Sunday, June 13, 2010

We Have News!

my husband and I were taking a ride this morning and look who we met. Yep a moose, on the side of the road you could hear him chewing the grass or what ever looking around. we were the first to stop and then all these cars started stopping he kept looking over his shoulder to see if there was something everyone was looking at. It rained most of the weekend so no yard sales. I did go to a couple of thrift stores and did quite well. This chair was 5.00. The cushion needs major help but it is very old. The cushion has springs inside it.
I had some time so I redid the cushion and spray painted it. The first try the cover was to big ,the second try was to small. I will give it another try at some point but for now it is what it is.

I stopped at the dump and found a few things. A Vera Bradley purse, a rolling pin, some kids books, and a high chair. Now one would ask what would a woman of my years want with a high chair? Wellllll!

We are going to be GRANDPARENTS!!!!!!. Our (only child) daughter and her husband are expecting in January.
She just graduated with her masters last month. She and Ron will be wonderful parents and I am so proud of them!!! She teaches so she is taking the summer off to rest up.
On everybody loves Raymond, Frank use to call the baby smell the fountain of youth. I think he was right. I can't wait to snuggle a baby again.


Lori from Notforgotten Farm said...

Congrats on becoming Grandparents!!!
am Amgel-baby is such a wonderful gift ~ keep us posted on the pregnancy & arrival!

and your chair re-do is marvelous! ~ love the faric of the cushion you chose...and the pillow is perfect in it too!

Blessed be,

Rugs and Pugs said...

Oh, Cathy ~
CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! That is such exciting news. May she have an easy pregnancy without morning sickness! I am so happy for them ~ and you.
People in your neck of the woods sure leave good stuff at da dump.
That moose is too cool. I've never seen one up close and personal.
Pug hugs :)

lace & arsenic said...

....what a lucky baby, is all i have to say. u will be the best grandmother, ever! HANDS DOWN!...
....super jealous about ur chair! what a great find, AND re-do! i agree with lori, the cushion looks grand, even if its too snug!...x0x00x