Monday, October 11, 2021


You are going to get so sick of my fall pictures. But here goes anyway. This is the very old stone wall that runs the length of our property.


The amazing little brook you have seen so many times.

Not sure how good this picture is, but it is amazing to see a tree not turned at all with one blazing orange behind it.

The road I walk every day. It was so quiet you could hear the leaves hitting other leaves as it headed to the ground. I have lived in Maine or NH all these years and fall still astounds me.

It has been the year of the mushroom. Lots and lots of them everywhere.


This is our wood pile just waiting to be brought in to heat the house this winter. I am very thankful for this wood (that we cut from our land)this year. Prices keep going up and up. In the past two weeks gas has gone up 12 cents a gallon. I have no idea about heating oil I haven't bought any this year yet.


While fall is in full swing my roses are still going strong since early this spring. when I was a little girl and I would come in the house from playing outside, my hair everywhere my dad would call me the last rose of summer. I never looked this good lol.

It's fall! that means soup, I made homemade french onion soup. It came out so good! I froze some for later and left at least another serving for each of us this week. 

We headed to the old country fair in our area. We went late afternoon on the last day to avoid the crowds. We only needed an hour to walk around and eat something, so perfect. I went into the art building not one rug!!! But this woolen quilt won best in show. It is all applique and just beautiful,

I finished hooking my acorn fairy. Now to steam and bind. 

I have pulled a couple of loops on this one. I am anxious to start it.

But next week I am going to rug school and working with a teacher on a fish rug. I do not want too many things going at once.
I need to control myself,I just keep buying wool, and patterns!
My new wool this week. Husband always say if you want it buy it we are on a one way track here. Yikes!

We took Sweet B for her riding lesson on Friday. She is in complete love with riding and is doing great. This horse (Esme) flew from the Netherlands with it's owner to immigrate here 8 years ago, amazing right?

After riding and few other stops we headed back to Sweet B's house and went on a walk to the river near her house. 

Where we found this, pretty much sums up our day with Sweet B. We loved every minute of it!

So I will leave you with this. This is the road home from the fair.
It was starting to get dark but if you click on the picture you can see the colors. 
We are off to Boston tomorrow for husband's annual exam. 
We did zoom last year (which I loved) but not allowed to this year.
Have a wonderful week!


Olde Dame Holly said...

Now that is a post that is chock-full of goodness and beauty! I had to scroll up and down to really take in all the news and the sights.I will NEVER get tired of seeing the beauty of your area, your little brook, the byways you like, all of it! The woolen applique quilt at the fair is just gorgeous, and your acorn fairy is so fun. You got that finished up quickly. Gosh, I'm amazed that the horse got to immigrate along with the Dutch owner! A Dutch horse, amazing! Better traveled than I am! Have a wonderful week and thank you for sharing all the news!

Saundra said...

Is that stone wall the line of your property? I too have noticed the difference in fall colors and that (as you know) depends on the amount of sun the leaves get and the type of tree. And those variances of colors is a beautiful work of God's art.
I've also made some soup recently after opening up a container of frozen soup from another recipe. YUP! It is definitely soup time.
Love your new pattern which I guess is "Christmas FOX?????

TheCrankyCrow said...

I could never EVER tire of fall photos!! I believe it is God's most beautiful season. It would actually be perfect except for what comes after it. How I love stone walls. I have always fantasized about having one built, but not only would it not be feasible given our property, it just wouldn't be the same as the good old ones. There are a few I have driven by and I seriously could cause an accident I think by my gawking LOL. Your soup looks delicious...another one of fall's assets: it's soup season! Do you have a specific recipe you use? Your Acorn Angel turned out wonderful! How perfect given your blog name. And I also love your Christmas fox... It will be fun to watch this one progress. ~Robin~ (Your roses are beautiful! Are those the fairy roses?? The plants look so incredibly healthy - especially for this time of year. So glossy and no bugs or fungus... you must have a gift...)

Julia said...

Fall is a pretty amazing season and so pretty to the eyes. It always takes my breath away seeing all the fall colors of the leaves when I go for a car ride.

You have a lot going on with your rugs and your outings. The onion soup looks yummy and Miss B. looks very comfortable with her horse. I hope that your husband get a good report on his health check.

Enjoy the beautiful weather.
Hugs, Julia

Rugs and Pugs said...

I never tire of seeing your beautiful pictures and I don't ever recall seeing that amazing stone wall.
Acorn Fairy turned out great.
Wool and's our addiction...and it could be much!

Dicky Bird said...

Nice fall pictures! Wow the wool applique' - and I get the "keep buying wool" LOL

Beside a babbling brook... said...

Any and all Autumn photos are lovely!

Lovely about your Grand and her love of horses too.

Best of luck with the exam. And with driving into Boston. Yish....


Nellie said...

Oh, I would never tire of your fall pictures! There is nothing better than New England in the fall! I am amazed that horses are transported across the ocean! That has to be a very scary experience for them. Hoping all checked out well with your husband!

yaya said...

I will echo the other comments here...Love any and all Fall photos! Your area is so beautiful and I'm hoping next year will find us out in that area for leaf peeping. It's on my bucket list! In the mean time I'll enjoy your pics. Miss B looks like she's found her happy place! You need to enter your rugs in that county fair...They would win! Happy thoughts for a good health checkup!

Prims By The Water said...

I love seeing the wonderful Autumn pics! I did hear fuel oil for heat and natural gas will all be going up. Hope hubbys exam went well. Miss B sure is in her element on the horse. Janice