 4 of us who message each other on a group chat. Well one of my sweet friends made bread and you guessed it we all ended up making bread in the next few days lol. This is the no knead recipe and I added a mix of Italian herbs. And I have to say pretty tasty. 
I do want to touch on the New England brown bread. It is a recipe I looked up online it has rye flour, whole wheat flour, corn meal, and molasses and I put in raisins. I do not know if it is eaten outside of New England. My father's mother used it serve it to us and I loved it. It came in a can (you could buy it in the can), and I baked mine in a can. 
Have a wonderful week!


Julia said...

Those red lanterns are perfect to add a special touch to your Christmas decor. I'm trying to remember the name of those beautiful red berries you used on your door. Is it winterberries?

You're spending your retirement effectively. Even though I'm retired, I'm still as busy as ever.

Hugs, Julia

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

What great thrift finds, Cathy, and just in time for holiday baking and decorating. The bread looks great and I will be making a loaf of artisan bread to take to RI for our family Thanksgiving get together, also pumpkin pies and cookies. I also wondered about the name of the red berries, but don't think I will go foraging for any in the nearby woods.

Saundra said...

The snow people's bodies look solid but the arms and trim on hat, etc. look spun cotton, or am I not seeing thing right?
Oh my you hit the lottery with those lanterns and your lucky daughter with the Coach shoes!
It is a hoot to look at some vintage magazine ads for a good laugh.
Bread sound delicious.

Bonnie K said...

Funny, my mom had an electric skillet like the one in the women's gift. I would love to go thrifting. There aren't a lot of stores here. I love your finds, especially the lanterns. Thank you for sharing.

Marie Smith said...

The bread looks great! You found some great items whilst shopping. You have the spirit of the holidays for sure. Enjoy!

hurdla said...

I love thrifting and having a partner in crime is wonderful! I enjoyed your post on the brown bread. When I lived on the farm every Saturday I had two loves, in cans, on the back of our kitchen wood cookstove and a pot of beans in the oven. Tradition at its best. Miss those days!

Deb J. in Utah said...

Wow, you found some great "thrifting treasures." I love thrifting and finding something really cool - like you did! That old magazine from 1970 was fun too. I remember 1970 - was it really that long ago?!? The bread sounds delicious! So glad you had a good week. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! See you again soon!

kathyinozarks said...

Oh Wow I remember those days of spending most of day thrifting-sooo fun. You found some great finds-enjoy I love king arthur flours-when I bake with wheat flours it is all I use.
Happy new week and Thanksgiving

Debbie said...

i have never been to a thrift store but everyone on here does so well at them, i must try one!! i really like the lanterns and would enjoy having those on the hearth of my fireplace.

the bread looks so amazing!!

Salty Pumpkin Studio said...

Wonderful shopping!

A recipe to have, a neighbor bakes the best brown bread with raisins every December. It is a holiday treat I look forward to.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Recently DSO had a bunch of vintage car magazines he was trying to sell. What a hoot to see so many cigarette ads!
You did good thrifting!!! Always fun to come home with stuff whether you need or!

Mary, Windy Meadows Farm said...

Oh Thrifting looks great - and what finds! I'll have to try the brown bread, I've never had it. A trip to King Arthur (sigh), out and about in the beautiful Fall, it looks like a perfect way to spend time...good for you!

Granny Marigold said...

I love all your thrifty finds, especially the red lanterns ❤

That bread looks so good.

yaya said...

Two Cathy's thrifting? Wow, watch out world! If I ever get to your neck of the woods these 2 Cathy' with a K...need to do the thrifting! I loved the catalog. 1970 I was 17..long ago in a galaxy far far away! I think we got that electric skillet in 1974 when we got married. Doesn't seem that long ago. What's 50 years anyway? A lifetime! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Cathy!

Prims By The Water said...

You had a great haul and with a friend makes it even more special.Janice

Marcia said...

How much snow did you get last night? We got about 3-4 inches and now the rain is making it slush.
Was one of your thrift stops the Listen store in Lebanon?
The bread you described is like one I have made called Anadama bread.

acorn hollow said...

No I didn't stop at listen I never find much in there wr got about5 inches and the rain came And made a mess! The big difference is annadama is a yeast bread and baked brown bread has no yeast and it is steamed.
Thanks for the visit.

acorn hollow said...

I think we m8ght of had an avocado green fry pan.
I love thrifting
Thanks for the visit