Sunday, October 17, 2021

Good news all around

Last week I told you about going to the fair. Well I bought some dyer balls made from llama wool. I tried them today they dried each load about 10 minutes less so with a the Electricity going up that is a big savings.

We also bought raw honey from a local beekeeper. 
We drink camomile tea most nights and have just a smidge of honey in it.

We were on the road for our 2 plus hour ride to Boston at 4:15AM..
Yes we take the first appointment and go in, in rush hour traffic. You have not lived until you drive in Boston rush hour traffic yikes! It was dark and foggy most of the way. But the news was great!
It will be 10 years since Husband's transplant in early Nov. His amazing young Dr said you know I don't have many in the 10 plus club. We feel so blessed to have found him, and all those that came together to make a miracle for us.
And speaking of 10 years that is most of our Sweet B's  life. 
She has an interest in hooking and did a good job. She has a busy life and we decided that she would hook when she is here with me so I can help her. 

We also had time to do one of the little kits I got at a yard sale a couple of weeks ago. He came out cute and I love she gave him glasses like her.
In the past couple of weeks I have been getting the gardens ready for winter. I have a compost barrel, I opened it up to spread it on my garden, so I could plant some garlic. I see 6 pair of eyes looking at me! yikes! I just do not want them to jump on me! They thought they found a nice cozy place for the winter. I have no idea how they lived through the couple of good turns I gave the barrel. I screamed and jumped away,  husband came to help get them all out and on their way. 
I got the garlic planted and planted 60 daffodil bulbs on our hill. In the spring the hill should look pretty good if they all come up. In addition to the ones I planted a couple of years ago.

Our weather has changed we are cooler and it is a bit more breezy. So the leaves are slowly falling.( this is the stone wall that is around the little cemetary on my walk)

I made a chicken stew today and it came out pretty good if I do say so myself. There are leftovers thank goodness, it is a busy week. Husband shoots pool twice this week and 
I am headed to a three day rug camp, it is close by so I am commuting. I am so looking forward to working with a teacher. 
Have a wonderful week!!


Julia said...

Wow! As it really been 10 years already? The doctor seems very encouraging. I hate driving in heavy traffic anywhere, even in our own city, especially around traffic circles.

I can't wait to see what Miss B. is hooking. She will be so proud of herself. Cute little pilgrim for Thanksgiving. Mice in the compost, Yikes! I have no love for those little critters. I usually catch a few when they come in, in the fall when my husband leaves the basement door open, even for a short time. The soup looks delicious.

Enjoy your rug hooking lessons.

Saundra said...

Congratulations to God, the Doctor and your husband for the 10 years survival of transplant. Looking forward to your rug camp photos as much as you are looking forward to the event.

Nellie said...

This is a lot of great news! Amazing that your husband has done so beautifully! Glad he was able to help with the relocation of the compost barrel guests! I have procrastinated and haven’t set out any bulbs. Perhaps I will take the time for that this week. Enjoy your activities in the days ahead!

Deb said...

Have a good week. So glad that your husband had good news from the doctor. See you again soon!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Your visit to Boston is the best news ever!!! So good to read. I find it hard to believe it has been ten years.
What fun to see Miss B hooking...and a little southpaw.
The weather is changing much too quickly. We went from almost too warm to downright chilly in about a nanosecond.

Olde Dame Holly said...

Lots of wonderful news in your post! But I cannot imagine at all driving in East Coast traffic, and the WEATHER on top of it. When we lived in DC it took years off my life. The driving was horrendous. But wonderful news from your hubby's doctor. Your pilgrim came out very cute, and the cutest pic of all, even cuter than the mouse, is your Sweet B learning to hook! But the poor mice! Hickory Dickory Deep, the mice ran up the heap! They still have time to find another hidey-hole!

TheCrankyCrow said...

Yay on the clean bill of health for your husband! you know from my previous comments that I LOVE that old cemetery...and from a different comment on a different post that I LOVE old stone walls...and now you're telling me that THAT cemetery has a STONE WALL???? Gaaah!!! You're killing me LOL. Love that Miss B is taking an interest in hooking (and, I spy a Bee that she is hooking??) It reminds me when my son was about Miss B's age and wanted to learn to I got him a simple pattern and for a while, thought I created a monster. One morning I came down the stairs at 1 in the morning thinking I had left a light on...Nope - there he was hooking! He would, of course, never own up to it these days LOL. Have a great time at camp! (Seems like I just said that ha ha....) ~Robin~

Beside a babbling brook... said...

Wonderful post!!!

10 years! I am so happy for both of you.

What are those things, mice????? Eeeeeek!!!!



Prims By The Water said...

Wowzers...lots going on in your family lately. SO gld hubby made it to 10. I wish my granddaughter would want to learn anything I do. Oh well. I still love her anyways and will be going to her band performance tomorrow ight. She plays the trombone. Janice

yaya said...

How wonderful for that good Dr. visit! I don't know what kind of transplant he had but it's a true blessing for 10 years more of a healthy life. Miss B will one day be going to your rug hooking retreats with you! Wouldn't that be fun? Our weather has cooled to Fall temps and isn't it just the best time for walking? Especially when your walk passes a beautiful stone wall! My son was splitting wood for us and a chubby little mouse was kicked out of its hiding place! Have a fun rug camp!

Dicky Bird said...

Congratulations to him on the good report from the doctor! A 3 day rug class, I'm jealous! I have to plant my garlic yet. One of my clients told me she always plants her garlic on Halloween. I thought it would be fun to wait till then this year. We've had a mild fall here so far. Not too much color on the trees, but warm for a few more days. Have a great week.

Hill Top Post said...

That’s great news from your hubby’s doctor. That was certainly worth driving to Boston to hear! (Even though I can’t imagine!) I love that you are teaching your Sweet B to hook. Some day soon she may join you on one of your retreats.