Wednesday, September 13, 2023

The Spice Of Life

I rearranged my rug hooking room cleaning out etc. and found this cat mat that I am not sure how long ago I started. He is finished now and will go on a table in the spare room. 

And this is why I rearranged and cleaned out. We bought some new chairs and this one was odd chair out. So up the stairs (with a lot of effort I might add) into my rug hooking room. I just love it! so perfect! Now if I could just get husband to bring me food I would never really need to leave. (bathroom round the corner lol)

I am trying to up my cooking skills with more herbs and spices. 
I found a spice mix online as a guide and then I did my own thing. I dried the herbs I had grown and then put them in a grinder and made my own mix with other spices I had in the cupboard.  I have to say what a good mix it is! I have used it on chicken and beef so far. Do you want me to post the mix, or would it bore the heck out of you?

Today is my chicken's actual birthday yes, my daughter the one in the middle. I have no idea just how she got to 40 so fast! 

Happy birthday to one amazing daughter!!!
On another note, we have Verizon for our phones, and we need a signal booster at home because we live in the mountains and the woods and not many towers in our area. Well, the booster went ka-put. I will say the tec took lots of time with me online and we really tried hard to get it going. They could not and those things are expensive! With out that we have no phone service at home. I think the tec felt so bad for us they are shipping us one free of charge!!
Yea Verizon!!!
It has been so hot and muggy I am so over it. Today we are having down pours with expected severe thunderstorms later. It is supposed to be cleaning out this humid air one can hope. I just hate it!
And the hurricane coming will not make landfall here, but it could cause some issues on the coast, and you know I have some very close friends with lovely homes on the coast, so I am thinking of them this weekend. 
Have a great week!


Hill Top Post said...

I love your cozy corner. The chair is perfect! We are having cooler temps this week, which we are enjoying so much, but more 80s and 90s are expected next week. :~/

Boud said...

Definitely post the mix recipe! I've learned some great ideas from other online PWC (People Who Cook). Thank you.

TheCrankyCrow said...

Love your hooking cozy. I've just given up ever getting my space as I can find no one (no, not even to hire) to bring down the cabinets I got for it and without them, things are just a mess of boxes stacked on the floor and along the walls. Being a recluse has its downfalls. Your daughter is so very beautiful. Funny, I was thinking how old my son is the other day and actually had to do the math. Don't know where those years slipped away to. We have cooled WAY down the 50's today...lows in the upper 30's. Eeek. We had a bit of rain on Sunday and some drizzle on Monday, but not enough to make any difference at this point. Yes, yes, do post the mix recipe! ~Robin~

kathyinozarks said...

I love that you have your own craft room-I do to, and my husband has a room just for his interests too. mine is so full though no room for furniture-but your big chair will be so comfy in there.
we are blessed with perfect weather here at the lake-finally cool no humidity-we just love it.
stay safe in the storms hugs from the lake

Rugs and Pugs said...

I did that same applique cat many years ago. It is hanging in my spare bedroom/computer room.
Your hooking room looks so organized. I have been working on mine for weeks and it is still a disaster. Too much wool if there is such a!
Happy birthday to your daughter. Such a great picture.
Phone issues are the worst. Ironic because we just left Verizon yesterday and went with T-Mobile. Living in the city we don't have cell tower issues and our new plan saves me about $40 a month. That is major for me since I just got my prescription coverage price for 2024 and it almost doubled and my dental has gone up significantly, too. Not yet sure about my supplemental or Medicare. Argh. Bidenomics is doing me no favors. I will definitely have significant more expenses in 2024.

Julia said...

Happy Birthday to your lovely daughter. I know, the years slip by so quickly it makes me dizzy.

Your special chair looks so comfortable. Your husband will become lonely and may join you in your hooking room.

Do share the recipe. If you say it's good then it must be good.
We are bracing for bad weather from the hurricane.

Hugs, Julia

Salty Pumpkin Studio said...

Happy 40th Birthday Daughter!

The forties are a beautiful decade.

Your chair look perfect for working, reading snacking and napping.

WoolenSails said...

I have missed a lot, you have been busy. We were planning on going to Maine this week ourselves, but with weather being so iffy, we stayed home. Looks like you had good and bad weather, while up there and the storm is coming up the coast there, so glad we stayed home. Hard to believe our kids are getting that old, lol. That chair is perfect for your room, looks comfy.


Jeanie said...

I'm always game for a recipe! I love that chair and wish I could find one just like it for my house or the cottage. Your rug room lucked out to have the new addition. Hope you keep power and all that during the storm and that your friends and their property stay safe.

Marie Smith said...

It looks like such a cozy chair.

Happy birthday to your young woman!

yaya said...

Happy birthday to your daughter! She's so pretty! I love the pic of you three. With the storms heading to the East coast we've decided to not do our New England trip. I'm really bummed but feel it's the right thing to do. I regret 2, not meeting up with you and 2, no lobster rolls in my future! We will try it in the Spring or early June. We just don't want to try to navigate any damage that will occur if this storm turns crazy. I know it could very well be over by next week but for some reason we feel it's a better thing to be safe than sorry. So now we're looking at Michigan UP...not as exciting but hopefully good anyway! Hang in there with the weather. We had hot and humid too but now it's fallish. 46de to day and tomorrow in the morning! Love every chill of it!

Granny Marigold said...

That comfy-looking chair is perfect for your rug hooking room. It looks like the kind of chair a person could doze off in :)

acorn hollow said...

Funny you should say that the running joke is every time I sit in that chair I fall asleep lol.

acorn hollow said...

Thank you I can't believe how the years slip by

acorn hollow said...

Thank you I can't believe she us 40.
Yes this winter when all the outside chores are done to settle in.

acorn hollow said...

Yesterday was perfect weather. I was tired of the humid weather

Saundra said...

Adorable Cat applique and glad you found it to display. Am sure your grand will want to adopt it.
Just got home from rug camp and haven't even unloaded my suitcase so I'm not very chatty.

Prims By The Water said...

I giggled when I read about your hubby bringing you food. An even greater place to stitch now. Happy Birthday to chicken. :-) Praying the hurricane does not affect your friends on the coast. Janice

Liz Hinds said...

Your daughter certainly doesn't look her age! I've always loved the idea of being a tortoise with my home on my back; it's what makes me hanker for a camper van, so I definitely adore your rug room.

acorn hollow said...

I am sure she will love that you think she looks younger.
I am love with my rug room too