Sunday, June 20, 2010

Busy Weekend

Friday night we took the old fashion steam engine train into the Weirs Beach Bike rally. I had never been in all the years we have lived here. It is a little to busy for me. I don't like big crowds.
One of the girls working on the train told us that 5 people had been "mooning" the train all day.
Not ones to miss a good "moon" my husband and I are at the ready. Well the "mooners" where not there but we did see some beautiful scenery. The train goes around the lake to get to the Weirs which is on the lake.
There were a lot of bikers but nothing like other years. I guess the economy is hitting everything.This is just one little section of the Weirs.
Saturday I stayed home all day and finished up some lingering craft projects. This green house was a kit I got at a church sale a while ago. It is from Ikea. I painted it in old green and it came out kinda cute.

This is a before picture. I got the cheese holder at the dump and the two candle holders?? at a thrift store for .25. .

I painted and sanded and got this. I am on the look out for another cheese holder to make the smaller one.

On Saturday night my friend Tricia and I went to an auction. This was her first time and she took it all in. She is going back in a couple of weeks armed with all this new found knowledge. Look out other auction goers! I will show you what I got soon, most are projects in waiting.
Today for Father's day we went to Portland Maine with my daughter and her husband. We shopped around, had some munchies, and called it a day. My daughter and I talked about how now things that are regular priced seem so expensive to us. Shopping at thrift stores has made us very cheap. Tricia and I had this same conversation not so long ago.
This is what I wore today, the plaid Bermuda shorts, green blouse, green sandals, and the bracelet. Total price less than $10.00. I got a compliment from a street vendor and had to bite my tongue to keep from telling her just how much it cost me. But I said thank you and went on my way.
I haven't hooked much as I am reading The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. It is translated from Swedish and it is a hard read for me. But I am finally getting to the good parts.
I am reading this on recommendation of another book store worker. I am a fluff reader, I read to relax and escape. My recommendation would be read Janet Evanovich by the numbers series.
You will laugh out loud. Her next book comes out 6/22 I can't wait to get my hands on it.
I want to thank two amazing women Tricia and Lisa that I have had the pleasure to meet in the past year. They are kind, sweet, funny and generous. From veggie lasagna (it was amazing) to a sewing machine for my daughter and much more in between. They make my days at work so much better. I am truly grateful for both of them.
Have a great week everyone.


lace & arsenic said...

...awwwwww...i love u cathy!..x0x0x0..(and im SO jealous u guys went to the auction! altho, if i went, dave would have tagged along, and it wouldnt of been fun. LOL)...x0x0x0

One Cheap B*tch said...

You got some great finds this weekend! And how sweet are you offering the sheet music!