Sunday, September 17, 2023

The Hurrican That Wasn't

Much ado about nothing. Yes, the waves were bigger but no flooding no big winds just nothing. I do not say that about Canada I think they got the brunt of it, and I am so sorry for them. 
Husband had a Dr's appointment in the city. So, I went along for the ride. This is not the greatest part of the city, but this fence is old. 
And lovely but sadly not being up kept that well. I always wonder if those who pass it daily  notices this pretty  fence?

Today after the non-storm (a bit of rain a little wind nothing much)
I headed out into my very neglected gardens, and I pulled weeds for a few hours and cleaned up. This hummingbird was all about my zinnias. He must be getting ready to leave. 

I found this years old farmer's almanac. We hang it in the bathroom and by the time the new one comes out it is well read lol. 
They are predicting a cold snowy winter. The weather man is not we shall see who is right. 
It really is a great book lots of info and recipes. 

I will give you my spice mix but I also wanted to let you know about this powered cheddar. I got mine at king Arthur Flour, but I am sure you can find it other places. This is made with Vermont Cheddar. If you want to make anything cheesy such as baked in breads and biscuits, I made a white sauce and added some of this to it gave it a nice depth. Sprinkle it on popcorn yumm that is just the beginning of ideas. 
Ok my spice mix 
1tsp basil
1tsp rosemary
11/2 tsp oregano
1 tsp of tarragon 
2 tab salt 
1 tab onion powder
1 tab garlic powder
1 tab of thyme 
1 tab of parsley
1 tab of black powder
you can leave out or add to
whatever suites your taste buds.
because I dried a lot of my own herbs, I put it all through the grinder and into an old shaker I had. I have been using this on everything and it is delicious!

My tiny garden that never really got started this year because of all the rain decided I needed zucchini late august early September. 
So, I made sweet zucchini relish. The best sound in the world is when canning and all the tops are popping to seal. 

I also went to our local farmer. He had lots of sweet peppers.
For 5.00 a bag I took some home and roasted them, peeled them and put them in olive oil. I still have more to do but this is a start I think I will end up freezing some of them.

My rhubarb is still growing pretty well so I cut some to freeze. 
I will make strawberry rhubarb pie for the holidays.
I guess that is it for the food part of my blog lol. 

I have been stitching this summer instead of hooking, so I treated myself to a needle minder. The witchy season is just around the corner. 

And speaking of the witchy season. I am going to 
"The Witches of Wells hook in" in October. 
I will be the one with the crystal ball......
Have a wonderful week! 
Go Patriots!!!


kathyinozarks said...

Good evening, good to read the major storm missed your area. Thanks for the recipe, we have been loving the fall temps here this past week-but we are warming back up again this coming week.
We love the Farmer's Almanac too and read it cover to cover, Larry uses the fishing guide too. Many years I would plant our veggie garden by them. This year I got a notice in the mail for a hard cover copy and a free garden calendar so decided to order it since we use the magazine all year long.
Happy new week hugs from the lake Kathy

Mary, Windy Meadows Farm said...

Good news that the storms weren't serious...a big relief I'm sure. And I love the little "ping" of jars sealing, too! I remember counting them with my grandmother. That's what I'll be doing tomorrow - and zucchini relish sounds good!

Marie Smith said...

Glad you didn’t get a visit from Lee. She was easy on us too. I’ll try your spice mix. I have made up some to add some taste to our food. It seems our taste buds got old too.

Saundra said...

I managed to evade Lee even when riding the ferry from Delaware to New Jersey. Glad it didn't disrupt things there for you as well. But sadly not everyone was as lucky. Have you ever had rhubarb soup? While visiting with a friend on an Icelandic fishing ship the chef on the ship served us soup. First time for everything.

Farm Girl said...

I have been watching that Hurricane Lee for two weeks. Its sounds just like the one that was supposed to be here, a little rain, a little wind but really not much else.
I love that powdered cheese you have. How nice to have on the shelf.
It made me chuckle to see that the zuchinni never fails.
You are so right nothing sounds like when the jars seal.
I hope you have a lovely week.

Julia said...

Thanks for the spice mix recipe. I have one that I use for my roasted potatoes but yours has a lot more herbs in it.

My garden has struggled this year too because of the constant rain but I always get more veggies than I can use. I harvested a row of potatoes before the storm but unfortunately, I still have 3/4 of a row to harvest. With all the rain we got with Lee, I'm hoping that they won't rot in storage once they are picked. We usually give them away to the needy.

I'm not sure what kind of winter we will have here in the North East but I've been seeing lots of brown Bear Catepillar without any black stripes on them. What does it mean?

Rugs and Pugs said...

So happy your hurricane wasn't. What a relief.
I'm sure the Witches of Wells hook in will be great fun! Great that you are finding more hook-y things to do ;-)

TheCrankyCrow said...

Thanks for the recipe Cathy! I have all the herbs in my herb patch except the tarragon. I have it in a jar though so will just use that. I'll need to get to drying some of the herbs - although it may be too late already for the was seeding out a while ago already. It had been so hot I just didn't really even think about it, and now it's fall. Boom, just like that. I'm glad the non-hurricane spared you damage. Love the fence. I always wanted a big fence all around our property...well, at least on 3 sides.... At first I wanted a stone fence, but decided that that decidedly nutty...there likely aren't enough rocks in Nod for that. But even the idea of a metal fence is laughable I suppose given the size. And I can't image the upkeep of weedwhacking it LOL or keeping it protected from overbearing snowbanks on the road side. Anyways, fun to dream. ~Robin~

Hena Tayeb said...

You got a good haul. Good to hear you didn't get hit with a hurricane.

Prims By The Water said...

What a cute needle minder. Yes Nova Scotia got the brunt of the hurricane. The pop sound when canning is the best sound for sure. That fence is amazing and a shame it is not being cared for. Cannot wait to see you latest project. Janice

yaya said...

You probably think I'm crazy to cancel our trip to Salem and Maine. We're going to go in June next year and I can't explain why I feel like it was the right decision. I'm bummed that our plans have changed but we're going to do a trip up to Michigan instead. I'm glad the hurricane was a bust and no damage or hurt folks! I hope we can meet up in June! Fingers crossed!

WoolenSails said...

We got a bit of wind and rain, but glad it didn't do as much damage. I did notice some changes to our beach areas, especially the ones with cliffs, more damage there with more rocks falling and some moving to new areas. I was hoping to can this year, but my garden did not produce much this year. Seems a lot in our area had the same bad harvest.


Granny Marigold said...

I'm glad you were not greatly affected by the storm. Eastern Canada got hit pretty hard but here on the west coast we didn't feel a thing. In fact we're having quite a lovely Fall.

Jeanie said...

I'm copying down your spice mix. It sounds wonderful and so useful. Three cheers for having the storm miss you. Even though you were inland, I was a little worried!

Salty Pumpkin Studio said...

Thank you for the spice mix list
and, the needle minder! It is nice the storm didn't reach that far inland.

They are amazing. This is the first time I recall ever seeing or reading of them. Using a needle minder will change my life. Silly to be excited, but I hand sew, and lose needles all the time.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Glad that Hurricane Lee bypassed your area and there were no hurricane-related issues here in Nashua, NH, as well. I enjoy making my own spice mixes and have several small bottles for chicken and pork. Thanks for listing the ingredients in yours, Cathy. What do you use this one on?

acorn hollow said...

When the sun shines it is beautiful but we have had so much rain this year.

acorn hollow said...

Glad I could help. I love the bits and bobs of any craft. This 8dea is a good one.