Wednesday, October 20, 2021


Sat was the annual family Halloween. So fun! there were carnival games and a bouncy house for the kids. Everyone was dressed up and the weather could not have been better!

Ok now to Rug School! I have a lot to post so I am going to do it a bit at a time. I had Kathy Spellacy as my teacher. I could not say enough good things about her!!! Just fabulous!
I have had this very large fish pattern for years, so now was the time. 

Kathy gave great suggestions and so much help. She believes in color planning as you go. A woman after my own heart! I wanted to go outside my comfort zone with color. 

So glad I did! I learned so much every day. I have not worked with many teachers and it has been 15 years since I worked with anyone. I I did not know what I didn't know!!!! 
I was able to commute to this rug school so the feel was very different but made the price very reasonable. I will look for more instruction and I do hope to get to work with Kathy a lot more. 
The work that was shown there was awe inspiring I will show more very soon! 


Saundra said...

Fish is looking great. There is a rug camp I attend which is just an hour ride from my house and it would be an easy commute....BUT, I choose to stay at the camp rather than have 2 hours of travel per day and coming home to cook, make a bed, etc. I'm not destitute YET, but things are looking desperate with the increase of gas, food, and the political situation so who knows what I'll do in the future. Perhaps not even go to a camp at all because of the cost of gas.

Rugs and Pugs said...

So happy you got to celebrate your family Halloween. FUN!
You made great progress on your rug. Wonderful colors.
I look forward to seeing more of your class.

yaya said...

Don't you just love those family gatherings and when it's Halloween we can all act like kiddos! Ours is this Saturday but it will be low key this year since Jack is still recovering and I'm not up to all the work involved. We will still have fun and even a few surprises! Yours looks like it was a blast! Your hooking is lovely. I'm glad you were able to go and get instruction and inspired. Take care Cathy!

Julia said...

Wow, the Family Halloween must have been extra special. I love the costumes.
It looks like a large gathering.

Your fish rug looks amazing. I've only had one rug hooking teacher, also and I'm a kind of do-it-yourself type of person. Always was too busy to attend classes.
I'm looking forward to seeing the fish rug completed.

Take care,
Hugs, Julia

TheCrankyCrow said...

Well, while that may not sound or smell fishy, it certainly is LOOKING very fishy!! You are making tremendous progress... and very artistically realistic. It somewhat reminds me of our rainbow trout. Your Halloween celebration sounds like it was all kinds of wonderful. Love the photo! Precious memories for generations to come. Looking forward to seeing more photos from camp. ~Robin~

Deb said...

Beautiful! You have done awesome work on this! Thanks for sharing.

Hill Top Post said...

"I didn't know what I didn't know." I will remember that one! Lots of great colors here. I look forward to seeing more. Also, what fun that the family could get together again.

Beside a babbling brook... said...

A Family Halloween event!!!!

What a super idea!!!!!

"Let's go Brandon"
🍁 🌰 🌻 🍂 🍁 🌰 🌻 🍂 🍁

Prims By The Water said...

So glad your family Halloween was a go this year. Everyone looks spooktacular. Also love your fish rug and the colors are outof your comfort zone. Janice