Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Rug School part 2

Rug name Halloween
hooked by Dawn Hebert 
The witch and the moon are wonderful!! love his eyes peeking around her

Hooked by Laura Hubbard 

Hooked by Pam Bartlett
our school director 

I can not see the tag so no information 

Winnie The Pooh rug 
Hooked by Laura Hubbard

This is a bit blurry but it has lots of bead embellishments
Peg Santora hooked it. 

I did not get a good picture of the tag.

again not a good picture of the tag for information

No info but I love the numbers across his chest and the witch on his hat!

Wonderful shading 

I did not get the colors in this rug.
they were bright and spectacular! 
hooked by Peg Santora it has no pattern name listed

Diana Proctor hooked this and again very bright color. 

Sue Peasley hooked this no pattern name.
Amazing job

Pattern name Heritage 
hooked by Benita Waitford Raleyh 

I still have at least one more post of rugs so much talent in that room.
We are having a north-easter lots of rain and wind. Does not include snow like in the winter. So I am staying tucked in I will make bread and quiche today for dinner and maybe I will get some time to hook. 
Have a great day!!! 


Saundra said...

Thanks for the eye candy. Year the nor'easter is among us in Delaware too. I hooked Heritage too and will send you a photo.

yaya said...

I missed your previous post so I have to comment on that one first..love your hat! How fun! Your area is so pretty and I do love a good mystery that involves pumpkins! Pretty clever who ever gets those up there. Those rugs are amazing. Of course I love the Halloween one but the others are stunning. I admire such talent. I hope you are OK with that nasty weather. My son who lives in California is with us so he's missing that crazy Cyclone bomb that is causing all the bad weather across the country. Our state is getting rain but nothing horrid. Our trees are finally looking like fall and I'm loving it. Have a good rest of your week!

Beside a babbling brook... said...

Those are FANTASTIC!!!

Works of Art...

We are on the "western" edge of the Nor'easter, in NYS. Perfect weather to prepare us for November! -grin-

🎃 👻 🍬 🎃 👻 🍬 🎃

Olde Dame Holly said...

Stay safe and cozy! I hope you get time to hook, too. What incredible rugs. The artistry is mind-boggling.

Julia said...

Thanks for the rug show, Cathy. Those rugs are quite detailed, especially the Winnie The Pooh rug. It looks quite large. I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of the rugs.
We'll probably get the same weather as you.

Stay safe and warm
Hugs, Julia

Rugs and Pugs said...

So many amazing rugs. Crazy talented hookers. Love the Halloween rug...and Winnie the Pooh is spectacular.
Stay warm ;-)

TheCrankyCrow said...

Wow, Wow...and more Wow!! These are incredible! The amount of detail in some/most of them is absolutely stunning...I was just going to start to say which ones, but there are just too many... My rugs are definitely "primitive," naive, and simplistic compared to any of these. Thanks, again, for taking the time to photograph them and share them with those of us who can only enjoy vicariously. ~Robin~

Dicky Bird said...

Oh my goodness, those ALL are amazing!! The details, look like paintings. I appreciate your sharing these with us.

Hill Top Post said...

Like anyone who loves what they do, there's always time for their work! Happy hooking! You are hanging out with some pretty amazing artists.

Prims By The Water said...

Hopefully the nor easter did not wreck too much havoc. So many talented folks out there and those rugs are amazing! Janice

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

What great run patterns and the first one, Halloween, is perfect for this weekend! Hope you did not have any consequences from this week's nor'easter. All was well here in Nashua, NH, just a lot of the mill building creaking with overnight winds. And, today it is dreary and rainy again but not windy.