Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sweet Tea and Peonies

The pickings at the thrift store were a bit thin today. I got the chopper to resell in my booth. I made sweet tea from tea bags for the first time it came out really good. Now all of you southern ladies can make it with one hand tied to your apron stings. It was always cloudy and you could chew the sugar.
So I googled the recipe.It came out so nice and clear. I made a simple syrup to sweeten it. and big chunks of lemon yummmm! The best part is it cost pennies! My peonies are blooming, I love the smell so I floated one in a bowl that is on the famous squirrel, when the breeze comes in the window the whole room smells wonderful.


Bringing Pretty Back said...

Love that flower in the bowl! I 've never made sweet tea or had real sweet tea in my life, unless you count instant lipton and throw in some sugar, stir and enjoy.
Loved your comment on my blog~ THANK YOU! That's so true, the old movies the ladies were always done up and so classy... now look at us.
Have a pretty night,

lace & arsenic said...

...quinn is over for a couple days, my peonies are in full bloom, their perfume filling the air! (well, thats an she cant help but stop by everytime she walks out, to get a close up sniff!..i kno they have peony perfume, but, its never the same!...LOVE what u did w/the always in confusion, on what to do w/ them so much to view in the garden/and want them inside w/me too!...i need more! lol...x0x0x0