Sunday, September 3, 2023

Sand In My Sneakers

My daughter turns the big 4-0 this year! 
My Son in law gave her an early surprise party at the local country club. This is the view on their deck. (also, a golf course)

I am not quite sure how she could possibly be turning 40 when I don't think I feel much older than that lol. She had quite a gathering of friends and family and it was a pure surprise! 

A few days later we headed for the beach in Maine. We stayed in David's cousin's cottage. I walked the beach most mornings. 

Saw the surfers getting in some early runs. There were red flag warnings on one day. Bad undertow and blue flag another day. Dangerous marine animals. (I saw one jelly fish.) 

I walked to the jetty and back I do think it is about 2 miles round trip. I saw so many people running and walking on the beach with ear buds in their ears? Didn't they pay good money to come to the beach? why not listen to the surf and the birds?? I just don't understand it. 
Last post I described these as sea roses nope they are beach roses. And they are all over the coast. 

One evening while we were there, we headed to Bently's for the car show and what a show it was! 

Shiny like right off the showroom floor!

Husband loved it!

They had old fire trucks too.

This is husband's cousin and my partner in crime at rug hooking retreats. She recognized this guy he is one of three guys that have been to every Super Bowl! He is well into his 80's and hopes to make one more. There have been 56 Super Bowl's! Yes, football already lol. 

While we were there the super moon happened! I did not get a good picture of it, but it was bright orange and behind some clouds when it first came up. 

It was so beautiful to be at the beach to see it rise. The tide was coming in, so it caused some very high tides but no flooding.
We saw longtime friends and lots of family that we don't get to see very often. We ate until we couldn't eat anymore and had some wonderful cocktails. But all good things must come to an end, and we headed home Saturday. But this Friday we are headed back to our friend's cottage down the road from Donna's for a day or two. 
How amazingly lucky are we???

We lost an American icon Jimmy Buffett! 
We have spent hours listening to his music. His music gives you pure joy and makes you recall wonderful memories of past vacations. 
I do hope he has a margarita in one hand and has found his lost shaker of salt. 
Have a wonderful week. 
The weather has been perfect, and the trees are starting to turn. 
I do hope this weather lasts a very long time. 


Marie Smith said...

Our daughter is 43 this year. I cannot believe it either. Happy birthday to your young woman!

Prims By The Water said...

Happy birthday to your daughter. Lovely photos of the beach. I saw the blue moon and it was bright. Cannot wait for the Halloween moon. Janice

Rugs and Pugs said...

Your moon and beach pictures are beautiful!
Happy birthday to dear daughter.
You sure are not letting any moss grown under your feet. Retirement suits you!

Deb J. in Utah said...

Wow, what a great getaway in a beautiful place! Happy birthday to your daughter. My 2nd oldest daughter turned 39 on Friday. Like you, I don't feel old enough to have "middle-aged" children. I am glad that you had such a nice end-of-summer vacation. I have always wanted to visit the coast of Maine. Have a great Labor Day. See you again soon!

Julia said...

You sure have been busy having fun and relaxing this summer and more fun to come. Sadly it all works and no play for me this summer.

Happy Belated Birthday to your daughter. I love your moon pictures, especially the one with the clouds.


Mary, Windy Meadows Farm said...

Oh I would loved to have seen the super blue moon from the beach...that must have been amazing. Thanks for sharing it with all of sounds like there's been lots of fun and celebrating...good!

Granny Marigold said...

Lovely pictures. That sunset could be a calendar photo! I didn't see the moon in the evening but early the next morning I looked out the bathroom window and there it was in all its glory.
Looks like you have more good times ahead. Enjoy!!

The Happy Whisk said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter. It's funny how times goes by and yet, I don't feel any older than the day before. I love that!

acorn hollow said...

Good luck on the house hunt. I have a couple of bananas that need to be frozen or something.

acorn hollow said...

It sure was spectacular as it rose over the ocean.

yaya said...

Happy birthday to your daughter! My #2 son turned 46 today and I can't believe that! Yes, we still feel 30 in our brains but my body hasn't gotten the memo! What great pics and what a lovely area. I'm looking forward to my first trip to Maine in 2 weeks. I hope to see lots of pretty scenes and maybe even you! Have a good week Cathy! I'm involved in too many home projects right now and feeling a bit overwhelmed!

TheCrankyCrow said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter. Miss B looks so grown-up in that photo! Oh the places you are going and the sights you are seeing! I agree about the ear buds. Yikes. I can't get enough of the sound of waves breaking against the shore. The moon photos are wonderful...there is something so magical about the moon rising over water. ~Robin~

Salty Pumpkin Studio said...

Happy 40th Birthday!🥳🎂

Beautiful photos, the huge truck wheel belongs framed on the wall.

Hena Tayeb said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter.
Love all your pictures.. looks like you had a splendid time.
Gorgeous moon pictures.

hurdla said...

Wonderful beach time away! One thing about those beach roses is the fragrance, wow, nothing quite as nice. But those little thorny pickers, well, not so nice! Lol! Enjoy the season. It seems to be flying by and unpredictable here in NH.