Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Happy Imbolc

Imbolc is the celebration of Brigid the Celtic goddess of fire and fertility. Imbolc is the halfway point between winter solstice and spring. A celebration of light. And I am all for going back to longer days. 

Witch progress slow but sure. 

I thought I would also post a few pictures of my little studio aka the spare bedroom. I just swapped the chair out to a more comfortable rocker.

A portion of my cork board that I hang some of my rugs on. I do rotate them now and then.

I have all the comforts of home in this little room. I am always so happy when I have time to spend in here. 
So thankful husband was able to redo this room for just me a few years ago.
We are going into some very very very cold weather. By the time I go to work on Sat morning it should be minus 18 with 40 mph wind.
Husband thinks there should be a cold day called. (Not just a snow day) They are talking about power outages with the wind. So tonight, I am very thankful for the generator outside and the woodstove that is happily humming along in the basement. 
Stay Cozy 


Deb J. in Utah said...

Hi, It's been bitter cold here too and finally warmed up just a bit today. I love your fun and cozy spare bedroom studio. I had never heard of Imbolc, so I learned something in my visit here today. Stay warm in that brutal cold. See you again soon!

Saundra said...

What a HAPPY room you have to escape and enjoy when home. Enjoyed your rug on the wall but wonder what else was on the right side of that wall we didn't see.

Hill Top Post said...

It’s good to know we are half the way to spring, but I am just not quite ready to put the lazy days of winter away. I loved the studio tour. What a wonderful room.

kathyinozarks said...

You must be getting the bitter cold wave that we have had for a week now. stay safe out there. I sooo miss a working woodstove-we hope to find someone this year to help fix ours here at the lake-the former owner had a major chimney fire in it.
I loved seeing your own craft room-I love having my own room too. I have mine and Larry has his own room too in the house-really nice to have.
Your hooked rug is getting closer to the finish.
stay warm in the cold-they called a cold day here on Monday as we were bitter cold with ice everywhere-not safe to be on the roads-Missouri is good about closing things to keep people safer
hugs from the lake

Jeanie said...

I love seeing your work room. Isn't it fun to have a room of one's own? And I'm in agreement about "Cold Day." We're into that period here, too. I don't know imbolc but I'm all for it. The other night I noticed it was still quite light at 6 and it seemed like a promising sign!

JustGail said...

DH came upstairs and said the compressor on the furnace isn't running. Hopefully the repair guy can get it going before the temperatures really dive tonight/tomorrow. If not, at least it has a backup electric heating system.

You have a nice room set up. I like the peg board under the window and that you have 4(?) cutters always out and ready to go. I do like that wool holder rack by the chair, but confess the first thing I thought of was that cats would love it too. Even though we haven't had indoor cats for a few years now.

Julia said...

February started with a very cold day as opposed to January. I'm glad we have two wood stoves to keep our house toasty warm. I don't like the mess wood makes but it's a small price to pay for all the electricity we save, as we have three floors to heat.

Your hooking room is looking inviting and spacious. It looks like you won't run out of wool for a very long time. I have a little studio upstairs where I keep my sewing, rug hooking, dyeing, knitting, crocheting, quilting, cross-stitching, and bear-making material.
I haven't been productive lately but I occasionally retreat in that room.

I never heard of Imbulc but I'm counting the days to spring. 46 more days to spring.

Stay warm and well, hugs.


Rugs and Pugs said...

I had forgotten how large the witch pattern is. You and your large rugs ;-)
Happy to read we are on the downside of Imbolc. Never heard of that.
Your hooking room is lovely. I wish mine looked that good. I was cleaning mine again today. Trouble is, it NEVER stays that way.
So when do you leave to head south for vacation? And how many more working days?
Stay safe and warm this weekend.

Chatty Crone said...

Isn't having your own room wonderful? Then you can fix it up any way you want and do what you want when you want.

Prims By The Water said...

Has it been a few years ago already Seem like just yesterday when hubby was working on your happy place. We are in for some cold temps, but I fear you will be colder than us. I am calling it penguin weather now. Janice

TheCrankyCrow said...

Happy Imbolc to you...(even though spring here doesn't follow the calendar). I think this was the first year that Ireland actually celebrated the feast of Saint Brigid as a national holiday. It's about time I say. Your witch is looking fabulous - that bittersweet border really is the crowning touch. Aren't you glad you changed it? And, yes, your hooking retreat is wonderful. I don't think I can ever aspire to that. Stay warm my are even colder than we are. We had windchills in the -30's yesterday and the day before I believe, but today -20's...and they are saying it will break by the end of the weekend and then double digit temps ABOVE 0. YIPPPPEEEE! ~Robin~

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

We also have the bitter cold temps this weekend, here in nashua, NH, and are also thankful for no power outages. Thank goodness we have a supply of blankets, sweatshirts and wool socks in the event that should happen. You studio looks very comfortable. Stay warm and a closed due to the for cold day is a good idea.

yaya said...

Cathy, First I have to say a huge THANK YOU!! I received a lovely package in the mail this morning that made me smile ear to ear...and I have a big mouth so that's a lot of smiling! I love the adorable hot pads! That was so sweet and a wonderful example of your talent! That towel says Whispering Pines with that picture on it! Perfect! I even think that note card was so pretty that I put it on my kitchen fireplace mantel! Thanks for the postcard pic also of your sweet town. I will visit there one day! You're way too sweet and I hope that bitter cold eases up soon. We were very cold yesterday but it's slowly warming up and we will hit the 50's next week. I'm sending that to you! So again, thanks so much and I hope your weekend goes good. Our woodstove is humming along too so I guess we'll both be cozy!

Dicky Bird said...

Oh my, your work space is amazing. I would love to work in there as well.

Dicky Bird said...

Oh my, your work space is amazing. I would love to work in there as well.

Donna said...

I love how your witch is coming along. She is so cute. Be still my heart . You have the best spot ever in that hooking room. I even zoomed in so as not to miss anything! And look at all those cutters. Are you collecting them?
Miss you Roomie...hugs, Donna

Lady Locust said...

Glad you are warm and cozy and those "special" rooms are just so welcoming aren't they? 💕