Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Guess where I went! Walmart,can you believe that this is the view from our walmart parking lot???
Hollyhocks are just beginning to bloom I collect only the single blossoming ones. They are the true old fashion ones and they are not as heavy so you don't need to staked them as much. If you squint and look in the back ground you will see the big monster that is being built next door. I am very jealous of this as it is a garage but I think the top is going to be my neighbors studio. She is in art co-ops, she does amazing things with recycled wool sweaters. Oh to have a studio.

I got these skates at a thrift shop. I think someone decided to refinish them and then left it. I wish they had just left it. I love the blue. The blade on the blue one needs to reattached. As fast as you can say Hans Brinker it will be fixed. My grandparent's had a pond and grandpa use to skate with the all metal ones that clamp to your boots. He told us that Hans Brinker gave them to him. My grandmother always got so annoyed at his stories "Oh Lester" was all she would say.
She said it a lot He was a true Maine story teller.
I got this strawberry jar at the thrift store for 2.50. I swear that as soon as I am looking for something it appears in my thrifty journeys. I got a lot of hens and chicks and was looking for one of these but not willing to buy new. Low and behold there it is. I planted it this afternoon.

I got this at a church sale for .50 last weekend. No cover, I find the pottery maker on line(Hadley) contact them and yep I can get a cover for $5.20 but the shipping is $8.00. So I am thinking should I do it? Then I look the price of this bean pot up $50.70. I think that I will do it I plan on using it for a cookie jar inside it says "The End" and on the other side is a cow. I think a little grand baby's hand would fit nicely in that pot looking for cookies.


Rugs and Pugs said...

Cathy ~
More great finds. I especially like the skates, but I like anything old!
I think I don't find many bargains because I just don't thrift/garage sale enough. I'm sure you sort through a lot of trash to find a few treasures.
Sounds like you have "baby" on the brain. Congratulations again on such wonderful news.
Pug hugs :)

lace & arsenic said...

YEAH!! ...everything is charming as usual!...honestly, cathy, the first time i shopped/drove into plymouth walmart, i was drop jaw amazed at the view. i was sure (still am) that our walmart must have the best location ever!..those skates look very tim burton-ish with the curled skate ski toe! the burgandy blooms! the cookie jar! yes! send for the 8.00 cover! still a steal! ..(might be worth tons in the future too!?) i never thought to put hens/chicks in my pot like urs! i thought it was called a 'strawberry jar' (is it?) i just have a putunia in the top! cuz i squished the plants trying to get them thru the holes! ok, im typing too much, cuz i MISS U!..x0x0x0